Tuesday, February 28, 2017

End Feb

28th of Feb. My man bday ^^
Recent years, got the thought of celebration can be simple, most important thing is the relationship bonding moment.

Last Sunday I went back pama house for having lunch together. Great to have family who you can look for when your days are hectic and somehow tired. See papa mama smiling faces, see the children getting taller and taller.. it's a bliss blessing ^^

Last night, my boy asked me about why the airplane can fly up high without falling? Why the ship can float on the water? Why the train can be moving?.. so the bed time chat becoming a science class. Then it linked to how wonderful the Creator made all these possible. I shared with him about the pure white snow in Japan, the right season the right amount of snow.. if we look to the entire earth as a whole, there are seasons, there are icy places, tropical forest.. all made up the beautiful pictures and showing God's glory... didn't know when I fall asleep while talking, this morning the boy commenting he couldn't fall asleep because of the snores from the papa.. then mummy :p

This morning in my prayer, 1 by 1 I prayed for my children. Each of them are having different things that worries me. Wonder how my parents handling 4 of us at the same stage till we are now becoming parents by our own. Not easy. This morning the girl being furious with the papa, saying 'early morning you are talking loud and scolding people, how to start the day with good mood?' Anyhow, I feel this is reasonable.. as mentioned many times, don't spoil the morning that may ruin the whole day.

1st 2 months in 2017 gonna be history soon. Best yo.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Back to record

Been not recording down my daily stories which is a waste especially when come to those memorable moments such as my bbb growth journey. To pen down everything is not so convenient especially when I am on the go. So this is the test post to check if this application is still working fine after a long break :p

See ya.