Sunday, November 29, 2009

wonderful nite

Very nice chat session with my papa mama digo n sis. From 12am+ till 2am+ we talked about old stories, funny jokes, travel plans.. Hehe papa said next year maybe can plan a trip to china for me n my sis, mama stays home n taking care grandchildren kekeke :p sis n I r asking papa to arrange a trip to hatyai in this Christmas, hopefully it happens, miss the food so much!!

It is now nearly 3am, we suppose to be at my grandpa's funeral at 8am. Hmm I shall sleep now. A wonderful chat session tonite, it would be much nicer if my eldest gogo was here.

Btw, am a bit hmmm for something on ppl character, our backgrounds r somehow influence our characters n mindset. Tonite, I got to know how much protection am getting from my laogong..

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