Thursday, February 28, 2013

28022013 special!

happy birthday to laogong! morning wake up I kissed laogong cheek and wished him '生日快乐' :) hope his dreams come true for many many dreams he everyday mumbling :p

today rule is - kiss papa before you take your pocket money from papa. Eva taken her money before this rule set up. so the story goes like this..

royee ran down from upstair..
royee: wahh, need to kiss papa only can take money ooo
Eva: so did you kiss papa?
royee: no la
Eva: then you have no money lo?
royee: hmm never mind, I have my saving. use saving money 1st lo
Eva: ohh luckily I have taken my money

angel: I haven't got my money
royee: you go up to collect the money you need to kiss papa 1st de lo..
angel: har?!
Eva: who ask you don't wake up early and prepare?
angel: so how har?
Eva: you share money with me lo..

from the above conversation, happy thing is my children won't sell kisses for money matters. sad thing is - why they don't want to get close with papa? @_@ the answer for this question can only find out by papa and change this feeling of children.

here comes my sis to help us snap family pic :) then sis suggested 'today is papa's birthday, everyone kisses papa!' within a sec, the group gone! children just moved away. laogong said 'you see, all gone le' sis said 'aiyo, I should snap a pic when all children move away' hmm don't know to laugh to this incident or get sad with bbb and laogong relationship hmmm..

listened to the news on a 19years old boy commit suicide after sharing his thought with his mum, I feel down about it. got the lesson from this incident, care about our children more, not only focus on their physical needs and academy result but their inner heart voice of pressure or any heart feeling of them. this morning I told bbb, no matter what's happening, mummy sure protect you and care about you. don't get pressured with issue that you can't handle, you can just share with mummy and we together can get through the unhappiness.

really hope all parents can spend more time with children. I hope my laogong can do so. I am trying to balance my work life and personal hours. children grow very fast, we can't turn the time backwards.

I got this today. I hope, I can get award in my children hearts too! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

appreciate your wife

A husband complains for feeling tired... tired and tired.... and wants his wife help him on earning money by also working, because so far he thinks that his wife is 'not working'.

Following are Question and Answer between The Husband (H) and The Psychologist (P):

P : What do you for a living Mr. Bandy?
H : I work as an Accountant in a Bank.

P : Your Wife ?
H : She doesn't work. She's a Housewife only.

P : Who make breakfast for your family in the morning?
H : My Wife, because she doesn't work.

P : At what time your wife wake up for making breakfast?
H : She wakes up at around 5a.m because she cleans the house first before making breakfast.

P : How do your kids go to school?
H : My wife take them to school, because she doesn't work.

P : After taking kids to school, what does she do?
H : She goes to the market, then go back home for cooking and laundry. You know, she doesn't work.

P : In the evening, after you go back home from office, what do you do?
H : Take rest, because i'm tired due to all day works.

P : What does your wife do then?
H : She prepares meals, serving our kids, preparing meals for me and cleaning the dishes, cleaning the house then taking kids to bed.

From the story above, who do you think work more???

The daily routines of your wives commence from early morning to late at night. That is called 'DOESN'T WORK'??!!

Yes, Being Housewives do not need Certificate of Study, even High Position, but their ROLE/PART is very important!

Appreciate your wives. Because their sacrifices are unaccountable. This should be a reminder and reflection for all us to understand and appreciate each others roles. Understanding and Appreciating each other will make each person feel Happy.


got this from fb. it is true indeed. laogong always mention this 'I already helped you do a lot of housework, I am tired!' well, housework is not mine, it is ours! I work and I feel tired too. if you think sending children to the school is too early in the morning, I feel the same too! hmmm.. to make myself feeling better and dont want to waste time in arguing who is tired who works more, I do housework quietly. do things fast then go to sleep fast before the next day comes..

husband and wife's relationship is not only 'you and me'. we have children, housework, house income and many many more. if we want to argue and look for justice in all sorts of these aspects, we are just wasting our lives. so, way to make myself feel better - train my children to take up some part of housework, and set goals together with them - now we have travel plan and eating ice cream plan :D

'if mama gets good bonus, mama will bring you all to travel. we go to the hotel which the swimming pool is in the room, so we can swim nakedly in the midnight too!' :D children are happy with this :p

I have a small cup in the kitchen. I always find money in their school uniforms. my bbb still not appreciating money much. to them, the pocket money is for their school foods and stationery only. so you do see some coins on the table and the floor. so I telling them 'when this cup is full, we will have nice ice cream together!' so now we can see children pick up money on the floor and fill up the cup :)

I feel blessed to have children be with me :) so when laogong is disappointing hehe I still have children be with me and enjoy the days with their sincere smiles :)

pic taken on chap goh meh

my big yummy shows prosperity :D

happy 27.02.2013!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

day8 of cny

so how's your Chinese New Year celebration going on? visiting and travelling?

myself at home, hearing myself, my children, my laogong sneezing and coughing @_@ wonder when 1family can get healthy and go outing freely.

children sleeping most of the time. me too. great thing is, my period comes at the same time, weak become weaker @_@ I told bbb they were lucky coz they can eat medicine when they are sick. mummy is allergic to medicine, so let the soldiers in the body fighting!

hmm.. this application seems not ok, my blog content keeps on being deleted. ok, good night. today I am going to meet up with my j13219 best friends ^0^

Friday, February 15, 2013

mid of feb

15.2 happy birthday to Arpu~ may you and family are always in the pink of health and ocean deep happiness ^0^

today is cny day6. today is Friday. I am so unwillingly to go to work @_@ body is aching, fever and flu is still on. headache but cannot take pain killer tablet :~ ride on my sis's car to work, coz I am always feeling sleepy..

what a cny break, when children started to get sick one by one from new year eve. few times visited the clinic. so, no one come to out house for visiting, my house food are still nicely placing on the rack :p

pic on new year eve.. see our spare tyres on the waist? feeling guilty too when children are losing weight and we gained weight :p

day one

this is now my phone locked screen pic.. see many legs like octopus ^0^

me and bbb. children cloths bought by my mama. my own dress don't know when I bought it. the price tag still on the dress, so I take it as new dress to wear on cny day1 :D

snapped at the shopping mall after movie with children.

day2. the new year cloths all bought by me, paid by laogong :p

one family of bkt31. 3 gals are wearing same design jumper. guess we will do this more often :p

this is the pic from my in law house. this is what old parents love to see. from 2 ppl family then expend to many many more children and grandchildren ^^ we have multiracial and multinational family members :)

gong xi fa Cai to everyone!

may this new year brings you good health and good wealth :D

Thursday, February 07, 2013

07022013 ulala~

aloha! long time no see :D how are you? I have been busy for this and that, been sick for few days, been worrying about my workload and Chinese New Year preparation... best of all, I been in warm hug of my laogong and bbb :D ya, laogong is back to town, at least the burden of counting children pocket money can be handed over to him :p

talking about work, working on rest day and public holiday is very rare in a year, unless it Is for critical project needs or year end closing. but for this year, working on rest day seem to be a norm. for the month of jan-feb, I have 4 replacement leave @_@ to me, this is very unhealthy, work life imbalance. hopefully, thing can be adjusted after cny break.

sharing with you the surprise I got yesterday.

syiok sendiri part is - my name is at no.1 :D ya, I am happy and thankful for this recognition. this is indeed very fast as the project is still on going. some project managers are quite concerning on the effort the team members putting in completing the projects. however, some projects are ended quietly.. anyway, am happy to achieve my mission - at least 1 award in a year ^^ what a encouraging start!

this is meant for 4th feb. been sleeping in the train so I didn't post any blog :p ya, spring is here! my boy everyday asking - mummy, when are you going to deco the house? why still no red colour here here and here.. I told my colleague, royee's future wife gonna be very patient with this non stop nagging husband :p my laogong style also like this @_@

so, here comes the light touch up to the living hall. I recycled 2 years 2012 pink and 2011 red flowers ^0^ the combination of the red and pink for 2013! cost saving ma :p

found this golden yellow ang pow packets on the dining table, so I put the packets up to the pink+red :p

a bit odd right the deco ^0^ ok la, for few weeks only, next year I will buy new set kekekke..

not easy to allow so many snakes deco in my house. I try to get cute version so I myself won't get phobia to go back my own house @_@ if you go to the shop, you can see many cny deco - the snakes are with split tongue :~

at the house entrance. this boy non stop wanting a photo snap..

this gal too. this pose is after her crying @_@ these 3 monsters can really fight for everything!

Eva always like to pose with one leg up. many years already ooo..

good one. the train announcement goes like this - this train won't be moving on if there are men in the ladies coach. finally, I see the effort of the train driver :)

this is my this year cny deco :) going to put this to my design if office needs some cny announcement and party invitation ^0^ the red word = spring

there is a male end user been asking ang pow from me - thru SMS, email, phone call. my practice is, I don't give ang pow to my same level - eg my cousins, my friends who are not married. I give to the children of my same level. so I get my sis to handmade these 2 ang pow key chains, to put them in the ang pow packet and give it to my end user :D

today is last day of working, I will be on leave tomorrow. not taking any cny leave, except for cny day9. my colleague said I wanted to show to my boss I was hardworking.. no la, I just want to save leave for my holidays with my papa mama and my children. yesterday royee asked me to bring him travelling :)

tata! today I will have lunch with a gang of Chinese colleague to close this year ^^

Friday, February 01, 2013

1st feb holiday

ya today is federal territory day! suppose to have a long weekend break.. and am on the way to the office to clear outstanding work @_@ today am wearing short, coz that day when I worked on holiday, the office like a sauna room! sweating ooo..

hmm.. you received mail 13 minutes before the dateline.. and the due date falls on non working day.. what's the reply going to be?

such a good girl right? :D do you see angel? ^0^

sometime when you think of what other ppl saying eg 'aiya, you work so hard for what? this is not your company' 'what for you do so much work and your boss don't even appreciate you' ... many more. yes, I am not at a high level position in the office, but this doesn't mean i don't have high passion and commitment to my job. sometime when environment doesn't give what we want, what we can do is, change ourselves and look for what an ownself can give to self esteem. I feel happy if I can help my end users to roll out their project faster and meet the datelines.. even though when come to celebration party, then forgot to invite me for yummy food >.<

lots work pending on my desktop and in my mailbox. coz colleague and i spent weeks to come out all the summary and details report for the clawback project. remember the rm12mil cheque? this time we are expecting higher amount :D

we are exchanging all these A3 and A4 papers to 2 pieces of cheque @_@ I feel so guilty when I do printing. seem like I was chopping down many many trees and made the earth somemore sick :( I have tried to save paper by asking for better paper saving ideas. now, this project can temporarily held for a while, and I need to jumping into another cleanup project immediately!

apart from the project, daily work is still non stop reaching me. so this year is a very challenging year for me in my career. not even a single day am free in January 2013. working over the few public holiday and rest day. my colleague asked why we can have such a hectic opening of the year? I said, not only opening of 2013, I was busy to close 2012 too.

when we are busy, we sometime get frustration for the work we do vs recognition we receive. but when the project is over, we see result, we smile, we satisfy, we learn and we at last understand why boss choose us at the beginning point to firm up the project team. most of the time, we gain much more for our personal growing and knowledge and skill expand ^^

so, to make myself feel better working on non-working day, I have a cup of nice coffee (a bit sweet) and steamed bread in a very famous traditional coffee shop :)

this would be my lunch and tea break. I asked the auntie if the nasi lemak can last till afternoon. rm1.20 per pack, quite yummy :D

today is also the re-opening of my online sewing class. not mine, my teachers :p many nice projects are lining up in the events, but I doubt I can catch up all on time with my work schedule and house maid responsibility @_@

well, I shouldn't forget my 2013 resolution. to work hard on my Taiwan handmade course - so far, I owe teacher 2 homework @_@ hope I can complete the homework in this cny holiday. I owe some promised bags to my friends too! wait ya.. be patient ya.. :p

hope one day I can be like the mummy in Eva's drawing :p she is quite detailed in her drawing, look at the 3 girls wearing and accessories :)

btw, I still walking on my treadmill everyday or alternate day :p when I am super sleepy and tired, I cut down the walking distance from 5km to 3km, 1 hour to half an hour :p curi tulang hehe.

tata! happy Friday!