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Monday, February 09, 2009

genting highlands - officemates outing 6-8 feb

more genting trip photos pls click >>> here
planned for the outing since last year. from oversea to port dickson, n finally we went to genting highlands. nana took flight from johor n fly to kl. then faizah took coach from kuantan n meet nana at kl. kak norida took coach from penang, direct to resort hotel. i worked half day in the friday morning, then took genting express bus n skyway to genting highlands n met up with kak norida.

cny deco

it was windy at outdoor
while waiting for nana n faizah, we went to karaoke to check out the price. it was rm65++ per head. wow. it was quite expansive to us, so we decided not to go for karaoke. we have 50 min left before we meet up nana n faizah, so we went for 40 min foot massage. 1st time experienced the hot foot steam..

went massage while waiting for nana n faizah taking bus from KL..
complimentary foot steam 10 min
oooo my tummy :(

foot massage rm68 for 40 min

finally, 4 of us met up. we checked-in resort hotel. the hotel was nice, the room was spacious to us. chit chatting about company gossip :p then we went for dinner n jalan jalan at first world.

hotel room, think of doing this for bkt31 master bedroom

midnite movie

we watched -- underworld 3

faizah, kakak, mich

mongolian bao

wanted to take 1 photo with its mongolian costume, rm25

felt this pic funny.. silly me :p

faizah said, isteri pertama n isteri kedua hehe ^_^

the 2nd day. after taking breakfast, we went for outdoor theme park. hehe hati budak sudah keluar :p it was nice, coz at least i didnt need to worry about my children gone missing here. cant really enjoy the games n rides. n luckily, our hearts still can stand on all the rides. even we did shout for few times. haha :D

berly's chocalate wonderland

faizah, mich, kak norida, nana

like the color~

1st game ride

hahaha the funniest pic!

ribena cups

cny gals~

in the beca

going in the ghost house.. not scary one :p

pirate ship :D

since kak norida never try on skyway, we used the free skyway rides coupon that we got from our
went down hill to eat free sotong n buy some makan makan

after that, we went back to the room. took instant cup mee as our lunch. chit chatting.. then we packed some cloths for our hot spring pool activity. 1st time experienced that. it was nice~ but after 30 min, i felt not comfortable, body skin feeling itchy, then heart feeling not ok.. so i sat up n taking breath.. then feeling better..
hot pool~ relaxing!

miss bbb much. look at this elephant think of them acting like ellie :~

dinner time! nice oooo.. especially after the hot sping.. i like the mashed potato sooooo much! it just tastes owesome! n the mushroom soup, i love it too!
buffet dinner.. superb!!! restaurant kampung n resort cafe

after dinner. we went for massage at 'healing touch' since i had tried the foot massage, so this time, i tried the full body aromatheraphy massage. rm168 for 1 hour, it was expansive to me. anyway, to try out something new for me, then it convinced me :p although i needed to be naked in the room :~
foot steam, before we went for the full body aromatheraphy massage rm168 - 60 min
after the massage session, we went to genting souvenir shop. then we started feeling tired @_@ we cancelled our bowling session plan, then went back the hotel room n ZZzzzzZ
left genting by taking 10:30am genting express back to kl sentral. it was a nice outing with these 3 kakak ^_^ as what mentioned during the days, we can plan more outing next time, n this time, oversea trip :D n this can be true la.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

cny day-14

cny deco at sunway pyramid

papa n royee

mama n royee

mama's shoes rm20, royee's shoes rm40 >.<

royee n papa


pasta de gohan

kids meal menu

like the color combination = bkt31 color theme :p

royee made his food order

the kid's meal

with free orange juice .. royee non stop asking about the cherry
this glass of juice, half glass gone to the table.. careless royee :(
free gift from the kid's set

pasta soup.. hmm kimchi? for hubby

baked rice with scallops n chicken.. yummy!!!

at popular book store

with his favorite barney

hubby won free movie ticket with this post :p

wearing spec for his barney

hehe smart barney n sunny baby :D

Sunday, February 01, 2009

cny day-7

cny day 7, everyone's bday. what a crazy nite for us.. in bkt31 :p read the short story >>> here
i dont censor those crazy photos, just showed the photos to mummy, n read sis's blog, we were non stop laughing here hahahhaa.. see la, later i showed the photos to kakak, let us gila again :p

' yee sang' without fish

'will do this every year' told sis

bon n mich n pooh n bruce

me n laogong

i looked guai guai de


the only cny deco in bkt31

crazy sisters :p

asked kakak to join us, she chose the bakul

sis told kakak 'huat is kaya, u mau kaya, cakap HUAT AHH!'

kakak was so paiseh :p she must thinking why my majikan ini macam punya kakaka

me n pooh switched..

this pic, kakak kena NG by sis. 'macam so takut'

tuan rumah bkt31 yang wu liao :p