Friday, October 31, 2008

shonejay angels

in the morning. if i manage to wake up early n have extra time, then i sing for them or play with them in the room. if have not much time for preparation, i talk to them while i changing office wear, then lots more question they ask - what color shirt i wear, why today mummy ware thing?mummy, u forgot your panty liner >.<
wondering how when u r back. maybe they will bug at u only, so i have more time for my morning oats :) maybe we have less time to stay with them, coz we need to leave the house early so u manage to reach the office on time. then i would miss the time to send bbb to the kinder. hmmm in life, we have some then we lost some. anyway, i hope u can come back fast, at least, we have free time for quality time with bbb at nite n weekend ^_^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bbb bday celebration~

at last we celebrate bbb's bday. royee wear the bob the builder t-shirt. i told him u can only wear this when it's your bday (few months back) so when the time i wear him the shirt for the housewarming party, he asked me 'mummy, today is my happy birthday hor, why no cake de?' hmmm.. well for angel n eva, i wear them the new dress, rm13 each from world of cartoon ^_^ i love the colors.. lovely angels~ i hope, next year, u can be together with us, n 5 of us celebrate the bday n annivesary :)

3 mini chocolate mousses cakes

the cakes are small for 3 or 2 candles

shonejay is 3 years old!

angelina is 2 years old~

evangeline is 2 years old too!

mummy n bbb

singing birthday song~

each bb has 1 individual bday song

smell the cake

eva smiled when we mentioned her name ^_^

cutie bbb

show royee how to blow the candle

eee.. gone wet!

cute boy asking for help~

mummy helped

cut the mini cake

angel's turn~


she cut the cake hardly~

little eva's turn

mummy helped to blow the candle

n cut the mini cake~

kakak shared the cake with angel~


mummy shared the cake with royee boy~

ee shared with eva~

GIFT time!

shonejay angels waiting for the gifts


eva with her DORA coin box

royee with his bob the buillder coinbox

angel with her DORA's coinbox

bob the builder

dora the explorer

unwrapping the gift

hehe.. the bday gifts from hanisah & children ^_^ the mall's staff wrongly wrapped the gift. so only 1 pink 2 brown bears (supposed to be 2 pink n 1 brown wrapper) wondering why this time, royee didnt know how to unwrap the gift.. hmmm

Monday, October 27, 2008

bkt31 housewarming party

would like to thanks all friends n relatives who came for the party n thanks for your presents, wines, vouchers, ang pow. no tunderstorm rain on saturday nite ^_^ thanks bruce's mummy for vegetarian foods, thanks mama for additional fish curry n ikan bakar, thanks digo for seremban sao bao, thanks kakak for keeping the house clean after the party. terima kasih banyak banyak ^_^ will upload more photos at online photo album soon.

my sis's 1st guest. joyce + hubby + bb gal
they witness the mess in the kitchen :p

prepare angel for the party


my 1st guest. hairi + asmiza
they offciate the catered food

eva n ayra - as's princess

royee + ayra

my sis in law n the prince - yu jet

BIG head n small head
my digo + lil jack
susan + her niece + me

me + anor

me + normah + mei mei

royee + me + susan

our angels~

lil jack is sleeping zzZZzz
my sis's sporting officemates
my sis forced them to do this 'siapa tak buat flower saya takkan approve dia punya OT' :D
banting lang
hehehe flowers~