Friday, July 27, 2012


good morning :D today is Friday! a day, royee and I been looking for :D everyday when I call him in the evening, I count down with him..

mummy: baby, today is Wednesday! then tomorrow will be?
royee: Thursday!
mummy: what do you have in Thursday?
royee: exercise
mummy: then you remember to bring your t-shirt to the school ooo
royee: ok~
mummy: then day after Thursday is?
royee: yes! Friday!
mummy: what is the big event gonna happen in Friday??
royee: yahoo! I can see mummy le!!

this conversation always happen :) very patiently the boy act together with me, show the excitement via phone calls :p day before, I was busy at home, browsing internet about the school information, as I just got to know which primary school my gals got to. then laogong message me.. said royee been waiting for my call as he got something to tell me. then I called back..

mummy: ya baby, what you want to tell me for tonight?
royee: mummy, you say 1st what you want to share with me..
mummy: (brain blank actually) how are you today? have you finished your homework?
royee: good. done already..
mummy: what do you want to tell me?
royee: tomorrow is Thursday..
mummy: ya, remember to bring your t-shirt ooo
royee: then day after is Friday
mummy: (know where he is coming from :p) oh ya! Friday!!! what gonna happen in Friday?
royee: (excited voice) then you can see me and we can stay together!! :D

frankly, I was so touched with this call. the conversation, the faith of counting down days to meet up mummy.. the hope that keep my boy moving day to day :) I love my boy so much.. counting down day when we can stay together say and night.

well, today gonna be final day to work before my long annual leave. what I have done from the above to-do list?

^digo's restaurant design..^

the restaurant name initial design..

then change to this by the shop person

uniform front

uniform back

^digo's restaurant kids menu^

sample arrangement. digo and I have came out 3 menu for kid's meal ^^ to try later on..

^sis's baby cloths washing^

done in 2 weekends

^room set up for new mummy and baby^

washing done. to set up the room Saturday night.

^set up bath room for angels'

done except for water heater is yet to buy. we have place to hang cloths, big and small pails, shower cream, new towels.. I bought pink laundry basket for them too :D

^change wardrobe setting for bbb^
half way done. royee's wardrobe setting done. angels one are in the mess still @_@

^checking bbb panties and cloths, need to throw or to buy new^
not done. but I found out recently they recycle a lot of old cloths. short dress becoming shirt. since now they choose what thy like to wear, so everyday I can see new idea of mix and match :D

^angels' kinder autograph project^

no time and idea to start now @_@

huh.. what is coming up next?

tomorrow - sis baby delivery!
sunday - shipping for new restaurant with my digo
Monday - sis shall be discharged from the hospital
the whole week, take my my sis and the new born. at the same time..
to come out digo's restaurant menu, ads, then maybe, be the photographer for the restaurant opening day.

anyway, don't want to think of what gonna happen for tomorrow. today I need to settle everything at the office. wonder what time I can get back home. I hope I can have a cup of tea before sis goes fasting for tomorrow operation ^^

happy Friday!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

kik kok wednesday

yo! today I wear new pair of shoes to work~

so u can hear me kik kok kik kok - very noisy and annoying! and I wear 3/4 length pant, so ppl can see my new shoes :D

this morning I have the thought to take leave early. I am tired. I just feel to rest. but when I think of the work at the office, I still hoping I can clear as much as I can, so my partner won't be exhausted when covering for me in the coming 2 weeks holidays.

my digo's restaurant opening preparation is almost done, but yet, more to complete.. this sunday I will go with him to ikea to see what can we buy from there. bbb will be handled by laogong. Eva said she wanted to overnight at grandma's house, ok, so they all can go in this Saturday night. more time for me to do the final preparation for my sis's newborn room ^^

sis is delivering near soon. other than eating, she can't do much activities actually :p so Friday night, hope I can leave the office early and dinner with her.

the baby cloths washing is done.

2 weekends busy on the small tiny size cloths :)

all pinky pinky. if we got a baby boy, then he gonna be a pinky boy :D

done the body massage too! I gone for the body massage to make sure my body can support the coming 1 month stress :p

no matter happy..

or stressful..

I am ready to take the challenge to be a part time confinement lady :D and... take all my sis's mad temper :~

hope my sis won't scare me off ^0^

happy thing is.. I can stay with my boy day and night in August :D

happy Wednesday~

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday the 23th

good morning!

hehehe I laughed at this when I saw this last night in my mama's fb :p

last night pic design for mama's facebook.

how lovely it is, if we can stay with our love one from young to older age. together experience the changes in life, welcome new members of the family.. you snap pic for me I snap pic for you ^^
a brand new week..

my angel starts her day with the mess.. slow motion in everything @_@ didn't follow me out this morning coz she didn't finish her homework..

Eva starts her day with her sunny smile like dora - the explorer :D

I need to finish this book by this week then only I can be eligible to be my sis's part time confinement lady :p

hahahah :D by the time I retire, is either I take care my own children, or I take care my weak body :p
pen-off, am so sleepy now, and hungry too! want to take a 5min nap before I reach station.


comment my sis going to post..

this girl.. wonder how she takes care her baby, since she is still a baby @_@

hmmm.. disturb my very short nap >_<

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1907 thursday

wow what a heart attack hectic morning start. raining day, so my gals were in the slumber land..

prepared breakfast for them - wholemeal bread + fried egg then out from the house. happily we running in the rain :D

爱的束缚 任意追逐

the radio was playing a sad love song, I asked them to listen, then I told them 'that's why mummy don't want you all to have boy friends at early age. coz when you are sad because your boy friends dump you, or hurt you.. then you don't want to go to the ballet class, drawing class, cannot go to the school. when you are an adult, you can manage your emotion well, you know what to do and what is not right to do. you will work harder and looking for a better man. remember, the best man is waiting ahead. God has all for you. happily, they go to the school ^^

then I drive in the rain.. listening to the new radio channel 103. like the songs they are playing. most of the time, the songs bring you to the memory lane :) then suddenly.. I got call from royee's childcare centre. I tell you, I phobia to receive call from childcare centre and children kinder when my children are there. ohh.. scary!

royee forgot to bring his cloths set for today sport class. the teacher pass the phone to royee, with the sadness voice, and not very clear speaking, I asked him to calm down. called up my sis, bruce is at home. so I got him to send the cloths over. but, what if the bag is in laogong's car? then I called laogong who is at work. but no answer. left message, no reply... then sis told me, the bag is at home. oh thank God. all these happen in less than 10min, when I was driving at >100 km/h

just got return call from laogong, questioned him, why didnt check royee's things, left this and that.. then laogong said 'oh, bruce is going to meet royee? pls ask him to bring pocket money to royee as well?' what?! 'I forgot to bring my wallet, so I have no money for royee' @_@

what a day, my 2 'boys' and 2 girls wash away my yawning mood in this lovely Thursday rainy morning..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1807 Wednesday


不妨告诉她你的过去 她的未来
不知道什么是孤单 无助和迷惑
为我照顾她 我就要离开
让她知道我的爱 别让她受伤害

been looking for this song, I like this song very much. I heard this song using radio in those cassette era. got to know this song when the Singaporean brothers singers having interview at radio station. now I can get the Alex To version at YouTube, no, no feeling is different. still looking for it...

I miss my own office workstation. I miss the taste of hot tea with molasses sugar. I miss to talk to my partner when I feel to talk to. another 7 working days to go.

working in the war room, you see things acting fast. this person ask that person, then another one checking, then someone giving the solution. you hear ppl talking. loud, you hear ppl laughing too. sometime you hear those silly jokes or blurry happening - coz everyone is working so stressful to meet the date line, the 'die die must finish' dateline!

share with you some silly jokes. an engineer called up mr chang to ask about the latest status of the troubleshooting of the equipment. talk and talk then start arguing in the conversation 'can you listen properly my question?' then after few minutes conversation - in fact the engineer had called up his car mechanic instead of his partner who is at the site. everyone got a good laugh that day. or story of mistaken Kelly - customer vs friend happening most of the time. those engineers work at night and in day time. sometime you hear this '36 hours i don't sleep and I drive back home from Cameron highland' @_@

after this project assignment, I got to appreciate more on those unsung heroes who are behind the scene, sacrifice their family quality time, their sleeping hours, and with their high spirit of commitment to the job, the cherish of the success troubleshoot :) salute them!


Monday, July 16, 2012


just poked someone in fb, someone who I miss these few days. wonder why. hmm what a sweet memories morning :)

well, today suppose to have no blog, coz I am tired, sleepy, and having flu.

thinking of office project schedule and daily routine work pending to clear.. how I wish I was at home now..

long list of issues to clear..

schedule on 2 boards..

for this month, I work here.. most of the time, this room is full of ppl. sometime, additional chairs are needed.

I always got the corner lot seat, so I can have outside view to see.

not only in the office, at home I am busy too.

night time washing of baby stuff..

the washing machine is non stop working..

this mummy to be is busy too..

ya.. all die die must finish everything by 27.07 so we can get ready for the big day of 28.07

counting down 12 days for baby delivery, for office work clearance, for house cleanup, for baby stuff preparation, for all I have to do for digo's restaurant... a BIG due date for everything that made me exhausted and not feeling well now @_@

need to run with ride on the horse ya!!!