Monday, March 24, 2008

gifts from Jakarta

watching the videos that u recorded for him..

he loves this new shirt much

posing with the gift - contruction car became his rubbish dumper :p

the construction car is moving, he scared of it when the car is moving with eyes flick..

Monday, March 17, 2008

weekend with angels~

angel n eva~~

eva looking at the new panty (royee's one :p)

asked them to sit down n snap photos, posing :p

angel likes to sit at this step n goyang her kaki

smaller size..

climb up n play the power point

boo boo is coming out..

Friday, March 14, 2008


ya 6 days to go to meet u in person!!! before i can fly over to u, i need to clear all the pending work in the office. 3 working days for me next week.

tonite i will stay in banting, try to do as much as i can for your brother's assignment. so tomolo i can go back to sg buloh n stay with angels :) miss them soooo much. u know, i sms your youngest brother to kiss angels for me. he must think i am crazy mummy :p will come back to banting in sunday nite. or maybe, just overnite at sg buloh. but then, i'm phobia to take train from batu tiga train station oooo :(
many photos on last weekends, will try to upload them in my friendster and put the photos in slide shows. i am too tired these days to sit in front of the laptop n do all these things. can sleep early n deeply is most wonderful things for me. royee now is very manja, only want me to buai him sleep. before he sleep, i am like the karaoke machine, he asks for this n that songs. soemtime, after stories telling time for about 45 minutes, then singing session for 30 minutes, my throat get dried. then when the time i want to sleep, i non stop coughing pula. sometime my mum sees me so tired, she shows the rotan to make royee sleep faster.. hehe.. so naughty him :p
ok. going back now. another tiring joruney for me. my palm is not ok yet. still being painful. no mood n energy to see doctor tomolo, so let it be :( enjoy your weekend there. anything, pls sms me, may not always stay with my phone. tata~ love u!

09.03.2008 sunday

angel was so blur, coz she being kacau by royee. eva also like didnt sleep enough
eva was not in the good mood. sleepy. so.. crying.. royee was comforting him 'eva~ bu yao ku'

no fun with eva, coz non stop crying, royee changed her target, hug angel pula

came back to eva when eva stopped crying

wanted to have shonejay angels photo, eva cried again.. hmmm..

cucuk angel cheek
reading books together
we left banting to sg buloh at 3pm. had no idea, why the traffic condition was bad. heavy traffic jams. then we stopped at klang bukit tinggi for our lunch :( so hungry. we went to pizza hut restaurant. angels were non stop climbing up n down the baby chairs. my sis was so tired to entertain them. after makan, then we continue our journey back to sg buloh. reach home around 6pm. got to know your parents were still at johore. so we decided to stay in dc and jaga angels lo.
watching the singing competition show till 10pm, then 4 of us went up n sleep. sooo tired. my backache was serious. my sis also looked so chan. must really thanks my sis for spending her weekend to help me jaga our children. she got no time to paktor with bruce, somemore got no time to chat with bruce thru phone also, coz our children were so active :( so, when the time she has her own babies, we must tolong her lo. very much appreciate her help n companion these days when u r away to indon. at least, i wont feel that lonely lo.

08.03.2008 election day

saturday morning, me n my sis woke up at 9+am! without setting the alarm clock :p after showering, we went to your mum's house to pick up angels. both of them were so happy to see us. then we brought them back dc home n took bath n prepared them to go back banting. eva can wear the shoes by hersellf, angels tried to wear by her own, but then after few times trial, then he passed the shoes to my sis to wear them for her. hehehe.. so cute. i have video clip on this :p
we left sg buloh around 11am+. we were so hungry. we stopped at KEC for dim sum buffet. not many customers there. so we really enjoy our meal quietly n good service. the waitresses there non stop came n smiled n played with angels. they all quite ok la, smiling back to the auntie n uncle.
when the time we makan makan, the waitresses carried both angel n eva to the front reception counter. then they gave crackers to them. happily they went out n came back to us. my sis said, wow very dangerous hor, give a some food then they can follow ppl go ooo.. :( yalor, so we must provide them a good environment n if possible, what they need. at least we can minimize the bad influences from external. after the counter, the staff there brought them to kitchen too! then me n my sis quite worried at that time, coz we cant see what they did in the kitchen. then after few minutes, they came back. the supervisor told me that, one of the chefs has twin babies too. no wonder they so interested on angels :)

angel came back to me with fish crackers in her small hands
after dim sum buffet, we went to jaya jusco bukit raja. quite heavy to carry both of them. so we let angels sit in the shopping cart. they felt this funny, so non stop they all kekekeke.. hahahaa.. i went to MPH bookstore, grabbed some discounted price books for shonejay angels. found out that they love books a lot. spent around rm37, got 8 books.

get in to shopping mall

get out from shopping mall

left jaya jusco at nearly 3pm. then reached banting at 4pm. my gogo was waiting for me to go voting. what a hot day. not many ppl in the school, so quite fast we went out from the school. when i reached home, i saw of them start fighting for books :( ai.. after minum the bird nest soup, i buai angel sleep. at least, not that noisy. or else royee non stop bullying angels.
these 2 gals, panjat sini sana. royee was sleeping.

night time, we all staying at home catching up with election result. my parents were happy to see angels cute n funny act :) around 10pm. i went out with my sis for my dinner :( we makan at ri ye sing restaurant, coz my sis said better go somewhere brighter n crowded. afraid got ppl fighting :p wanted to order the marmite backed crabs, bcoz of my broken teeth, we cancelled it :( this broken teeth, has stolen many tasty food from me :(
called u on election result. u were so kan jiong there. hehe. no matter how, as long as who is taking care this country, peaceful n children edu must be on track ^_^ slept at 1am+ together with angels on the bed. i cant manage to bring the 2 buai back from sg buloh. without u, many things cant do with my own strength :(

Friday, March 07, 2008


early morning royee woke up n slept next to me in my sis room. when i was preparing myself to work, he looked for his new bag and story books. then with his busuk busuk together, he carried the bag. very happy look. and wanted to follow me to work. i told him school holidays started already, so today and next week also dont need to go to the school. he buat hal when i wanted to start the car engine. he kept the car key :( then my dad brought him out for morning walk.

he went out for morning walk with the tumble tots t-shirt. he loves the t-shirt. n of course, with his new bag. hehe.. very cute!!!! these photos i took when i was in the car. i love his wild smile :)

tonite i will go back to banting 1st, then only drive to shah alam to pick up my sis before i pick up angels at sg buloh. sunday morning only drive back to banting for the voting lo. quite a long time angels dont follow me go back banting already. i'm still thinking how to bring the buai back to banting. maybe, i dont want to bring it. hope they can sleep well without the sarung :(

hi-tea with Marina Mahathir

ya, got inspiration from this session with marina mahathir. some very good points i got from there. what we can do or not is all based on our mind set, with the spirit in mind, we at least has the 70% success on hands. then i recall back, what u told me last time, u want to complete your study, u want to earn more, u want to work hard towards the better future.. ya, with the strong spirit in mind then we will get there! :)

then we must do all the charity work not bcoz of volunterism n charity, we must do the charity work with emphathy. put ourselves in the ppl shoes. when we get ourselves in the situation, anticipate the thought n the feeling, then the good work that we contribute is sincere and appreciated by others. helping ppl with good n true heart lo.

somemore, dont always think other ppl will do it or wait for other ppl to act on something. we can always be the person to start doing things right. if everyone is waiting for others to tackle the issue, then the issue will never be solved. solves problems and issue with strategic and dont give up easily. there is always alternative option for us to get the things right. so always find strategic to tackel the worse situation.

she also mentioned that we must speak out our mind. dont sweep the problem or unwanted scence to the under carpet. the problem still exist even u dont see it if u dont work on it. go out the world, n see what ppl is doing, then see if we can apply ppl idea in our ownselves. sell our ideas out too!

zhugong, hope u get inspired too~! :) i miss u very much..

shonejay angels

royee says 'xiao!' smile! then he staring at the mouse pad for minutes. angel is cute with her funny act. very cute of her. quite naughty also :p the very manja eva, always attached to me, so most of the photos taken are with me. sometime, very blur eva. LOVE THEM MUCH!

Monday, March 03, 2008


morning i got shocked when your mum knocked my room door when eva was crying. i didnt know your mum was staying in DC the nite before. terkejut i. had chat with your mum, then we changed angels, then we went to meet up your papa n little bro to go out for breakfast. we makan breakfast at ijok. we passed your primary school, tak sempat to snap a photo for u :p below are photos snapped while waiting for our breakfast.

u should know who is who rite? hehe

they were happy

u see the way angel sit, like tomboy :p

eva makan nasi, angel didnt want to
after the breakfast session, then we went jalan jalan at ijok n batang berjuntai town. then eva felt asleep. then angel started buat hal, non stop crying, wanted this n that. finally, i gave her my handphone with the 'bao bei' song, then she stopped crying! then she started keeping quiet then felt asleep too!! so cute!! your parents said, wahhhh so amazing aaa the song keke :p

once reached your parents house, they stared to main main. angel can follow the song rhythm can moving to left n right. very cute~ ans only angel can do those funny n naughty act like royee. your mum said angel memang like tomboy la. so lasak one. then your mum sat down n chit chatting with me with lots of family issue la.

then i went back to our DC house nearly 4pm. packed everything then it took me 1 hour. missed u so much. very happy can chat with u before your basketball session lo. i really hope i could be there with u :( went to your mum's house, then talked for another 15 minutes, then drived back banting. before that, i dropped by to visit my brother n sis in law at klang. then heavy rain started. so i stayed there till 9pm+

reached banting around 10:30pm. chatting with my mum and having my dinner till 11pm. so late hor, but sooo hungry, coz i didnt take lunch and dinner at sg buloh. sooo tired already. but then i went to sleep only around 1am. coz i was helping my sis to check the date for her marriage registration :) very happy for her~

this weekend, i felt good. coz i can stay with angels, and managed to jaga them with your mum's help. n didnt need to clean the house as your parents had been cleaned the house so tidy :p furthermore, i really had nice chat with your mum, hope this type of communication session can strengthen our relationship :) i really hope so ^_^

sms u before i felt asleep, i really miss u much...