Wednesday, November 11, 2009

angels kinder performance

angel = elephant in grey, eva = froggie in green

proud of them ooo!!! i didnt expect they performance on the stage like this. coz my papa told me they only involved in group singing where both angel n eva were staying at the back, coz they always playing together n didnt pay attention to the actions.

tell u, i feel so happy both angels can perform well, didnt cry on the stage, n manage to follow the group. especially for angel, not easy to handle her one. even the class teacher was so excited n kissed them after the show :D well done gal gal! :*

angel was the one followed right after the mummy elephant~ long hair n light blue rubber band

eva was the one busy with her froggie cap..

.. n the last lil froggie left the stage :p

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