Friday, September 17, 2010


doing admission for myself, waiting for my turn. just called up home, my bb answered the phone. feel touched, coz my bb listened to what I told them last night. I told them to answer the phone call properly, coz all these while the pick up the call the hang the phone :( or holding the phone, smiling without talking :S

royee: halo..
mummy: (surprised with bb voice) hello~
royee: who r u looking for?
mummy: I am mummy, i am looking for my baby
royee: I am shone Jay.
mummy: royee, good boy or not?
royee: yes..
mummy: gal gal sleeping ar?
royee: woke up already
mummy: mummy is in the hospital
royee: I know
mummy: later u all follow papa go back to klang ya
royee: ya, I know
mummy: u ask papa to bring u come to visit mummy har
royee: I know
mummy: ok la, I love u, bye bye
royee: I love u, bye bye

my eyes wet wet after the phone call. happy that bbb listened to my words :) really grown up Liao lo my baby ^_^

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