Thursday, September 02, 2010

sleepy day

hmmm am sleepy, just feeling tired. got see 3 company employees' children got maxis scholarship for excellent award, am thinking, one day in the future, my bbb have that chance or not :) papa n mama must be proud of them for the good achievement.

last nite I showed few video clips from YouTube to bbb, to tell them they are so lucky to have complete body parts n good living style. those poverty children n countries made them watched the movie seriously. hope they got inspired from the motivation movie clips too.

time to sleep, angel n royee arguing to sleep with mummy on the bed. I don't want them to be so noisy n fighting for nothing, I came out this idea.

3 small pieces of papers to indicates 3 different bed sheets. we have 2 mattress n 1 bed. then they draw for the lucky beds :) royee sleep with me, angel n Eva sleep on the mattress. feel touched, coz they follow the games rule happily :) so settle the issue.

Thursday. tomolo gonna be Friday again. lunch time now, don't know what's today menu :p am sleepy, eyes can't open wide aiks...

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