Friday, November 28, 2008

royee's hatyai trip

at klia

i love his smile :)

hohoho my cute boy~

little army

Danger Mouse

who is danger mouse? - He's The Best He's The Greatest He's The Greatest Secret Agent In The World! He's The Ace - He's Amazing... He's the Strongest... He's The Quickest.... He's The Best!

You are tender, you fall in love quickly but you are also very serious about all relationships. You are a family person. You call your mom every Sunday. You have many friends and may occasionally forget a few Birthdays. Don't let your passion confuse you with reality.

Wah wah.... So true.... ~ kak norida

hmmm.. 'dont let your passion confuse u with reality' well.. will look into this.. ^_^

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life is full of challenges

Am waiting papa mama n royee outside lcct airport. Many thoughts r in my mind. 'a thought can kill a person' hmm i have so many decision made now, my thoughts wont kill me, hoping them make me have spirit to move forward for better future :)

Decided to send bbb to sunday school at klang chinese methodist church. Checking the time table. Am going for sunday player at kcmc too. Let me adjust the time table for every sunday.

Well dad just called up, need to pick them out now. Miss royee so much. Miss his sunny smile :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


On the bed. So many queries hoping to be answered. I wish i could see n read ppl mind. To escape. Am wanting that. To release myself. Yes, i am very tired. My mind is busy, non stop thinking of so many things. I feel to cry. I feel to shout out loud! Wondering why so many different feeling come up at once. Exhausting.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


《小小的梦想 》
蓝天是白云最美的故乡 大地是小草成长的地方
海洋是河流安歇的暖房 梦想是未来幸福天堂
小小的梦想能成就大事 只要仰望天父的力量
小小的梦想能改变世界 带来明天的盼望
我要向高山举目我的帮助从何来 我的帮助从造天地的耶和华而来
我要向高山举目,我的帮助从何来 我的帮助从造天地的耶和华而来
only these 2 christian songs in my phone playlist. listening to them when i am on the journey to the office, or drive back home. i play these 2 songs to bbb when i prepare myself to the office, and when i buai them to sleep.
many things we can do to get happiness in our lives. so am looking around to explore more n not sitting there n non stop thinking of some facts that cant be changed.

child sexual abuse

learn about child sexual abuse, prevent it. think of all the possibilities and avoid putting your children in danger. the harm which got from the abuse, somewhere somehow affect the children growing, thinking, behaviour even at their older age. lets us protect our children n try our best to let them have happy days ^_^

Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008


am downloading patcher for mapleworld :p ya 1:32am bbb r sleeping, n i am downloading games >.<
maplestory is not compatible with windows vista. just now i learned something new, i searched online n made the program compatible to vista by switching it to xp mode. something like that la. we learn a lot if we explore more :) u 1+ weeks staying at china chong qing, u must see lots thing lo.. share with me later ^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i am busy. my schedule is busy, my mind is busy. hmmm wondering why, is it because of year end? everything to be done before new year coming? all goals must be met n achieved with flying colors? hmm night before i received message from my eldest bro, gogo asked 'r u busy recently?' what a shock question to me. ya, why i seem to have no enough time for what i want to do, i can even reply ppl sms in the same day. no time for blog too. 2 weeks ago weekend pictures, has no time to upload n share with u. n no email to u too except catching up time to chat with u online during your free time at china.
hmm 3rd week of november. on 11/11/2008, my colleague asked, what u have achieved so far in this year? i said ya, i have all my children staying together with me, i have bought n move to the new house. i have done more good n charity work from home n to ppl around me. what i have not achieved? education plan for my 3 children (no time to sit down n think about it, n need to recheck our financial status), take family studio photo (u r not around, hard to fix the time). anyway, i am happy with my year 2008. 1 mth+ to go, hope everything goes well ^_^

Monday, November 17, 2008

royee graduate lo

royee n his vege in the kinder

got the photo from the kinder. wondering why he posing like this. hmmm. just enrolled royee for the school holidays class at the kinder near by. for the month of december. 9am-12pm class every weekday.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

celebration of achievement

Just now when i was in the lift, one male colleague said 'going back?' i said 'ya. Today i go back early. My son is 3 years old n he has his graduation ceremony tonite' the colleague said 'they celebrate each of the achievement, every year they have different celebration. N i found that when the children growing up, then we have less celebration for them. In fact these children la need more celebration n recognition from their parents. But somehow, many ppl dont support children at this way' then another guy who is in the same lift was agreed wit this.

Ya, we celebrate a lot of meaningful moments from baby delivery. 1st week 1st month then 1st bday. They parents give support to children in the kinder even ther children perform a normal role. Then we found happy n proud of them. As what the colleague said, many celebrations we have in primary school when come to secondary, much much lesser most parents give that much of attention to the children. Hmm i told them, come to secondary school, parents might ask children why only 8 As instead of 10?

I dont know what type of parents i am going to be in this topic. What i am hoping now is to celebrate all the achievements n happy moments with bbb. Celebration doesnt mean i use gifts or materialistic items as an exchange for their good works. I hope we can together share the special moment with them by giving recognition n support. Like my sis n i always go out dining together when we have salary increment n promotion. We would be very happy to each other no matter how big or small the increment is. Hmm sharing is very important. Or else, u would sitting alone looking at what u have done, quite lonely n the excitement level cant be double up without ppl 'well done!' or 'u did it!' right?

Ok am taking train. Rushing for royee's graduation ceremony. Last nite i saw all his artwork n work books for this year class, he learned a lot! Parents, dont think your children at 3 years old only go to school play play sing sing n learn nothing then wasting time. Let them go to a caring n secure funland then u would get impressed with what the small little one can absorb in this age :)

Btw, royee will perform duckling dancing show again tonight. Hope i can get nice shot tonite n share the pictures with u n friends. Take care.

Ps: dont be naughty in the flight ya :p


so u r leaving to china at tomorrow morning. take good care of yourself ^_^

xmas cuti, where shall we go? 1 day sunway lagoon, 1 day megakidz, 1 day paya indah wetland. then another 2 days relax at home. 1 day for BBQ party. hope children will enjoy the xmas cuti. may prepare xmas gift for them, as what i did for last year xmas. see la, wait till u come back home then only we decide where to go.
btw, i have said no to my dad's sponsorship to aus gold coast, brisbane. wait la till i have enough money n i want to bring bbb to go this place together. so start saving more money la.
i love u :*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


this am i typed a long post when i was on the journey to the office. the handphone got restarted itself with message 'this phone has been restarted for bnetter performance'. ya better performance with my post lost. hmmm..
still having fever. been having fever n flu since last friday. taken 1 pill for flu last nite at 3:45am, till now i am still feeling sleepy n tired. many urgent works need to be cleared, so dont want to take sick leave. in fact, reducing my sick leave is 1 of my goal till this year end. kakak asked me why i always get sick when i stay in bkt31. hmmm i have no idea too. feng shui not ok? dont have enough warm to sleep alone in the big room? too tired with housework n taking care bbb for the full 2 days n nite? am just not fit to use 2hp aircond? ai.. whatever it is, now am doing changes n trying my best to have healthier sweetie :p
this morning, i took oat. then reading newspaper. my mum prepared royee for the kinder class. royee asked me 'why u wear this color de?' then my mum asked royee 'mama mei ma?' (is mama pretty?) then royee answered 'mei' then my mum asked him 'mama pretty or wai po pretty? (mama or grandma is prettier?) then royee said 'mama' then he continued 'wai po ye shi piao liang~' (grandma is pretty too) then my mum asked again, 'is angel prettier or eva prettier?' (honestly, i dont like this question) then royee answered 'angel' my mum asked why eva is not pretty? royee answered 'bcoz eva's hair is luan luan de' (is messy).. anyway, royee kissed both angel n eva when he left the house.
found out royee always plays with angel n ignore eva. pity eva is always playing alone. or standing aside n look at both bro n sis playing together happily. i dont like this. i always ask royee to play with both angels. hmm now this is a challenge to me. i need to change royee's mindset on this. wondering why royee prefer to play with angel than eva. need time on this. will search the related parenting tips on this. hmmm siblings rivals. hmm..
this morning i got message from mei. she said angel looks prettier than eva from the pictures. hmm i always get this statement from many ppl. i always answer, angel is prettier, eva is sweetier. to me, angel is a rose. beautiful flower with thorns. she is cool n sometime very fierce face. not easy to handle her; for eva, she is a sunflower to me, she is always with her smile :D even a single tickle can make her smile happily. she is more obedient when u bring her out. she can go n sleep quietly when she is sleepy or tired. n less wawawa:~ from her (unless they fight for toys). i hope there is always healthy competition between 2 of them. n no competition for something that we cant do much. i really hope 3 of them can love each other much. i always tell royee this 'if u as a gogo u dont take good care of your sister, then who else will take care n love them?' 'when papa n mama old already, left only 3 of u to support each other, if u always bully angel n eva, when 1 day u need help, who gonna help u?' hmmm..
well.. lets stop here. want to get back to my work. just canceled 1 activity in my calendar. no idea when is the exact date u r coming back, so i try to freeze all my activities at end of november n be prepared for your back. besides, my parents n royee r going to hatyai, so i need to stay at home n jaga angels n kakak. cant wait to see u~

Monday, November 10, 2008


this morning, royee woke up early. i told him to prepare himself fast, so we can go sunny market to buy kuih for him. today no crying in the morning ^_^ we left house at 8am. went to the sunny market nearby, i bought him sweet potato doughnut, then bought myself fried meehun for today's lunch.
went to royee's kinder. as usual, before he opens the car door, i say 'bye bye baby, i love u~' then he says 'zao an' (good morning) to his teacher, then 'mummy zai jian' (good bye mummy). normally he walks alone to the class with his bag n water bottle. proud of him to be independent :)
today, something special happened. i see this, royee's friend, who left the car earlier than royee, who wear ladybug bag, showing his hand to royee, then royee holds the ladybug boy's hand. i feel touched to see this. then they waited there for a while for another gal classmate, then together 3 of them holding hands n walk towards the classroom.
i smiled. i feel touched n warm to see this. FRIENDSHIP, it starts naturally, it starts even we r small, it starts when we need comfort n companion. only time can tell true love is.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

go morib beach with grandpa



eva. yes, her left eye needs treatment

happy angel~

lovely eva~





sweet angels~



the duckling ^_^

proud of my royee n the children. this is the ending part of the performance. so embarassing, i couldnt locate royee until the ending part :S in fact, he was the 1st duckling came out to the stage hmmm.. malu hor.. anyway, they children r cute, they r well trained, n they practised so hard. i love the children n teachers! ^_^

if u cant donno where is royee, royee is the 1st duckling followed the mama, hug the mama so tight one :p

Saturday, November 01, 2008

little duckling

make up

with the pinky cheek n lips balm

got this from royee's classmate' auntie