Tuesday, December 30, 2008

royee - shopping with mama

sunny boy with xmas tree

enjoy the free ice cream


tired already. baby, mummy loves u :*

on christmas day

morning: unwrapping the gift from auntie Yoges~

noon: waiting the train at putrajaya sentral

evening: let it snow at midvalley magamall

Friday, December 19, 2008

aaaa royee

last nite when we reached home, my mum complained about royee cutting angel's hair :( reason given was 'angel's hair is long, need to be trimmed' aiya this boy..
royee asked me with his super cute face 'mummy, why granpa is sleeping in grandma's room?' 'there is grandpa's room too! both of them sleep in the same room ma' 'oooo.. hehe' asking all those question..
now royee likes to address himself as 'baby' 'mummy, mummy's baby is on the bed ooo' 'mummy, mummy de baby wants to sleep' hehehe feel funny sometime. he is such a joyful boy~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hyatt kuantan 6-8 dec

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

honey ginger chicken

miss the taste. roasted this last sunday. hope i can try all the recipe that i learned from the cooking class soon. then combine all them n make 1 party for family members :) thanks for my sis shopping for the food, preparing the material, cooking together. it is fun to have a partner to try out new recipe n in the kitchen. the money that we invested for the kitchen is worthwhile hehehe..

hubby is back

yes, i choose to blog about this after 3 weeks of your back. maybe it was few months separation that cause me need to adapt myself to the daily life which is together with u. last nite, when we together walked at putrajaya sentral station's car park, i found myself have OK with your back now. i feel relaxed n peaceful. so now i dont have the feeling that u r stranger to me (it might be weird to some ppl); now i feel easy to sit together with u in the train, side by side; now i can fully concentrate on my reading when i am in the car or train, coz i know u r beside me to be my cctv :) i really appreciate this 'u dont need to tell me your feeling n stories thru your blogs, u can tell me in person, i am beside u, i am with u everyday, we dont need blog to communicate, ok?'

laogong, thanks for being patient with me in these few weeks. n thanks for sharing your stories n secrets. thanks for your encouragement. thanks for loving me ^_^

God's reward

my twin angels - angelina n evangeline, they are premature babies, they are healthy, they are adorable, they are lovely! admit that i dont spend much time with them (compare to royee) since they were born. i cant bring them out frequent as what i do to royee, coz it's not easy for me to manage 2 of them by my own if i bring them out. n i need to bring royee together, so whoever at home taking care angels would be much easier (royee is always the naughty one!)thus, i always look for chance to bring 1 at a go if the other angel n royee are sleeping. the quality time for me n angels are usually in the morning, when they wake up, i cuddle them in both my arms, sing for them :) i love to see their smiles... a bit shy.. :p
royee mentioned to me this last night 'mummy has 3 babies (counted his 3 little fingers), baby, angel and eva.. mummy loves 3 babies, all also love one, not only loving 1 baby, must love all one..' ^_^ ya i told him, u all are mummy's babies, of course mummy loves u three. shonejay, angel, eva all are mummy's babies, mummy loves u all, n u all must love each other ma.. royee said 'yes, only 3 babies, must love one' :)
i love shonejay angels :*

Monday, December 15, 2008

phone call

当时我有个想法,第一,如果没有电话,该怎么办?第二,为什么当发生事情时,身边亲密的人却联络不上?万一这次我是奄奄一息,想要交代或听他们的声音,那岂不是很遗憾?嗯。。平时看到亲人联络自己,以为没什么好着急,稍微没空就不回复,如果当时亲人正受重伤,就期待跟你最后的道别,错过了就一辈子就没机会啦!!!过后才一直责备自己,这就后悔莫及咯。。 - pooh-

sometime we tend to not answer ppl call, n especially when we r busy, n our loved one calling, we would take advantage to igore the call, n say 'ok, call him/her back later' or pick up the call, before the other side start talking, 'let me call u back' then we hang the phone. hmm we cant control the situation of the recipient, n sometime we might stay in the situation where we might have no chance to call up our love one n tell the last word to them or asking for help. i always sms hubby 'i love u' when he is taking flight, or when i am taking flight. if i travel farer, i sms to my papa mama n siblings to tell them i love them. if somemore farer, n a very new place for me, i tell all i want to say to my sis, even passwords, pin number, what to do if anything happen.. hmmm.. n in my phone, i have the template message 'i love u all n my shonejay angels' n i always set my family phone number as a group. when hubby drive the car super fast, i wont scold him, i would hold my phone very tight n start looking for the sms template.. or if the public train that i take, suddenly has weird sound, then i would make sure my phone in function.
remember 1 of my college lecturers asked this question 'how many of u ever think of death? everyday?' hmm i think we seldom think about death but we are more tend to think of problems that we are facing or might be facing. the lecturer said, 'u would tend to appreciate your life more if u think of death (positively)' to me, this makes sense to me at some points. that day i went for the PEP class, the lecturer said, what would u do, if your love one have only 7 days left to stay with u? u will give your love one everything the best, u give all your time n love in these 7 days. well, we dont know when is the final 7 days for our love one n family to stay with us, so treat everyday is the 7 day, treat your family n love one with your true heart n celebrate each of the moments together, spend quality time with them.
ya. 7-days. we dont know what's gonna happen at tomorrow. so dont think too much on what u r lacking, just need to celebrate with what we are having n treat everyone with our sincere heart. n try to answer calls with calm n smile ^_^ welcome the disturbance, sometime u would get to see this beautiful world at different angles :)

xmas deco

designed this for the office xmas deco. cant find plotter to print the bigger version of this slide to the backdrop size i wanted. so sticked it on my desktop whitebooard. bring the xmas feel. in fact, i have changed my phone caller ringtones to xmas selection since 1st dec. ho! ho! ho!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Friday, December 05, 2008


saw the rainbow yesterday when we reaching putrajaya sentral station. looks nice. there are time the big hot sun shining, or raining cats n dogs, n there is always time rainbow come out n bring happy n lucky feeling to us. in our daily life, there are hurting, guilt, curious, confused feeling.. but then, happiness is always popping up in between them ^_^
i love the feeling bbb last nite q-ing up 1 by 1, opened their arms n gave me big hugs. the feeling were so great! am very happy to have so important position in their hearts. u joined them. u gave me BIG hug too! hmmm sometime adult love someone with mouth only, i love u i love u but no action. we need to learn from children, they love ppl with love n action :)
ya.. more rainbows for me in year 2009!

unconditional love?


writen this 2 years ago. n it has been bringing the same feeling as of today. for a married couple, i hope to hear the truth from u. i dont want to spend time to guess what's the hidden meaning of your words. we non stop guessing outsiders intention n good to us, when facing our love one, i wish to be relaxed.. no lie, no hidden meaning, only truth n care.
this morning i got this thought, for husband n wife, they are staying together even there is some flaw in their love relationship, bcoz of the unconditional love to the spouse or unconditional love to our children? bcoz we love our children, so we can tolerate our spouse, at the other meaning, we are trying best to let our children to have complete family with papa n mama. hmmm..

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

which type of wife r u?


hmmm.. for me, a good wife is also needs support from husband so she can remain to be a good wife or be a better wife. if husband just dont appreciate what the wife has done for him n the family, then the wife might be tired n lazy to maintain this role.

new time table

u r here with me. staying together everyday. now both of us need to adapt to the new daily time table. 6am wake up n prepare ourselves to work. try to catch up time to play with bbb while changing cloths n putting up basic skin care. leave house at 7am+ catch the 8.05am train at putrajaya. peak hour, no seat for us, standing n chatting. reach kl sentral at 8:25am, u take LRT train to klcc n i go to 7-11 to buy bread for breakfast n dinner. i reach the office before 9am. u always have evening meeting, we try to catch 8pm train, so we can have a little more time to spend with bbb. but then, normally we can only manage to catch 8:30pm or 9pm train. sharing bread in the train. then reach house normally 10pm+ take bath then prepare to sleep. reading newspaper or online internet before sleeping for u.
hmmm this is our new time table. normally bbb sleep when we reach home. hmmm.. for me, more than 12 hours i need to stay in the office. now is year end, a bit busy in the office, so am still ok with this. i work OT while waiting for u. for next month, i think i will sign up the gym class nearby, so i can workout while waiting for u. sad thing is, i have only weekend can play with bbb. that's why, i cancel a lot of weekend programs n dinner invitation. bcoz i have only 2 days to stay with bbb.
hope u r happy with the days over here. i am happy to stay with u. as i told my colleague, my year 2009 wish is, i can have u to stay with me n bbb everyday. ya everyday. with your heart n love stay with us as well :)
looking forward for the kuantan trip this weekend, i really need to go out to relax myself. n hope bbb will enjoy the trip as well.