Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 weeks mc

ya, today is Thursday. tomorrow would be the final day for my mc. miss my office n officemate :) thanks for all the messages from friends, asking my current condition. sorry for not replying all your messages, coz most of the time, I don't check my phone, except time to go to sleep :p at home, phone is always in silent mode coz recovering period ma :p

so how's everything going on in these 2 weeks? after the surgery, the pain is bearable, I still can walk by my own, can stand can eat can really sleep, everything seems normal except feeling a pad at my bum bum.

came to the 2nd day, when I started to pass motion, then I need to do sit bath n dressing.. wahhhh :~~~ still feeling phobia to the pain!!! nurses kelam kabut, but I am allergic to pain killer, so left only 1 or 2 medic pills that I might not be allergic to. with the pain, I dare not to try new medic at the moment, coz once found out I was allergic to the medic, then my body would have rashes, my eyes got swollen, a bit uneasy in breathing. thinking about that, I don't want to make myself more miserable. so.. I bear with the pain :(

discharged on 3rd day, doctor asked me to get clinic or hospital to do daily dressing for me. so i did the final dressing before i went back. ya, the final one, made me full face of tears :(((

walked slowly, picked up by my sis n bruce, we reached home sweet home :D after coming back home, I was so happy to see my new bb! it gives me hope! thanks for Bruce to get this done ;)

sis took 3 days leave to take care me. n Bruce companied her for 3 days at bkt31 :p sis cooked for me, do dressing for me. we went to clinic - the doctor asked me dont come tomorrow, he dare not to clean the internal wound for me. I went to klang hospital besar, the personnel asked me to go pandamaran or telok dato clinic :((( few hours on the road looking for ppl to do dressing for me, frustrated. everyday go to medical center quite far n troublesome too. so I decided to do it at home.

we do our own dressing, we clean only outer part. the internal track we can't do it. so I try to avoid any food that can cause infection, so hopefully it us clean internally. sister was tenderly cleaning my wound. so after she cleaned it, dressing done, I can stand up n continue what I want to do. however, when come to 4th n 5th day, when my caregiver is laogong, wahhhh can u imagine I cried on the bed till my eyes swollen n voice changed? :((( if u want to imagine how the pain is, hmm try to take a pair small sharp scissors, and poke your body sensitive part. should be poking.. the pain in 'sharp'! so normally after laogong did the dressing for me, I asked him to switch off the light n I sleep sadly :(( 'when this gonna be ended?'

I have sensitive stomach, so a little bit dirty or not fresh food, can cause me stomachache n diarrhoea. with the wound right beside my asshole, nope, the wound is touching my asshole, so I feel really pain, the poking sharp pain when I pass motion. normally I take the forlax drink to soften my poo poo n prepare the salt water for sit bath. (the drink in the bottle is Chinese herb tea to boost up my blood circulation after operation, like ppl after baby delivery :p)

once poo poo touches the wound, most of the time, my tears drop, I look so sad :(((( I can't stand firm, but still need to finish off n clean my bum bum very quickly, the I do the sit bath immediately.

sit bath is I let the salt + hot water to detox my wound n it can really reduce the pain! sit bath 20 minutes. 1st few times I just sitting there n thinking about when this gonna get over, why I can't have pain killer.. tick toc tick toc waiting for 20 min. after that, when get used to the pain, I read recipe book, checking SMS, facebooking, watching YouTube video and the 20 minutes seem so fast! :) 1 thing not good for doing sit bath is, I got vaginal infection. coz the water is dirty, imagine the water clean my wound, my asshole, and at the same time, the water pass thru my vaginal :( so for the 1 week, I have painful bum bum n itchy vaginal hmmm.. challenging ya.

visited doctor after a week, my wound looks ok. got another 1 week mc, after doctor listening to my pain n sensitive stomach. in fact, before discharging myself from the medical centre, the nurse did ask me to train my bowel habit, so I don't need to do dressing few times a day. I can avoid going toilet by not eating, coz normally I go toilet at least 3 times a day after meal. now at home, I go twice. morning n after dinner. morning I clean it myself, simple one, then just pad it with gauze. night time laogong do a complete one.

2nd week, I feel better. the wound not that painful. if I can manage my poo poo time, I can go outdoor. go restaurant, go bakery shop, go saloon (I trim my hair shorter lo), go back banting n surprise my bbb. n ya! I have created my online store blog!

now I am more ready to go to work, at least I bring only gauze n plaster to the office then ok. although sometime, the toilet bowl is full of red blood :(( but as long as the wound not that painful, then I am ok.

so for friends out there we are care to know my current situation, I am overall doing well :) weight still maintained even I skip lunch n eat lesser :p full recovery gonna be 4-6 weeks. shall be back to work on next Monday ^_^ thanks again for all the wishes n messages :)

ps: tomorrow is 5th anniversary for me in motherhood!!! :D

Friday, September 17, 2010


doing admission for myself, waiting for my turn. just called up home, my bb answered the phone. feel touched, coz my bb listened to what I told them last night. I told them to answer the phone call properly, coz all these while the pick up the call the hang the phone :( or holding the phone, smiling without talking :S

royee: halo..
mummy: (surprised with bb voice) hello~
royee: who r u looking for?
mummy: I am mummy, i am looking for my baby
royee: I am shone Jay.
mummy: royee, good boy or not?
royee: yes..
mummy: gal gal sleeping ar?
royee: woke up already
mummy: mummy is in the hospital
royee: I know
mummy: later u all follow papa go back to klang ya
royee: ya, I know
mummy: u ask papa to bring u come to visit mummy har
royee: I know
mummy: ok la, I love u, bye bye
royee: I love u, bye bye

my eyes wet wet after the phone call. happy that bbb listened to my words :) really grown up Liao lo my baby ^_^

my vege box

bought this last week, raya cuti

bbb helped to plant it.. non stop angel singing this song while putting the soil in the holes..
一个旧人变新人 :D

I put in the seeds n watered them
1 week later...

I got this!!

^_^ I see sunshine ~@~
I see HOPE :)

today baking

baking before medical leave ^^

new cups, yellow = sunshine ~@~

choc muffins

my mama favourite nestum raisins cookies

for me best gf - Mei :)

dear all, happy always ya!!! :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

counting down...

hmm tomolo would be the day. 7 years before 18092003 I decided to submit my marriage registration form to commit myself to a marriage n laogong :) 7 years later, I have made a big decision too, choose to do something for my health :D 'itchiness of 7 years' having new experience 七年之痒有了新体验 :p

after the surgery, need to control my food intake, so the wound can be healed faster. then, cannot do excessive exercise n action, guess that no sex at this recovery time too. ohhh really like confinement time ooo. this time, my part time 'confinement lady' would be my dearest sis :D she gonna spent her 3 days leave for me. this year her leave mostly taken to take care patients, good gal neh :) God bless u @~

now I am in bkt31. hari Malaysia holiday. last nite when I reached banting home, bbb slept already. 10pm only I decided to come down bkt31 alone. miss laogong n sis, n I need to pack my bag to the hospital. at here, last midnight already felt to go back banting, miss my bbb so much :(

8.29am take shower then breakfast with laogong. dim sum? hehe after breakfast, I shall go pedicure with sis as planned last night. sis said, why har? rest at home also need to make sure your foot is smooth n nice ar? :p saja ma..

ok! faster complete everything here, then I want to fly back to banging for my bbb lo~~~~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have decided :)

message to pa ma

message from ma :)

I shall eat more yummy food before entering the operation theatre :p


at Banting ice room ^^ last sat

yumm yumm :D before pick up Bruce from the airport

me! n my big eye bags :p

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

raya holiday mood

bbb started feeling bored for not schooling in this raya school break. morning, royee asking 'mummy, today got school or not?' angel don't want to wear home wear, want to wear school uniform. hmmm

now in facebook can see raya wishes flying around, in the office some colleagues started cuti raya. n many many raya gift awaiting to be collected at company reception.

few things nicely arranged in the box

like this wrapping idea

unique green!

very nice packaging right? guess that after raya, we going to have many mooncake hamper here :)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

1st jelly mooncake :D

my 1st try on blueberry jelly mooncakes ^^

the carrot 'egg york' n sweet corn coconut milk wrap

mickey blueberry carrot jelly mooncakes for bbb ^_^

hehe 1st trial for jelly mooncakes :p great taste!

prepare this for my eldest brother :)

my 1st jelly mooncakes box ^_^

will do more for in law in raya holidays :)

red red Sunday

enjoying fish spa n blogging :) sis's face is too dry so her facial taking longer time :p sitting here n waiting for her. now raya month Herbaline having promotion 99. 2 friends together paying rm198 n enjoying any facial treatment which is above rm100.

my cute bbb

prayer before to Sunday school :)

red red red :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

apple n ball

can see royee's improvement in his homework.. not that messy :p

nasi briyani

alone at Kabul eating fish nasi briyani n butter chicken. this meal may cost me rm25? as sis said, so pamper myself with nice food la :)

healthy meal :)

this what we ate yesterday

10 grains, sweet potato, sweet corns - superb taste! will try to do this as porridge at home

what I cooked at home - rice + pumpkin + carrot + sweet corns + chicken soup - little natural sweetness n corn smell n pumpkin taste :)

recent recipe trial

chicken floss cup cake. this is really yummy!!! will do it again when I buy new chicken floss :)

pumpkin raisins cookies ^_^ many many pumpkin I have added in :p

blueberry muffins. hmm the taste n smell is nice, but the texture tak ok. will try to bake it again.

cakes tak ok, but then bbb insisted to share it with teachers n classmates hmmm malu betul @_@