Sunday, November 29, 2009

wonderful nite

Very nice chat session with my papa mama digo n sis. From 12am+ till 2am+ we talked about old stories, funny jokes, travel plans.. Hehe papa said next year maybe can plan a trip to china for me n my sis, mama stays home n taking care grandchildren kekeke :p sis n I r asking papa to arrange a trip to hatyai in this Christmas, hopefully it happens, miss the food so much!!

It is now nearly 3am, we suppose to be at my grandpa's funeral at 8am. Hmm I shall sleep now. A wonderful chat session tonite, it would be much nicer if my eldest gogo was here.

Btw, am a bit hmmm for something on ppl character, our backgrounds r somehow influence our characters n mindset. Tonite, I got to know how much protection am getting from my laogong..

Thursday, November 26, 2009


10pm+ grandpa passed away. Am glad that my mummy spent her evening n nite with grandpa :) grandpa last breath happened, when mummy left the house n reached my bkt31. Mummy called me 'uncle called, grandpa seems like lost his breath, royee is crying looking for u, I can't help u to take care him, tomolo u take leave n take care your children' hmmm.. Mummy is always mummy, she can handle all sorts of things n feeling concurrently.

I got no regret, coz I managed to bring bbb to visit grandpa at last Sunday. Grandpa opened his big hand n my bbb putting their small hands in grandpa's palm. Grandpa asked 'schooling already?' Yes! 'being good children?' Yes! Sis asked bbb to sing for grandpa, then royee started 'happy birthday to u~~' everyone in the room laugh.

Am now at Banting, laogong n bbb r at klang. Thot can go to the office by using the daily route, but not going to work today. Since we going to stay in klang for few days, so I staying here to wash cloth n clean the house before I drive to klang before 9am. I need to take care bbb when laogong go to work.

Just now I chat with my papa, n helped him to apply medic for his foot. Hmm papa said this is a relief for grandpa. But mama is sad n crying. I said 'her papa ma, must be very sad' then suddenly I feel afraid of my papa leaving me 1day :(

Papa is now watching tv. I wish him good health. For my grandpa, I won't forget your warm smile n humble talk :) good nite to all the papa, n the little royee who wanting to come back Banting once he knew I won't be in bkt31 tonite. Sweet dream..

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


bbb shoes
TOP (L to R) - eva, royee, angel (from royee), royee
BOTTOM (L to R) - eva, angel, angel (back strip broken), royee
the last day of royee 2009 kinder class, teacher asked them to wear t-shirt n go coz they want to do some gardening job. that morning, i told royee 'today u dont wear sport shoes, coz u going to work in the garden. now is raining season, later if your sport shoes get wet or dirty, not easy to clean it in the kinder. so u wear your green color shoes'
royee: which one?
mummy: the green color one, got mr bean button one..
royee: mr bean?
mummy: ya, wear the mr bean one, coz the one easy to clean and dry faster..
royee: is it the one with many many round circles?
mummy: ya.. the 1 hole 1 hole one, can put cartoon buttons one..
royee: oooo.. wo zhi dao le (i knew already).. i wear the green one la...
mummy: ya la, the one is more suitable for gardening..
royee: ok ok, i go n take har..
at the door step..
royee: (paused a while) mummy~ the green one is not mr bean.. it is with ben-10 button..
mummy: (Oppppsss!!!!) oh!! mummy confused already lo.. ya hor, ben-10, not mr bean :p
no wonder royee was so confused when i non stop asking him to wear the mr bean green color shoes.. kekeke.. so the blur blur mummy :p

my callathon with royee

24/11 a special day for us, nearly 300 staff n vendors are working as Quality Ambassadors in Callathon for the company. it is basically each of us making 40 calls and receiving 40 calls, and recording down each call quality n experience. we have our partner. so party A calls to party B n B calls to A. me being located at banting :D so 1 team 4 of us, we stationed at banting kfc for these test calls. since it is the school holiday, so i brought royee along with me, so my mum n maid can less headache for half a day :p

reached there at 9:30am for breakfast

team members are on calls
'make a difference'
royee was drawing n writing while mummy was making calls

'all these boxes r having sins. let me wash away all their sins..'
wild imagination.. there were just the numbering boxes..

royee ate the eggs.. mummy ate the sausage

'snap my spiderman'

big boy already.. quite behave

he was actually posing MJ 'billie jeans'

this is the rewards for being a good boy - 2+ hours
he chose 'secret recipe' and the choc indulgence?

enjoying the cake..

my best working partner :D
after finishing the cake, sent royee back home,
then i went to the office at KL to submit the report



Sometime, I do wish there is U-turn for time n choice. The 'no turning back' somehow push me to become matured instantly n most of the time, companied with broken heart n tears. Anyway, as what my section head always mentions, there is no reverse gear for all these changes, so we must think for solutions n make the worse to better... Yup, challenges make u better n not bitter :)

'and now, let the weak says I am strong, let the poor says I am rich, bcoz of what the Lord has done for us, GIVE THANKS'

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tonite, finger no.5

Serious fight with laogong. I talked loud, he raise his voice, asked him stop, I just don't want to drama in front of bbb, but he raise higher his voice. 2 ppl need to talk loudly even they r face to face, bcoz the distance of 2 hearts r huge. What I need is understanding n security, which to him, am asking something rediculous. Men vs women debating, never ending.

Royee is sleeping on the bed. I have decided to sleep on his mattress. A man n a man-to-be r on the bed, I wish royee can be a caring n understanding man to his sis n gf n wife in the future. I wish, my man could come in my heart, n feel what I really mean n need. N not yelling bcoz of what he doesn't have.

Another dark nite for me.. 23:22 my heart is crying, I would feel much better if my tears r falling down...

"But you're just a boy
You don't understand
And you don't understand
How it feels to love a girl
Someday you wish you were a better man

You don't listen to her
You don't care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
'Cause you're taking her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
But you're just a boy"

bbb kinder 2009

found these pic from the kinder >>> website. surpised n happy to see bbb pictures :D ya school holidays just started, end for year 2009 kinder. bbb have been improved a lot in this year, especially for angel ^_^ am so proud of them for this year performance n growing, cheer for their success, touched for their victories~ hope year 2010 would be another great years for bbb n myself. learned a lot from these 3 precious bbb. looking for december holiday classes for bbb, coz my parents n kakak are super tired with these 3 naughty one :p
besides, i always feel that, dont let children miss their golden learning time. comparing to fighting n being noisy at home, i would rather let them n learning some social skills with other same age children. they are always something, where they cant learn at home, n mummy cant give them. they need the environment to be independent and explore n explore.. then grow n grow :D (especially to the children whose papa n mama are working in the office, n dont have enough skill on providing the suitable skill set to the little one)

apples of papa mama eyes :D

money cant buy children laughter~ LOVE can :*

the quiet n serious eva :p

eating choc on the field. so the comot :p

herbaline beauty house - body massage

went to the body massage at herbaline beauty house, bukit tinggi branch. we been there few times for the facial, this is the 1st time for us to try the 1.5 hours aromatherapy full body massage. currently the beauty house is having promotion, 2 pax = rm118. normal price is rm118 for each. so we went to the massage room after our foot spa (with sea salt + warm water) and fish spa.

in the room, sis syiok sendiri :p

love the room, having natural sunlight n look natural :)

after the massage.. battery recharged! ^_^

flu started coz of the rain n i got cold :(
so i was a bit busy with the tissues n my nose while enjoying the thai therapist massage

the essential oil n the paper panties..

the bed sheet

sis n her muka baru bangun :p
recommend friends to go ooo~~

u will enjoy the treatments there.. :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

Never give up!

Every Sunday when bbb go for Sunday school, normally teachers get 2 little healpers for carrying the offering bags then children offer the money to the offering bag. Every week, royee raise his hand, but he never being chosen by the teachers. After months, 1 Sunday, I saw him so dissapointed, I thot to talk to the teacher, so they will choose him soon. But as I shared with Junie, I shouldn't do this, I want to let the little boy work for what he wants. N I continue praying, 1day he got what he wants.
Last Sunday, 22/11/09 a special Sunday, as usual, when the red offering bags were out, children raise their hands. Royee too. I didn't expect 'it's him' as usual, but suddenly I saw royee stand up n hold the offering bag!!! Then I was so kelam kabut, my camera was with my dad coz of his china trip, then aa-ha!! I just got my iPhone back on Saturday.Faster I snapped pic of the boy!!! He was slow n steady :D so touched for me, as usual my eyes got wet when doing the thank you prayer :)
In the car, I said 'royee, mama saw u carried the offering bag, u being a good boy, never give up n God noticed u!!!' he said 'yala, I never give up one de' with the big satisfied n proud smile, I knew he got the lesson learned! N great inspiration to me too!! Nite time I told royee (with action, mummy interested in acting :p) 'here is a big rock, behind the big rock we have a BIG gift, if u never leave the place bcos of the big rock is blocking u, n u work hard to move the rock, u get the gift at 1 day' 'ya, I never give up so I get the gift already :D' 'good nite baby, before u sleep, u pray n thank God for the chance to carry the offering bag n be the helper, ok?' 'YES!!! I pray n thank Jesus n the teacher, good nite mummy, I love u mummy~'
A wonderful n thankful nite for me :) sick sick also feel happy ^_^

this is the day!

This is the day
The LORD has made
I will rejoice
And be glad in it

angel was busybody the gal's dress

partnering to sing 'this is the day'

the gal was so enjoying dancing~~
royee got shocked :p

'chewy chewy omm pa-pa,
ai-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya.. la! la! la!'

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got it at last

Sent my iPhone for repair at last I got it back, look like a new replacement set, yet to check the imei number to confirm. Keep this phone as simple as possible, coz I don't play games, n I don't want to let bbb play games here. Don't want them to get addicted to the iPhone as last time they were.

Am sick, serious flu, non stop sneezing, non stop I wet my pants :( asked bbb to sleep with grandma n kakak, I told them, later 'baby whale is sneezing, just like mama ha-choo' 3 of them hahaha, they like the song - deep in the sea :p bbb r more understanding nowadays, so I have some freedom to do my own activities as long as I inform them. So I have more freetime to go out for meal n supper with sis - me gaining more weight :(

This is just a test post, so I shall pen-off here, really feeling not well, but I must go to the office tomorrow, left my stuff in the office, I need it for Tuesday callathon.

1st pic taken with this iPhone. Royee baru bangun tidur, n I seriously told him, no more kids games in this phone, all adults applications, for mama work only. He said 'ok, later if it spoils again, then need to wait for 100 months hor' hehe now royee likes to use '100' to indicates max.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

royee kinder performance

look for the lil cutie chicky with smiley face ^_^

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

angels kinder performance

angel = elephant in grey, eva = froggie in green

proud of them ooo!!! i didnt expect they performance on the stage like this. coz my papa told me they only involved in group singing where both angel n eva were staying at the back, coz they always playing together n didnt pay attention to the actions.

tell u, i feel so happy both angels can perform well, didnt cry on the stage, n manage to follow the group. especially for angel, not easy to handle her one. even the class teacher was so excited n kissed them after the show :D well done gal gal! :*

angel was the one followed right after the mummy elephant~ long hair n light blue rubber band

eva was the one busy with her froggie cap..

.. n the last lil froggie left the stage :p

Friday, November 06, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

treasure your day after day :")

This morning on the way to the putrajaya train station, listening ppl stories from the radio, I cried. many sad stories happened, when parents neglected own children eg ignore the high temperature, reverse car when children are at the back, lock the children in the car. Last few mth also read the news where a parent forgot her own baby in the car, n she went to the house n slept, the next day, the baby found death in the car. Although this is change of her daily routine, but somehow, ppl is hard to accept the reason given. What my friend told me, a newly delivered bb brought home by the parents, but parents forgot they just have new born, so left the tiny bb in the car for several days. Hmmm..

There are my best friends who are trying to get conceived, they work hard for it, gone thru treatment and professional advise, the mental torture n family members not so happy words. I really pray to the God hope that they can have their own babies and be n lovely n responsible mummies and give the best to the children as what they wish to. Compare to those cases, where the parents throw their own babies to the drain, to the dustbin, to the park n jungle, it is somehow sad to see that, women who are longing for own babies are still trying..

Today and tomolo are kinder performance nite rehearsal days. This morning I sent bbb to the presentation hall. Non stop I reminding bbb don’t leave the hall without informing teachers, don’t accept strangers candies and chocolate.. I came out with few case studies to them, non stop reminding n reminding. Before I dropped them, I told bbb ‘u all are so precious, if mummy lose u, then mummy has no baby anymore, pls, u all are so important, pls take good care of yourself for mummy. Ok?’ they said ok, then bye bye to me. I admit that I am very sensitive n overacting everything about my children, but I just cant let go them, the world has been crazy, anything can be happened. believe that, my laogong, my family members, my parents, my in law, my maid must be tired because of my this attitude :)

angel's prayer

last nite, i heard this from angel's prayer..

(dear father lord, thank u. thank you lo~ welcome lo~ pray in jesus name, amen)

feel touched to hear this. can feel her 'smile' and thankfulness in her prayer :) so simple and sincere. called up my sis to share this prayer, then angel requested to sing few songs to sis. so cute n sweet :*
last nite, she slept with me on the bed. wondering why eva packed her stuff n went to sleep with kakak. laogong slept in bukit tinggi house. royee slept with grandma.
i slept well last nite ^_^