Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oct coming

Aloha! How are you doing? Been quite a while not posting blog. I am doing great, most of the time, I am in sweet-wife, lazy-mum, committee-staff, ready-for-food mode :D

October is coming, and this is another busy and high expenses month in my family.

October babies~ this morning I told bbb, we not going to have birthday cakes this year..
Boy: why?
Mummy: because I want to control my sugar intake
Gal: why?
Mummy: so I can be more healthier ma..
Boy: wah lau! Then you don't eat la
Gal: we will eat ok!
Mummy: :P

Last weekend we went to look for some small gift for the boy's classmates..

He got sticker books for the class. I got 'the big hero', 'minions' and 'cars' theme stickers.

Doing book calculation to ensure the number. Am still feeling xxx on paying extra for gst ><

1st time seeing my children in the art class.. Now you know how much freedom I have given to my children by not 'concerning' what they do in the school or weekend classes. Somehow I believe, the interest in learning and developing own self needed to be from the children. Not to be forced by parents. My parents didn't even step in most of my schools and checking my school exam results and position in the class, still I was a good girl for not ponteng class :D

The boy in action

So we have newly joined little one in the class. Sis's girl was on the trial class ^^

hope children have the 1 hour of 2 in a week to be in creative and imagination artistic state to train their brain and character to be more detailed and patient.

We went to shoes warehouse sales. I got to see 3 children unconscious behaviour in picking up their choices. Need to further guide them in making their choices based on their characters.

Till then, have a great Tuesday and week ahead!

Monday, September 14, 2015


Today is Monday. It is always - I don't feel to work, I miss my bed so much, but I have many things on my plate, I am chasing for dead line... Ahhh..

Well, before I start looking at the todo list and checking all the emails..

Let's release some Monday green -

as I am wearing green today haha

The story was during my tea break at home, chatting with my sis, then I thought of those pretty ladies braise their hair then they become more prettier..

So I was making one for myself..

The result? Menakutkan! The moral of the story is, 1st of all, the model needs to be pretty before she tries to be more prettier ><

The 'yalo, how come' is sickening!

Well, enough sad story..
Last weekend children and I were bonding together.

Early morning went to attended the boy's music exam concert. Got impressed with candidates who play very nice piece!

Then I brought the girls for hair cut. I trimmed my boy hair at home day before.

After weekend classes, we went to the church for Sunday praise and worship session practise. Bliss to see Angel enjoying her singing ^^

Cooked dinner for the 4 children. Neighbour boy came to our house for main main. He came with her smart phone, I told him, you can come and play with them, read comics, do homework, board games, cycling and badminton, all together gather but no handphone games!

Sunday morning the boy went marketing with me..

Then we went to church with serious haze out there

A good session on last Sunday, when all the children sing in one.

Miss my parents dearly. Went back home after Sunday school. Before that, I bought them McDonald sundae ice cream and pie as promised. Overheard the girls saying this - 'mummy is very good. She kept her promise to buy us ice cream and pie' 'ya, she said Saturday or Sunday ma, today is Sunday'

These 3 blood sucking babies :~ these few days I found myself kept withdrawing money from the ATM machine.. @_@

Reading dad's medical report.

Well, it's time to face the reality. Start working lo.
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

All for them

Just read through a blog log of a 12 years old girl undergoing her chemotherapy and the journey of cancer fighting. As a parent, I feel sorry for her. Not easy to get through to cope with daily result and side effects of medical treatment. Hours that spend daily in the hospital, with all the machines and medical report.. Not easy. How about the parents? Not only talking about time and money spent, but the heart broken moment when see the dearly child in pain, in doubt, in losing the child-filled fun time.

Sometime when I come across those children are not healthy or complete born, how their parents putting in all love and time for the little one, the parents for not giving up the children and situation. Salute the effort. If the same thing that happen to me, how would I handle and overcome all the obstacles and weak faith?

I don't know.. I don't have idea on what would I do, how far I would sacrifice for my children, how strong I would be if anything happen to my children.. As I am trying to hide myself for my children not-fully-recovered physical condition...

Angel's eye seems coming back with double vision. Her left hand fingers are not being well treated. Lately she got sensitive emotion that caused her not easy to compromise many things. She cries over little tiny stuff and issues.

Last Sunday, I got the department head of Sunday School have a private chat with me. I shared about angel's body development and what I am facing lately at home. A 30min 1-1 chat, I thank the teachers for putting angel in their prayers. What I got from the conversation is, a strong reminder - it's time you need to put in effort to the girl development physically and emotionally. It is not easy, a lot of patience and care needed. Try to make the change before she reaches adolescence. It is a hard time for you, but we do all these for our children. You must sacrifice for her.

What stroke me after the conversation was, I didn't put my children physical and emotional need in my prayer. I don't seeking God's guidance which is clear enough, I want my girl's finger can move freely, I want my girls' eyes fully recovered... Things won't happen, if we solve the problems with our own limited knowledge and weak power.

It is time, to calm down, to pause and listen to God's guidance in what need to be done, what should I do, what my children need most now..

Feeling weak after typing this post. I don't have confidence in making my children to perfection or help them to get they want to.

Don't know where shall I start now...

Till then, good Tuesday.
I need a cup of coffee now.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Failure mode

Today I have a workshop to handle, talking about failure mode analysis. It is all about cause and effect and 'what-if'. So you have a good plan and procedure to execute your plan, suddenly! Something happening to challenge the smooth flow, do you have plan b or c ready? Or the potential risk being mitigated?

Yesterday, on day 1 workshop, when we got the participants to introduce themselves and sharing an interesting fact about themselves, there was a girl saying this 'I am whatever will be, will be girl' sounds so easy going person.

Reflect it to our daily life, there are things we shall have 'what-if' being taken care. However, I always believe that things happen for specific reason. As all in all is in God's plan. God's will to be obeyed and be sought.

马太福音 6:10
your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

3rd day of September, my 1 week external training has been postponed to a later date. So I have moved my audit travel plan to September and early October. In a same time to juggle few things, capability and adaptability needed to be improved especially in handling people mind and heart. Do hope I grow in the journey - in search of excellence. Equip myself to face bigger challenge independently.

Have the thought of looking a job nearby to my house. So I spend relatively lesser time on the road. I can cook more bake more sew more workout more sleep more bonding more in my home sweet home.

Ok, stop day dreaming for now before I am willing to move my 1st step out from my comfort zone. Now is all talking only la :p

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

1st Sep

Good morning September!
What I have in September?

A 12-weeks project development plan gonna kick off today

Audit sessions here and there

5days external training course

Moving office from this level to that level

My boy will sit for his grade8 piano exam

Sunday school teachers gathering

Moon cake festival cell group gathering - tanglung and children~

2 closed heart birthday celebrations

My another half would be away travelling

2 public holidays!

Business as usual. Continue to eat enough, rest well, work hard then repeat the cycle. Shall welcome October in real soon when the scheduler seems packed everyday in September.

So how was your merdeka weekend going on? Laogong went out for a good gathering with friends.. While me taking care the bbb at home.. Not so obedient children nowadays.

2 gals fighting in the room then I asked the youngest to get out from the room to stop the fight. Then the non-stop-crying-for-nothing gal locked herself in the room, while I was doing laundry.

Then it was time for the boy music class and the bag was in the room. We called and called for the gal to open the door but she didn't answer..

Few adults knocking the door and shouting for door opened but failed... So got the uncle to break in the room.. She was sleeping @_@

Sunday morning we went to church. The sermon shared was on patriotism.

提摩太前书 2:1-3
I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone-- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

The boy served in praise and worship with his classmates. This is one way to train children confidence and ability to handle the crowd.

After the Sunday school class, the gal's teachers wanted to see me... My gal buat hal in the class again, that affected the whole class learning atmosphere. When I shared about I was having the same difficulty in handling the gal, 1 of the teachers asked me to be patient, maybe the gal is having hormone change, and she might have her 1st period coming soon @_@ wouldn't it be early, I am not ready for my gals to turn to big gal yet hmmm.. For time being, let me beat with the mood swing 1st.

Makan Makan with children

Like the family time

Like to see children trying new things, like to see laogong is being with us ^^

On merdeka day, children went to grandparents house. I stayed home to clean the house and do some wall pasting..

Listening to the songs while doing house works. Recommend this song list of you like acoustic songs ^^

Few teachers came to my house in the evening for the teachers gathering activities preparation. I served them this lotus leaf wrapped rice and kyoto green tea. 5 women chit chatting for serious stuff with laughters, I enjoyed the bonding :)

Well, is time to change my merdeka profile pic to welcome September. Got laogong to snap pic with me.. Obviously, we are not like youngsters who can snap very sweet and romantic couple pic..

This is ours :P

Happy September!