Thursday, January 31, 2008


very fast, gone january 2008. tomolo is cuti, i will send royee to the kinder then drive to sgbuloh. maybe i will wait till royee finish his class, wanna see how's the class going on :) will bring angels to trim their hairs, need your mum's help to jaga them while i' driving. hope they will be good gals in the car :p
for friday to sunday, i will stay in sgbuloh, jaga angels and clean the house. try to clean everything and deco the house and wait for u to come back home :) so u dont need to busy to do household things, will have more time to spend with children n ME :)
wanna offline now. have to catch up 7pm train, or else will be very late reach btg. missing u much, cant wait to see u, hug u, and kiss u on monday. take good care ya. i love u!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

27.01.2008 sunday

early morning we woke up and had our breakfast at the mamak restaurant opposite penjara sg buloh. before entering the restaurant, royee already got attracted with the bicycles at the next door shop. nice talk to him, in order to get him to go for breakfast before we bought him a toddler bicycle. he wanted boiled eggs. he finished off an egg slowly by himself :) me n my sis shared maggie mee goreng n roti pisang. as promised, we bought royee a bike at RM70. he loved it much. but then the salesman there is not professional, he didnt want to fix everything nicely for us. i had called my dad to bring the bike to the bicycle shop at banting to fix everything.
after the breakfast, we sent the bike back to DC home. then only went to your mum's house to pick up angels. angels were excited to see us :) i brought the souvenirs from macau and angels' milk powder to your parents. now econsave is always limited stock for the milk powder, i dont know why.
once reached DC home, royee couldnt waittil ride on his bike. i cleaned the bike for him. then i mandikan angels. after that, 3 of them were playing the toys at upstair. royee liked to hug n get close to angels, but angels didnt like royee to touch them. so 3 of them, non stop rebut the toys :( eva always cried at the end of fighting. angel always shout when royee bullied eva. fighting after fighting, eva couldnt stand on it, when royee took eva's book while she was reading, then eva bite royee. royee screamed! the wound so deep, n it was light bleeding!

crying face after being bite by eva

angel crawled towards me, to get my camera! cute kan?

angels hairs are long, not pretty, n so many marks on eva's face :(

shonejay angels playing 'peacefully'

this is cute. i was snapping eva's photos quietly. eva was busy with the wet tissue bottle. then suddenly angel felt down quick next to eva. evn got shocked, then staring at angels blurry. angel was funny and hehehe at that time. sooooo adorable! angel felt paiseh after that when i asked her why suddenly felt down har? hehehe.. she was sleepy actually..

let 3 of them sleeping and had a peaceful rest time was very hard. no chance to rest at all. my sis n myself non stop sweating when taking care of them. luckily my sis was having good temper that day :p your mum went out to buy cny stuff. she called me n told that she would try to get back home at 7pm. then we waited till 7pm. couldnt pack our things back to banting, coz 3 of them made us pening! so i decided to call your dad at 7:20pm, luckily your dad didnt go out with your mum for shopping. so we sent angels back to your parents house. it was heavy rain!
royee non stop waving bye bye and flying his kisses to your parents and angels when leaving the house. your parents were so happy and 'proud look' looking at this. they non stop hahahaha n smilling.. hehehee... in fact, i didnt know why royee was so passionate that day :p went back to DC home to pack everything, then left DC at 8pm.
sent my sis back to shah alam. hmmm.. my handphone was out of battery power. then i lost in shah alam. from section 2 to section 18 then to section 13, then back to section 18 again. i was tired at that time. during the journey, i non stop talking with royee, singing together with him, so he wont disturb my driving. he was cute and knew so many things :)
reached banting at 11:30pm. super tired.
this is the 1st time i jaga bbb alone without u. when children were sleeping, i washed all the bedsheets n cloths. then boiled water for their milk, prepared meals for myself. no matter how tired n sleepy at nite, i have to drive by my own :( luckily i have my sis to help me somewere somehow.
i miss u zhugong...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

26.01.2008 saturday

Saturday morning, royee woke up early n came to my room, with his cute face :) snapping few photos after the call to u. prepared ourselves to leave the house and had brunch with my my sis in klang KEC dimsum buffet. royee got himself wet after i had changed his cloth :( then i changed another set baju for him. in the middle, royee got hit by my dad, coz royee disturbed the sound system for my dad's swallow songs CD TWICE! very naughty him.

snapshots on the bed
Can u imagine royee mop the floor? i have a video clip on this. he was so serious and concentrate on his action. after moping for a while, he went to the bath room to make the mop wet, then came back to the room and mop again. i felt so touched to see this, i didnt stop him, i just sitting there n keep snapping photos and taking video clips. of course, this libra boy, he wont forget to stand in front of the mirror while he was mopping the floor.. haha!

Brought royee to klang bukit raja to meet my sister. as usual, he being kacau all the time. noticed that he knew how to fold papers in right way. looked at his hand, he folded 4 pieces of advertisement brouchers nicely! not a waste to send him to kinder at this age, he has learned a lot of living skills :)
he was excited to see the water fountain and elephants :p

we went to JJ for movie with royee. ya, 1st time for royee to watch movie in the cinema. we went there bcoz we wanted to let him sleep, but then, throughout the movie, he was climbing the theather seats :( luckily it was a comedy, or else sure we get halau by the other audiences. at the ending 30 minutes, he fell asleep, we enjoyed the nice movie with his snoring...

had our tea time at the steamboat shop. he purposely did the sad face expression when my sis wanna take the shot. naughty him :p after makan, then we went to bukit kiara for maxis family day :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

royee n mama

we got these from Maxis family day ^_^


this morning, i woke up at 7:05am, it was raining at banting. prepared myself to get out home early, royee was still sleeping, he must be very tired. so i asked help from my dad to bring royee to school, i left home early. reached train station n got in to the train, ngam ngam before the train door closed, lucky me! reached kl sentral at 8:55am, had myself porridge at chicken rice shop. felt lonely at the shop, i miss u sooo much :(

today is my sis bday, will celebrate with her this evening at subang TGI Friday. after that, will take train back to kl sentral, then putrajaya, then drive back to banting. will be a tiring trip tonite. sisters ma, bo kira one :)

just now my mum called, she went to royee's school at 11am, she saw children were having activity there. my mum said royee was cute, doing what teacher instructed quietly. chilren were trying to make round n cylinder shape with plaster. these days, can feel royee understands, thinks, and talks more. last nite he sang many songs in the car, with the incomplete lyrics.. soooooo cute~!! i think, 2-3 years later, when shonejay angels grow up, it will be more fun to stay with them.

this morning, once reached the office, i checked my mailboxes, your blog.. hmmmm no news from u, no sms, no blog, no mail. u r very busy over there huh? hope can hear from u soon. miss u so much, always have the idea to fly to meet u on 1st feb :( have spent much this much, macau trip, phone bills, cny preparation... wait till u come back la.

wanna get back to work lo. when i free, i will upload photos on family day, and last weekend with shonejay angels.. tata~ love u...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Did You Know?

Every 5 seconds a computer gets infected with a virus.

I am the computer, you are the virus :(


just finished reading your blog, mmmm i miss u so much! really hope i can fly over to u now. ya, need to save money, need to spend more time with chidren :~

"Dear my sweetie, hopefully you able to look after our kids perfectly sorry to throw the responsibility to you for this moment" -- doesnt matter, as long as u love us, i will always support your dream.

last nite, happy chatting online with u, hope we can install the webcam faster, so we you can communicate with children thru the camera. i have changed my laptop password, coz the laptop keyboard really spoiled already. i may buy another usb mouse, coz the mouse also having problem.

last nite i changed the bedsheet, quite dirty i think, coz i felt ithcy when i slept that day. royee was soooo excited to have the new bedsheet, coz it is with cows, muffins, and cherries. he helped me to change the bedsheet, hehe the cute little helper. he kept on saying the cow was hungry 'niu er er' with his cute funny act n face expression. then he non stop jumping up n down. of course, dont forget his naughty act, he stepped on the cow's face n said that 'niu de nian gai zhu liao~' his legs covered the cow's face.

i asked him to take photos with niu

last nite, when royee suddenly asked me 'papa ler?' hmmm i found myself speakless for that moment.. hmmm he remembered u. i told him 'already told u ma, papa took flight to indon to work ma, fei ji aaaa' then he looked at his shirt, coz that day i showed the airflight on his shirt, but yesterday he was wearing the train shirt. then i stood up n acted like a aeroplane, n told him, 'papa zuo fei ji qu yin nie zuo gong'.. hmmm..

well, am going to klcc kinokuniya bookstore to buy some chinese pregnancy books for my sis in law. am still feeling excited on this news hehehe.. will survey for webcam also. see if we can try to chat with camera tonite. i have downloaded skype installer :)

royee, wave bye bye to papa..
'papa, bye bye'