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Friday, July 02, 2010


"Zhugong... u r my 生命最重要的人
"I soul .."
but.. as what the professor mentioned, i would slash off 'husband' before my parents n children.. hmmm thanks to this article, made me rethink of importancy of life partner in our lives..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

28032010 9th anniversary

This is to remember our 9th paktor anniversary. There are ups n downs in these 9 years. There are days I thank for meeting laogong on 28/3/2001 but there are days, I wish I could enjoy more days as a single :p

Friday nite laogong was still undecided to go taiping for ching ming with his family, I said go la what's wong? Pray for your grandpa grandma ma. He said 'sunday is our anniversary ooo, u won't get angry meh?' ya hor, I only remember 28/3/2010 is my papa's 60 bday n the last class for my baptise program hmmm 'then? What u going to do on that day? What u gonna to do for me? I never hope for anything, so it's ok if u want to go taiping, I am fine' a wife who is not lovely at time :S

A gold necklace n a cross!
A surprise gift from laogong in Saturday nite. I got speechless when I saw it. Coz I expect this gift from my parents since my sis told me that. When laogong came in the room I asked him.
Mich: why so big gift for a paktor anniversary?
Laogong: this gonna be gift for paktor anniversary, your baptise, n your coming bday :D
Mich: har? If there is the case, then this gift is not 'heavy' enough lo :p

As return gift, I bought this 'elderlyberry yogurt mousse' cake for laogong.
Quite yummy! Now only I know jusco la boheme sells cake sense's cake ^_^

Cut the cake together, all pose directed by sis :p

2 red strawberries for laogong n laopo :p

I like this pic, I look like a 'lemah lembut' wife who 100% attracted by laogong's talk :D

Thanks mehmeh for all the pic ^_^ wish u n Bruce love love forever :*

Saturday, March 06, 2010

laogong, xie xie ni

Supposed to have movie date with laogong on Friday nite. But sis was so sad n stressed about her work today, she needs someone to be with her - crying until got asthma n hand dropped legs cramp :S how to leave her alone n I dong think I can follow the movie well. Since the movie tickets had been paid online, n this is 18pl category movie, royee can't follow papa watching n of course i won't allow my maid kakak n laogong watch the movie @-@ together..

Thank you laogong. 1st time I found myself stand in the middle n decide who to choose. I cried in the car coz some arguments with laogong too. sis needs me to company her, but she still trying to push me go watching movie with laogong, ya with the cathing-breath-robotic voice :~ luckily finally laogong let me feel relief :) I know this is not about wasting the ticket money, it is a nice time slot for 'you n me'.

eating steamboat with sis, ya sis from red eyes till no more red eyes but eye painful 'i think my eye got blue black' coz crying like tsunami :p after all these, she told me 'i also don't know why I cry so badly, but good also, now I know crying can kill a person coz lacking of oxygen' hmmm

Anyway, I want to conclude my tonight with this 'laogong, xie xie ni, wo ai ni :* from the bottom of my heart, tonite I feel your love, wanted to give u a big hug n kisses but u r sleeping n shout 'come down, all get down now!!' are u a teacher in your dream? or bbb are naughty in your dream? :p thanks for telling me, u love our bbb more n more each day :") kiss u good nite, I love you :*'

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Thursday, March 04, 2010


无求什么 无寻什么 突破天地 但求夜深
奔波以后 能望见你 你可否知道么
平凡亦可 平淡亦可 自有天地 但求日出
清早到后 能望见你 那已经很好过

当身边的一切如风 是你让我找到根蒂
不愿离开 只愿留低 情是永不枯萎

而每过一天 每一天 这醉者
便爱你多些 再多些 至满泻
OH OH 以后明天的深夜

而每过一天 每一天 这醉者
便爱你多些 再多些 至满泻
OH OH 哪惧明天风高路斜
名是什么 财是什么 是好滋味 但如在生
朝朝每夜 能望见你 那更加的好过
当身边的一切如风 是你让我找到根蒂
不愿离开 只愿留低 情是永不枯萎
而每过一天 每一天 这情深者
便爱你多些 然后再多一些
OH OH 哪惧明天风高路斜

Listened to this song on the way to work this morning 'love u more aach if everyday' I karaoke alone in the car, sing my heart out for this lovely n romantic song ^_^ while singing, I think of laogong (who else I can think of hat? :p)

This morning laogong wake me up 'the child woke up already, what's the time now har? Hmm my alarm did ring, but the phone volume reset by bbb while they playing games I guess, so I didn't hear it. Laogong kissed me 'laogong Ai ni' (laogong love u) feeling warm n sweet about this. But as usual, I will think this 'why recently so frequent telling love me har? Being naughthy ar?' keke never satisfy one lo :p

Laogong, I love u too! But I am really hoping u can help out in guiding bbb completing their homework if I work overtime. I don't want them to feel pressure in doing homework, so don't make them cry n punish them in this case. If u r impatient with bbb pls train your patience. If u can't control your temper, pls walk away. Don't punish n scold them pls..

P/s thanks for searching better deal of air tickets for our future travel plan ^_* I really looking forward for flying away~

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last weekend, laogong showed these pic to me, the pictures for our marriage cert registration, back in year 2003 sept 18. Took the photos in the morning then went to the jpn at Banting town. Hmmm 2 of us were making jokes, rm30 registration fee if didn't have then how har? Betul betul, in the morning we dig n dig only found ngam ngam rm30 cash, didn't have extra money for breakfast too :p

Today is year 2010 end feb. Laogong bday coming n our 9 years of paktor anniversary coming soon. we have our shonejay angels, we have some assets, we have our happy n sad love stories, up n down families issues..we grow matured ^_^

Since last week, I been feeling down when think of friendship. The cny gathering for my secondary school mates gave raised some conflicts n may cause offensive feel to some of my friends. Tonite, after reading few mails from friends, n saw some photos, I have that thought 'i have lost my friendship with them after years' now only realize it hmmm a bit late. Late enough to make myself dream so high n being hurt :(

What have made me being separated from the group of friends? I don't want to create any assumptions, don't want to think of 'must be a reason'. Found myself feel relief after I let myself accept this fact. Quite sad in fact. When we getting older, good friends are getting lesser. But as fei eng mentioned, friends with heart on the friendship, put in effort to make friendship works, then lesser is better.

Time flies, going to be 31 this April. Last weekend I told laogong, my bday is coming ooo, what u want to give me har?laogong said still early la, n he wants a car for his bday gift. Too much, i told him, if u was rich enough, u want a big bungalow I also would give it to u, me n u no kira one :p

Hmm.. If u ask me what I want for my bday, this year I have wish list ^_^ but I found it not easy to realize it. Hmmm never mind la timely matter, I will wait :")

Good nite. I know my good friend arpu is feeling not ok, I hope she can be strong for the challenges she facing. Keep faith, anything gonna be alright ^_^

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Love love facial ^_^

Yesterday received call from Banting herbaline, asked if I wanted to go for facial at 7pm+ this is because last month I did ask them if they open late week before cny, coz from kl to Banting, earliest for me to reach Banting is 7pm+ the gal told me their last appointment is 5:30pm

So since they purposely stay back for me, I got laogong to go with me for facial, at least ppl can got business for 2 n pay overtime to the beauticians :p another point is, bring laogong together, then laogong can pay for me hehehe

About 9:25pm we left herbaline, 1st time yo for me n laogong do facial together ^_^ I feel happy for this 'date' but wondering laogong got feel anything or not :p maybe he just concerned about the payment kekeke

Nice color cny deco in the saloon
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

xmas with LOVE ^^

this is what laogong given to me.. a sweet xmas dinner on xmas eve :D ya, no special gift, but as long as laogong is with us, then enough lo~ ^_^ yang penting, itu hati perlu ikhlas :p

@TGI friday

new recipe.. very SWEEEET~!!

ya, i hope every week is like dec friday, all offday one :p

cheesy chicken.. n i LOVE the mashed potato

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

busy nite

Last nite didn't sleep well. Before falling asleep, so many things came to my mind. Decided to call up the hospital for my operation appointment. Maybe go on January, then after cny, I can start my brand new year. Think about the movie avatar. We should love n care about our mother earth, don't let the earth crying anymore. Very nice story line, n we watched it at 2nd row seats. Without 3D glasses, we have the 3D feel too, coz it was so near to the screen.

Last nite dream about my pregnancy test got positive, the 2nd pink color line was so obvious. Somemore can remind myself, 'helo, u r always have safe sex, how come got pregnant, don't think too much' haha silly me. Then suddenly got myself as Malay lady, wearing baju kurung n tudung. Hmmm so kelam kabut in my last nite dream. All sort of silly n funny scenes.

Reaching the office, am on the train. Stomach feeling not ok, n I found myself catching my breath. Yesterday when I got my bp check, I got low blood pula. Hmm no wonder I got dizziness.

Laogong feeling unhappy when I first said didn't want to watch movie coz I was sleepy
Laogong bought the avatar pop corn set, he said can give it to royee, I found it expansive

Monday, December 14, 2009

merry xmas muffins :D

hehe my individually packed xmas muffin :D

saturday evening, some arguments with laogong on bbb edu and baby sitter issues. then end up, i kept quiet to avoid unncessary quarrel, n can see lagong keluar asap :( then busy with children, then nite time went out with sis for supper :S then sunday morning we also didnt communicate much. in order to do the ice breaking, then i created some topic la..
me: how many colleague r in your office, i want to bake muffins, bring some for them lo
(his colleague did ask laogong to ask me to bake cheese cake for them)
laogong: if u r not baking cheese cake, then dont need la..
me: cheese cake i need time to master it 1st.. now we made muffins, then put some note for them..
laogong: (watching the tv) hmmm ok also.. 20 enough lo..
me: ok la, i bake choc and blueberries muffins la..
laogong: if not enough for your friends, then never mind, i dont need to bring also ok..
me: enough la, new year only i bake for my friends..
keke. ini la ceritanya :p when i written the note 'merry xmas!' laogong said, so early oooo.. i said, coz i wont be at home for this n next weekend ma, so next time i bake cake, would be new year already.. today i got bring 5 xmas muffin to my lunch mate in the office, ngam ngam la.. :D

Sunday, November 29, 2009

wonderful nite

Very nice chat session with my papa mama digo n sis. From 12am+ till 2am+ we talked about old stories, funny jokes, travel plans.. Hehe papa said next year maybe can plan a trip to china for me n my sis, mama stays home n taking care grandchildren kekeke :p sis n I r asking papa to arrange a trip to hatyai in this Christmas, hopefully it happens, miss the food so much!!

It is now nearly 3am, we suppose to be at my grandpa's funeral at 8am. Hmm I shall sleep now. A wonderful chat session tonite, it would be much nicer if my eldest gogo was here.

Btw, am a bit hmmm for something on ppl character, our backgrounds r somehow influence our characters n mindset. Tonite, I got to know how much protection am getting from my laogong..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tonite, finger no.5

Serious fight with laogong. I talked loud, he raise his voice, asked him stop, I just don't want to drama in front of bbb, but he raise higher his voice. 2 ppl need to talk loudly even they r face to face, bcoz the distance of 2 hearts r huge. What I need is understanding n security, which to him, am asking something rediculous. Men vs women debating, never ending.

Royee is sleeping on the bed. I have decided to sleep on his mattress. A man n a man-to-be r on the bed, I wish royee can be a caring n understanding man to his sis n gf n wife in the future. I wish, my man could come in my heart, n feel what I really mean n need. N not yelling bcoz of what he doesn't have.

Another dark nite for me.. 23:22 my heart is crying, I would feel much better if my tears r falling down...

"But you're just a boy
You don't understand
And you don't understand
How it feels to love a girl
Someday you wish you were a better man

You don't listen to her
You don't care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
'Cause you're taking her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
But you're just a boy"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy 6th anniversary ^_^

24pcs Sorini La Nuit Pralines Chocolate Bouquet

Thank you for your flower..i love it...happy anniversary - from laogong

Friday, September 18, 2009


today is a special to me n laogong :) back to year 2003, we submitted our marriage registration form to the pejabat pendaftaran banting. we were on leave on that day, together went n took passport-sized picture, i was wearing blue shirt? then submitted the form.. and waiting the formal registration on 22/10. time flies hor.. now bbb also 4, 3, 3 already :p
many malay colleagues have gone back home to prepare for the hari raya. me too! cant wait to go back home, coz laogong is coming back today from singapore!! 2 weeks oooo.. in these 2 weeks, got life stone bang to me, got so many thoughts came in my mind. now is waiting for laogong to be back, and share with him inperson.
4 days cuti, i will try as much recipe as i can. n relax myself at home. ^_^ 2 friends gathering, 1 family gathering. i hope i can pick up a song n play with piano, i need music recently :p
yo~ selamat hari raya to all kawan kawan.. and happy holidays~ ^_^

Thursday, September 03, 2009

if i was a magician







If i was a magician, i would rather change or remove part of my memory from my mind, like what happened in harry potter movie... Though i know God gives me challenges to make me becoming better n not bitter.

Some ppl i would much prefer to know them as friends in my life, rather than a weird relationship as special strangers.

Past has been passed. But things wont be the same anymore, the scars r there, the hurts r there, experiences gained, wisdoms grow... n the pain remained.

I know there is something better n the best out there is waiting for me, God wants me to learn to be more patient n be beautiful woman who appreciates n understands life more...

Well, as what the special stranger told me, stop negative thinking, smile n face everydays ^_^ thank u!

Today i am weak, but i am so strong in my spirit!! Yo! Yo!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


just received laogong's call, he is now on board. flying to singapore. all the trips are so sudden n last minute. yesterday i emailed laogong,
Zhugong, u always fly here fly there last minute..
Macam chipsmore, ‘now u see, now u don’t!’
Memang tak secured hor..

yesterday laogong asked me to go back early, coz wanted to have bah kut teh with me, i been saying want to eat bah kut teh for weeks, but almost every morning i am rushing to the train station. last nite mama cooked very nice chicken curry, fried sotong, kerang sambal, kong-bo lala.. so this morning 5am+ then only we went for bah kut teh. the uncle was so excited to see us :p
hmm dont know when laogong coming back. he might fly to china from singapore. wait lo.. somehow, i dont like the uncertainty. anyway, lets work hard in the office. jiao you! jia you!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


laogong calls me zhuzhu, when having good mood la. when he calls me 'michelle' then i must be prepared for some serious issue :p wondering why, recently royee always address me as 'zhuzhu' in front of laogong. eg last nite when i reached home, when royee saw me 'papa, zhuzhu' then laogong didnt answer royee, then royee again 'papa, zhuzhu.. zhuzhu' felt funny when royee calls me zhuzhu.
last nite, royee non stop hugging me tight n kissing me.. i been having mouth ulcers, so memang cannot tahan his 'hot passion' coz his holding my cheeks hmmm sakit! then angels came n joined the love fun. 'wo de ma ma' then another one 'wo de mummy' then debating session started.. ^_^
i cried last nite. felt unhappy. felt to go n hug my mama n tell her 'i am not happy' but i didnt. dont want to make them worried. suddenly so many pressure came to me. a bit helpless n directionless. laogong asked me dont think too much. hmmm.. i hugged bbb n cried. i dont know this would affect their emotional development or not, but i felt secured when i have them with me. remember this, when royee sat on my lap, looking at me, he touched my tears n asked 'zhe ge shi shen me? yen lei ar?' (what is this? tear drop?) then a small huha, when laogong non stop asking 'why r u crying?' then angels joined the session..
zhuzhu is no more a cutie sweetie.. zhuzhu in now covered by dust :( hope this weekend short trip with sis, can make 2 of us happy n release some stress n confusion that we are having. sadness getting worse, when sis is having the same negative feeling too..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

one of the mornings..

one of the usual mornings.. wake up early to prepare myself to work when my beloved are still in their sweet dreams.. feeling warm n blessed ^_^ mummy left the house with sunshine in her heart :*

my man n my boy.. they look very alike recently..

my angel and her pinky piglet n blanket

my eva-wawa n her dora and her smelly blankie

Saturday, July 25, 2009

spot award love outing

24/7/09 friday 4pm+ left usj warehouse from the comm session, i went to saloon for hair treatment. reached home at 6:10pm, then laogong n i prepared ourselves for dinner at aeon bukit tinggi. laogong said, can paktor, n went for movie too. but tickets sold out, we went for dinner n window shopping only.

aloe vera fizzy drink + yogurt drink

buzy businessman. my favourite SE X1 and watch :p

mushroom and cheese baked seafood n rice at kim gary

this car is special - india TATA! laogong was so exciting when seeing this!

simple and easy love outing at here.. :)
after this, went back home n played with bbb.. miss them already :p

250709 friday

it's 12:12 am. angels n laogong r sleeping. oppss.. eva is coughing, she is not feeling well. i am in the middle of this big room, typing in the dark. feeling sleepy, but i felt to record my day.
dawn. received sms from a special someone asking 'how r u?' suddenly gary chao ge' new song - lonely man's lyric came across 'i am not okay~~' 'feel like myself is being destroying' this was my 2nd reply. in this early morning, i got new discovery n i got so many queries answered, n i got so many uncertainties.. after sharing my feeling with laogong. 1st time i found myself feeling so secured in laogong's arm. seriously, i am so tired of everything.. too many challenges for all my roles. many things are out of my plan or imagination. i got confused n down when my ideal model is not happening. anyway, thanks to the sms, at least, i was in someone's mind during the sms exchange 'i know i can go thru all the challenges :)'
so tired and so the blank, how i wish i could take a day off. but i cant. i chair a communication session with end user n vendors, n bosses r so wanted this to be happened. drove to usj warehouse, the office where i worked when i 1st joining this company. so many memories came to my mind. ya, this is also the only office both me n laogong working together :) ohhh no, we worked together at the internet cafe too! wow times fly, most happiest moments that time when we staying together at sunway n ampang. no worries n burden. reached usj late, didnt expect the traffic jam at the highway. joined my friends there we went for breakfast at summit. i ordered for roti telur+ bawang. when i heard ppl ordering thosai, 'ya hor, why i never order thosai? i dont eat roti ma..' but it was too late :~
final touched up to the presentation slides, then we went to shah alam for lunch before the comm session started. everything went well, 1st time met the vendors. n without further thinking, i commited myself to some additional job :p never mind la, kerja saja la. left the office around 5pm. in fact, i was feeling down. when i think of what i heard ppl telling about me 'apa michelle buat? she has nothing to do, everyday sitting there open facebook only'. tell u, i am so shocked n down about this. 1st, oh.. ppl noticed me and care about my performance. 2nd, why facebook? i am much ok if u told me i was always in my blog. coz facebook is not my main hang around site, n i can access facebook 'just a touch' with my iphone. ahhhh... apa saja la.. i do online like no body business during lunch time n after 6pm. during working hours, i wont sit there n online for long except do some fast internet banking transactions or just to take a short break, coz i need to clear my workload. but ppl see me online n dont check when i access internet then i got nothing much to say.
can u get my frustration? been trying hard to be a good mother n teacher to my children, but i got feedback abiut my children not so good attitude n their performance in the school 'need more time'. been wanting to be a good daughter, at least dont need to trouble my parents, but now i 1 family staying in parent house in weekdays just to accommodate my children study n safety. been loving loagong with my ocean deep love, n more feeling sharing, but somehow there is always conflict n misunderstanding. been wanting to make myself smile more, laugh out loud, n feeling happy from my heart, but i found myself look n feel tired n no more sunshine. sooo.. finally i chose my work as the part, where i have more confidence in, as long as i work hard then i would get some nice comment n rewards (spot award was a BIG surprise to me), but ending up, ppl see me spending time n work for facebook. this is the question i been asking 'what else? what's next?'
after left usj, thot to go giant shah alam to fetch sis. traffic jams made me lazy. so i headed back home. it was still early, laogong would leave the office at pm, i have no house key. then i decided to go to saloon to trim my hair, guess it wont be crowded in this friday evening. laogong called me right at the time when i wanted to leave the saloon. he said long time didnt go for a movie.. but both of us bringing laptops, so we met at home. after taking shower, we went back to aeon bukit tinggi for dinner. spent laogong this dinner, sempena my spot award :p i did celebrate this with sis, we went ktv. then i promised to buy toys to bbb when salary out. aiya, forgot about laogong. so we makan together just now n window shopping. we didnt go for movie, coz almost all the sessions were FULL.
reached home, saw bbb, i felt warm. never mind la, how hard the situation is, i still having my lovely bbb to support n cheer me up. so mummy needs to be strong n confident :) for those things that are beyond my control, keep the faith, anyhow, i am just being tested and trained to be better and to have more wisdoms ^_^ for friends who are really concern about me, thanks for your messages, feel blessed to have u :)
good nite lo. want to rest now. been coughing n feeling weak n low i spirit for this week. may all my dreams come true, 1st hopefully it would be the piano set that laogong n i seen at the shop. suitable for young learner like my royee boy! laogong got surprise 'wahh, u also know how to play ar?' yala, every saturday mummy learns do re mi too! :p after piano, wii? laogong's new car? no no no.. i hope i can get promoted with my own hard work, i want to shut off those 'cctv' in the office, kidding la :p i hope i can prove to myself, 'michelle, u r doing it right, u get what u working for' btw, thot to shut down my blog too! coz there are 'cctv' too! laogong said, ppl came here just to know about u n your family, that's it.. let them la.. (am still considering this :~)
sweetie pen-off @ 1:26am

Monday, May 25, 2009

bali 2009 - day 1

as usual, we woke up n prepared ourselves in the morning, this time, we managed to send bbb to the kinder :D talking to the teachers to know bbb development progress in the kinder :) beloved papa sent me n laogong to kl lcct airport. it was still early to checkin our flight tickets. managed to check out bodyshop member day sale in the new opening outlets, and took our breakfast at marry brown restaurant. bought gardenia bread as backup food.

marry brown. chicken porridge for me, curry noodles for laogong
shared my favorite hotouch burger with laogong before flight boarding

in the flight. couple in BLACK

in the flight. i love sky blue n awan yang berbunga-bunga :D

once reached the airport, i saw this.. NICE!
kena warned by the officer, coz i standing in the middle of the road to snap this pic :p

there were long-Qs at immigration counters. it was a bit warm there, ppl can kill the time by reading all the advert brouchers by travel agencies. it was 3pm+ cant wait to eat my gardenia bread :S our tour guide been waiting us ^_^ smart laogong lo, luckily we booked everything before we reached bali, or else with so many tour guides n ppl approaching us, we might caught in the middle, n didnt which travel agent to choose n didnt know how to benchmark the price.

once got in the MPV, we wallop the bread! we were so hungry n thirsty! then started our bali tour :D
ppl come here for water activities. can see many macho men here :p

the blue sky n sea

local ppl fishing here. many speed motor boats


strong wind..

left the tanjung? beach (sorry, i cant recall the place name), we heading to the place where we can see nice sunset according to our tour guide. then suddenly laogong asked about Dream Land. the tour guide told us, we passing by dream land, but we wont go in, coz we need to pay the entrance fee, n spend money there for drink or food, then only we can sit n visit there. he told us, not worthy. so we just dropped by n snapped pic. but, next time, if i visit to bali again, i may want to visit this place by paying money. according to travel guide, it is a paradise!
dream land.

reached uluwatu after nearly 1 hour journey
posing with the sarong :)
we should cover our knee part when entering temples

makcik selling food for monkey

feeding monkeys. or monkeys jumping up for food :p
SWEET :p with my BIG chicken drummet
wayan. our tour guide
i like the flower pattern wall

i LOVEEEEE this pic! the colors combination
laogong looked serious n CONCENTRATE :*

another pic caught my HEART. laogong having caring smile :)
what caught his attention?

this monkey! he staring at laogong. sayang~
ppl moving to the other hand, get ready for the show. can see ant-like ppl moving at the path
why we looked so happy? coz we found out wayan liked to take pic, where, we all just being supporting roles for the pic, he concerned more on the scenary, so i moving myself to fail his plan :p

laogong buying tickets for the show

the kechak dance!

from my seat, i saw this. sunset!

prayer before kechak dance

performers moving in
no music instruments. all by these ppl vocal. NICE!

the puteri

while waiting for wayan to pick us up. i saw this. inspired.
it made me think of what my maid agent told my maid 'kamu bukan binatang kan? kamu manusia kan? kalau manusia, jangan buat hal macam binatang' i always say this 'use your brain to think, use your heart to feel, as everyone has brain, just the matter, u use it or not'

after the show, heading back to the hotel. it was 8pm+ we have yet to checkin the room, n taking our dinner (lunch?). suddenly laogong asked about spa n massage. then the tour guide said can bring us to his friend place for spa, he called n booked for us. we reached the spa home at 8:30pm. rushed in the toilet before i asking anything about the package :( no fluid intake, n less time to go to the toilet, i got light urine infection :S
the arum spa home
for legs
massage oil n body scrub to be chosen
i chose peppermint massage oil n ylang-ylang body scrub.
but the gal mistook it, used coffee body scrub for me
bath tub with nice flower smell! surprise to see this after 1 hour full body massage, body scrub, full body mask n milk+essential oil treatment! so nice to have warm water shower n rendam myself in the warm bath tub. everything seems so nice! xing fu ooo!

laogong n me shared a same room. he was having 2 hours full body massage. after taking shower, he tumpang my package bath tub :p

ginger tea. nice to make body warm

after the spa, it was 10pm. we went to our hotel room for late check-in. the hotel environment is so natural n nice, but we got no time n mood to enjoy the starry night (so many stars!!! made me full more xing fu ooo :p) we were so hungry till we forgot about we were not taking much food for this tiring trip :S
this is special.. coz the spa home named ANGELINA
miss bbb so much ooo

this to remember the bomb case in bali

hehe.. this is for my dearest pooh sis :) few gurdian pharmacies n GIANT hypermarket in bali. carrefour n makro pun ada

peg's. this small shop near to pub area. the couple sitting there playing chess n waiting for customer.. so peaceful n romantic :)
i asked for tissue papers. as i got a bit cold after the spa n 'longer time' in bath tub :p it took quite long time for the gal to give me the tissue, i thot she forgot already. suddenly she came to me, with the tissue papers on the plate 'sorry, this is the softest tissue i manage to find in this store, hope u dont mind' aaaaaahh.. so touched!!! even a simple request, she fulfil your requirement with heart!

the drinks. i got myself watermelon with a little bit salt (afraid i got fever coz under hot sun) the gal given me the extra salt in bottle :) laogong ordered straberry fizzy drink + milk. actually it got a glamour name, i lupa. laogong like this!

nasi kuning. nice taste! the susunan also nice~

gado-gado. different from the gado-gado in kl. i like the crispy tempe

after gaul. lots of fresh steamed vege
may do this for my papa :)

just a normal nasi goreng SPECIAL for me. too hungry already, no time for others! :p

after the late dinner, we walked back to the hotel. on the way, we saw so many white ppl having fun around. n local ppl sitting at the roadside, front of closed shops, chit chatting, drinking. so harmorny :) stopped at 24-hours mini mart, bought drinking water.

in the hotel, still larat to view all the photos that we snapped using the tv. laogong brought the tv cable too :p nice also, 2 of us talking about the trip, comment about ppl photography skill 'this one should be left a bit' 'this is too near' 'hey, my double chins!' 'laogong, u look matured already.. a bit old' 'u look pretty in this pic' :) i feel sweet n warm having this photo viewing session.. heart melted at the moment, 2 of us watching 2 of us in the tv with all nice scenaries ^_^

thanks laogong :*