Wednesday, February 29, 2012

happy 29022012^^

this morning I use today this 4 years once special day to make the story to wake my lazy bum Eva wake up! she has been being lazy to the school lately.. but she can complete her homework with all stars!

very nice colouring and writing. she make all the pictures and drawing as a full masterpiece. eg a girl watering the flower - Eva draw a line to separate the sky and ground. then the sky with birds and clouds.

when the question is 'that is a white car' she draw the white car on the road, the road is with black and white lines, the white car is with lights on. then the sky is with clouds and birds. and guess what? the white car is in front of a very beautiful princess castle! :D

hoping she uses her smart brain for good thing, be a good girl and don't let her laziness to ruin her brilliant brain. this pic shows Eva singing for me - 3 little monkeys jumping in the bed. she learnt from YouTube video clip, which I didn't know I have the kid song application in my phone!

yesterday was laogong birthday, we will only celebrate this big day on this coming weekend. coz yesterday he was with his bf :( this bf of my laogong, always take my laogong from me de. my laogong can even ask me what to prepare for this bf's birthday, few days in advanced, and really sakit kepala go and think and prepare the birthday gift. hoh!!! for my birthday and even any other special day, even demand on something also not going to get from laogong! ya! I feel so jealous ok!! last night also the bf came to look for laogong. Ai.. luckily I didn't give laogong a surprised visit, if not, I was the one got surprised!

this is what I give laogong as a gift :p company benefits

end the day with this good night message :)

well, my partner is on mc today. and today is month end closing, hopefully the load is bearable, so I can close the month with easy mood :) sometime I do enjoy the day with many tasks in, so the day seems to pass faster :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


laogong, happy birthday ya!!

hehe angel is holding her handwritten birthday card, just for papa :D

ps: birthday song video clips failed to upload at here.. show you next time :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

sunny Monday!

good morning. am in the train. late to work. slow traffic along the way :( sis asked me to take half day to company her buy new bra, coz her chest bone are painful. don't know is because of the bra wire or any other complication hmmm...

I dont leave, I am a good employee, I go to work and clear outstanding work :D today afternoon we will have a farewell party for some leaving colleagues and celebration for the inter-telco futsal championship :)

my childish design for the party :p

many stories to share, I had a nice weekend break. share in next blog post, coz I want to check my online sewing course update now, before the train reaching station ^^

some weekend pic..

my son's name on the shirt with sunlight shining on ~@~

my angelina..

sis always says this - wonder why you can have so girlie daughters.. ya, I know I am Tom boy and not like a princess ^0^

just hoping she knows how to protect herself in the future..

lynas issue gathering over the weekend..

I like this.. pic from the net

something to think of..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

lavender night

hehehe.. am blogging now with no face expression :p

in face mask now - lavender aroma that shooting your hectic feeling :)

today morning 10am - 12+pm meeting for system integration. not easy to integrate 2 big systems, once the requirements set not right at the 1st stage, then we gonna waste, money, resources hmm.. this week every morning we have this same meeting, but only today I sit in for full period :p

out from the meeting room. I was so thirsty and hungry. so happy to see the apple + orange juice is ready for me :D thanks to my officemates ^^ with cute little banana served!

I went to cafe nearby to buy this fried kueh tiew. walked around the cafe, no idea what to eat. this is the reason why, I like to bring my mama homecook lunch box. less one headache for deciding what to eat for lunch.

I eat the lunch in front of my laptop. I read my sewing tutorial for my 2nd project. see, even this is a step by step week to week project I also can't complete the homework on time, luckily I didn't enrol for any course in university as per my previous plan. hmm...

right after lunch time, I gave my officemate some on job training, so I can handover my jobs as per the new org chart. then, finished my 2 cute little bananas, I went for another on job training, which I learned new scopes from other ppl. so, one day gone!

so hungry at 6+pm I went to chicken rice shop for single meal. wanted to go back home eat mama homecook also can't stand of the hunger. aiks..

royee eats junk food while waiting for bruce uncle to pack him dinner..

sis told me, royee has changed the seat arrangement. from the last row lonely boy - coz his friend transferred to another school, to now, 1st row and sitting next to the class monitor. in fact, he always being instructed by teachers to carry books to the teachers office. maybe he looks strong? :D

and ya, royee got promotion today! hehe become team leader :D well, if you see above conversation, my children are concern on grade abc for the homework, coz mummy's limit is - no c, d, f! put more attention is completing the homework, so you can A or B. coz if you opt for A, if miss something, then you get B. if you get C, means that you only opt for B. this is unacceptable. but then, I didn't punish them if them bring C back home la. I only say 'hmmm, pls work harder ok? mummy doesn't like my baby to get C'. for exam marks, I want them to have above 60%. coz you cannot tell me you everyday go to school, not even learning half of what teacher teaching. cruel? hmmm, I just want to have some positive pressure to my children, so they be responsible on what they need to take serious on.

ok, time is up for my mask. I want to sleep lo~ tomorrow is Friday, just now laogong complained he got no personal time after taking care royee. so I suggested to set every friday night is our paktor night. go out for movie, or eat some nice foods.. just few hours without children. hehehe wonder if I would use the time slot to buy weekend glocery hahahha :D

food night ooo..

angel pic @ kinder :)

23022012 Thursday

every wednesday night I call laogong or royee, remind them to wear t-shirt for royee's exercise class. children bags are heavy, even adults carry also feel the load :(

I told sister this portion was too big for royee. he cannot be overweight, coz he got asthma..

heart broken when I see the pic. baby boy sleep at the restaurant, while waiting for bruce uncle to finish the food. must be a tiring day.

yesterday my 2 gals were busy too. joining the crew for music video shooting.

this is a local gospel songs album. ep is not mistaken. so, the 2 gals and their kinder friends, helping on part of the video shooting. nice experience for them. blessed to have the chance to offering ourselves to the Lord ^^



Wednesday, February 22, 2012


many 2s for today date ^^ so fast, feb end then march is coming...

comfort zone. been thinking about changes, step out of my comfort zone - career and as a woman with roles of a wife, mother, daughter, in law, sister, auntie, friend...

with a new hairstyle - really short at back! hope some changes can be made..

with the new org chart, my immediate supervisor has changed, together with my 2nd level supervisor. job scope slightly different.. new team member joining in, but I am still partnering with the same kakak :) in terms of distribution of workload, haven't got to know yet. yesterday we meet up with the new lady boss, hope things go well ^^

I like this pic. doreen - my office kawan baik :) big sister or mummy? to me :p ohhhh.. yesterday she said I gained weight, she saw my big tummy :( ok! I need to redeem my valentine's day gift from laogong - a pair of sport shoes! my previous sport shoes total spoiled! so that was the reason for me to stop exercising and go workout outdoor :p now, cannot already la, yesterday see my pic ppl candid one, ohhh.. not mentioning about double chins, double faces I would said - coz skins not firm, dropping la :<~

ok, this weekend I will go buying sport shoes. then be a good student to finish my 1st sewing project, which half of the class students have been submitted weeks ago :(

not nice, but 1st attempt :p

since 1.3.2012 coming, royee exam week. this weekend I am gonna be a good mummy to do revision with him :)

see the dirty shirt :(

maybe, I will try some new recipe too! hehehe..

happy Wednesday ya!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


aloha!! good morning tuesday!

this is yesterday breakfast..

today am having the same :D

FYI, i am quite fussy on my food intake. ya, I know you won't agree with it when you see my body size kekekke :p what I mean is, I have food that I don't eat, or I have some diet habits that many ppl don't know. for example, breakfast like the above, I fried the egg with no oil, then I don't put any sauce for my the bread + egg. maybe this is because of I take organic vege or fruits juice in the office for nearly 2 years, so I get to use to eat food original taste ^^

since small, I dont like my fried egg with soy sauce. my mum knows about it, she always prepare a plain one for me. I drink coffee or tea with no sugar added. I don't take condensed milk. so my milo (few times a year), nestum, oats are normally plain or add only milk powder or soya powder.

I don't eat pork much since I was in secondary school, depends on how you cut it and cook it. I don't eat duck meat at all. recent years, I eat only chicken breast, and lately taking drumstick. but also depends on the cooking style, coz I can't stand on 'meat smell'. of course, fish is my all time favourite!

tauhu + mushroom - my LOVE!

I don't eat fresh pineapple. recent years, I don't eat rambutan as well. durian is my favourite, can eat it like normal meal - 3 meals a days :p I don't eat cherry on the cake as deco, but i like all other berries flavoured ice cream and drinks.

that's all for now.. the more I put it down, the less makan geng am gonna get. now, office Chinese geng also I seldom join for makan besar, coz I don't eat pork, I don't eat internal organs.. feel no good to join them, later they need to accommodate what I eat, order steamed chicken, I eat a little bit.. Ai.. trouble ppl only. in law always prepare me fish. at least, I will eat :p or, I will cook and bring my own foods hehehe..

soy sauce chicken. I cook this for cny makan at my in laws house. they eat the chicken, I eat the curry leaves. I am curry leaves fan!

hehe.. sharing this in my blog, hopefully my laogong can't read about it, then don't offer me or prepare food for me with what I dont eat. want to reject afraid if hurt your heart, accept it, my heart get hurt too :p

Friday, February 17, 2012




Wednesday, February 15, 2012


yup another 2days am going to meet my royee boy ^^ feeling is like when you were in love with your lover, can't wait to meet up, but this can't-wait-for-it is more stronger and added in with worries :)

morning breakfast with team members, easy morning to chit chatting and enjoy very nice breakfast.

my order - vegetarian something :p

with egg plants, button mushroom, tomato.. olive oil? greenish colour. very nice taste. it cost rm rm7-8. with black coffee too.

my colleague's club sandwich with beef bacon. like the colours ^^

few ppl asked about the acv hair mask tip that I posted in Facebook. wahh, you get surprised there are many ppl out there reading your posts, but never leave any comments. so don't simply saying bad words kekeke :p look at the long hair, miss my long hair.. but am planing to go and cut my hair this weekend most probably.

today when i exchange messages with china sis in law, she is win newborn, she is just adapting herself in a new family with parents in law.. many feeling an stories that she shared, reminds me about what I had gone through. happy or sad, all is part of our growing to be a better person ^^ it is happy to share with her about my feeling, coz we both have the same story background ^^

we too chat about baby boy full moon celebration. I plan to cook some dishes for my mum in law. polish the skill now, so in August, I can cook for my sis's too :D happening year actually, with babies and new roles to pay with.

let me introduce you.. this is baby eugene thea jen eu ^^ nice full english name, that given by his eldest bo mu - ME! :p thanks la, the parents in fact chosen this and get be involved in baby naming hehe.

well, am going to take care my sis's baby like my own baby after my sis finishes her maternity leave later on. I can't wait for it :D when everyday you rush back to see the baby changes everyday, play with the baby and touch the fragile silky smooth skin... ^^ well, I know I might be tired for taking care a baby at night, midnight crying for milk or any other reasons.. but come on, my mama and papa been doing this for my children for many years! my in law take care twin gals at one go for 10+ months! so, is time for me to have panda eyes with me for months, before we all move to bkt31 stay for good ^^

royee draw this for my sis - ah yi and baby ^^

tata! in putrajaya train station ^^