Monday, October 20, 2014

20oct togetherness

Blessed to have sis with me in the journey to work :)

The ordinary became extraordinary because of sis companion :)

When we are talking about what's next in our life plan, as a working mother, we always look for personal me-time to get relieved from the hectic schedule with work, with children, with the family.

This book's introduction has caught my attention - mother, are you feeling exhausted? 妈妈,您辛苦吗?a question that brought out the feeling of all the mothers I would assume, at least, for me. There are so many roles a mother playing, how to get all the roles balance is not an easy task. Bought this book for best friend mei, hope she get inspired from the book :)

that day laogong mentioned this, "if I were your wife, I would considerate you whenever possible, make the house at the tip top condition, treat you perfectly". Well, I can sense the vow on what my husband seeking from me. I also feel regret for not playing my role as a wife to at least good ranking. Ok ok, will try to be a good one that make you proud - one day even at my old time :D

Sometime I do reflect myself towards my cell group members families. Their houses are clean and not messy. Their children are well trained to help out housework and in good manner. Husband and wife respecting each other and showing love in all small little thing. Something I always get inspired and to practise in my family. Cannot be lazy in another word.

So we have 10 more weekends to come to year end of 2014.
2x travelling
1x cell group christmas night
1x Sunday school christmas celebration
Gonna be an exciting and busy year end closing with lots of activities and celebration preparation.

When we talk about 2015, sis has better plan. Our mission is to find more personal time for ourselves. So from then, hope we will have better emotion management and brighter day :D

Hehe children growing up..

Am getting older..

Happy Monday and good week ahead!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Embarrassed day

This morning when I was having breakfast at the kopitiam, a guy came to share the table with me. So he was eating the nasi lemak pack, when the roti bakar came to our table, I picked up the roti bakar from his table side - with the thought 'well, this is mine!'Hmm wrong order, that was a steamed roti. I continued to eat the wrong order. A while, another roti bakar came to me, opps! I have wrongly taken the guy's steamed bread >< anyhow, this gentleman made it very gentle, he took 'my roti bakar' as his..I alone feeling so embarrassed.. Very quick I swallowed all the bread and coffee, paid the bill, ran off @_@

Last few days, i took my breakfast at the same kopitiam, then managed to get in the train on time, got a comfortable seat. A while later, a girl came to me 'miss, you punya zip sudah buka, nampak you punya belakang semua' what?! Immediately I touched my back, I got my bra and then.. Panties! Oh no!

Imagine this.. The dress zip don't know when has been broken, then my back is naked! I got the girl to help to zip it, but 'miss, I Dah try, tak boleh' aaaahhh 'takpe takpe, i turun' long story cut short, I walked crossed the bridge at the terminal, then walked to the washroom, got the zip temporarily fixed, walked to the car park, took my car went back home and changed dress.

Sent the message to the male boss, with this reason 'problem with my dress zip' @_@ I didn't want to think of, from when this naked show happened - at the kopitiam? When I crossing the road? When I walked slowly and singing on the way to catch the train? How many eyes with messed this? Aaahhhh what a day start.

Best thing still, a good sis of me got her joke of the day!

Enough for oct, hope no more silly stuff happening in the next 2 weeks kekkeke.

My angel drawing mummy :) cute gal huh - sweet mummy :p

Oh ya, yesterday we got this showing in company intranet. So, you can see me and team member cute faces over the net. Colleagues talked about it, we syiok sendiri over it. Hehe. Some story sharing on what the small improvement we done in our daily work to make a change of the routine that bring benefits. My colleague describe this - cute = ugly but adorable. Anyhow, my definition is cute = cute. That's it. Hahaha :D

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 03, 2014

All are special

Spending time browsing at Facebook, reading few nice articles sharing this morning. Conclusion is, the world is so big, people hearts can be very narrow small. There are cruel and inhuman people polluting this beautiful world village, and yet, there are people bringing out their warm kind heart to spread more love to hearts.

创世记 1:27
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
Genesis 1:27

We all are special. We don't need to be like some any other one as God won't do mistake in his creation ^^

Read something few days back on depression. This silent killer can always being neglected.

Every new day is an opportunity to grow. We are special and we are loved. Stop and look around, you will find all the little love are surrounding you ^^ treasure our everyday. As everyday is a blessing .

Smile and have a happy long weekend!