Sunday, November 27, 2011


YouTube Video

how a laogong surprised the wife with 'my wife, I love you!' in Vietnamese ^0^

I love this video sooo much!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

this is the day!

yo! 26-11-2011 tiew family BIG event!

done with last night everything, and few things still on hand, 06:53 and I can't sleep well the whole night hmmm.. so kan jiong, like me going to be pretty bride >.<

going to prepare soon, get myself done, then bbb. will bring them to the hotel and meet up with my er sao. last night we sen er sao and Vietnamese family to the hotel. 4 of them in a room, asked them if want to get another room, so they sleep more comfortable, er sao said no, she was scared :p

see my er sao so unwillingly separate with my digo, I feel so funny, especially when she used her Vietnamese-Chinese tone and asked my digo don't drink too much, don't do this don't do that.. she even reminded my digo from the room window when we were at downstair! so cute!!!

lovely couple ^^ wish all the best for today ceremony. and wish them always swimming in the honey sweet love ocean ya!

Friday, November 25, 2011


betul? but can tell one thing, if a man cry in front of me, when I still loving him much, I feel to hug him and comfort him; if the love is not strong enough, I feel only 'oh, crying oo, then what you want me to do?' :p

ok, enough non sense, in fact I feel down today, before noon. after the lunch time, after eating my home pack lunch, I went out to buy peanut + chocolate wafer and few packs of nuts and snacks.

I was so full! with the full stomach, I finished editing 1 of my digo wedding video.

so touching, my eyes one wet my throat gone dried when listening to the singing and watching the story line. just wishing they always in the love ocean :)

this is the reason why am feeling down today. hmmm... but am too busy to be low battery now. tonight gonna be a long night for me, so many things on hand to complete for my digo's big day tomorrow. ya, 26-11-2011.

reaching station. see ya!

Friday sky blue

today I see the sky, but I can't smile..

am tired physically, am hurt mentally..

the sky is big, I am small.. so my troubles and worries gonna be gone with the wind soon.. hopefully..

Thursday, November 24, 2011


well, few more days to go, keeping the spirit.. longing for this coming Monday replacement holiday.

my latest iPhone home screen. change feel.

morning walking to the office, I love the blue sky. I want to learn to paint this sky blue. maybe I want to get a very nice sky and keep in my room. I heart blue sky.

would you ever think of this - would it be anyone, everyday busy walking, working, driving.. but never look up to the sky? there must be someone.. I guess. I see the sky almost everyday, coz I see smile :)

lunch time I went out to print these photos. for digo house deco. I tumpang printing my photo also, coz I have empty photo frames too at bkt31.

can ser the photo frames which are waiting for beautiful photos? ^^ I bought another photo frame stand or rail? from ikea last week.

come to December or cny holidays, I want to print more photos for my house photo albums. so many photos to handle oo.

got these today. me at cake deco class.

hehe blur blur beginner ya! >.<

waiting for bread making and pastry class. sweetiemich is always full of plans and projects, hehe jadi tak jadi, belakang cerita :p

Thursday blue sky

I like today sky!

well, if I stop the car and take the picture with better camera, then it gonna be perfect!

holiday morning.. a tv is enough to make bbb sit down and be good gal and boy :p now my papa bought a 46" tv, lagi happy they watch cartoon. well, too many cartoons in a day, make them confused too..

cinderella mixed with Tom and jerry..

pink panther vs mulan!

royee shared with me Cars story with Tom and jerry are in the racing team too! macam macam ada ooo..

well, last night I went to my digo's house to do some final touch up of the new room.

cute de neh!! I like this bedsheet set soooo much! when I spotted it, fast fast called my digo come to buy, coz left only 1 set :p

this is the DIY lamp, we bought the white lamp at ikea coz it is cheap :p in order to make it having wedding ang ang feel, we got the idea to stick this art craft on ^^

with light on.. cantik right? we have 2 sets ^^

this is the jewelry box side look. happy face ^^

see see, a husband and father-to-be busy digo :D

ya, finally the Vietnamese family is here. this is er sao's mummy and sister. and my angel eating crackers from Vietnam. sedap!!

can ser my ersao big belly le. 4+ months now. see, she is so happy to be with her family. previously home sick oo, wanted to go back vietnam with big belly..

hehehe big belly vs small belly ^^

I like this living hall curtain. my taste my choice :p

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

busy bee

hmm.. not easy to handle wedding lemeh temeh things especially when I don't have extra leave to take :(

many more things to do for digo' wedding but we left only 3days? and I still need to work ooo.. normally for wedding, gal side and guy side can share the responsibilities on preparation. however, since my er sao family is far away, somemore if want follow Chinese wedding adat resam, only guy side can do it all. so I become gal side person in charge, my digo as guy side, beside I am the wedding and new house deco busybody >.<

I have few music videos to do. I need to come out the printout of guess sitting arrangement. my papa is away to china, so more kelam kabut for my digo to handle all. today vietnam family will be arrived, my digo gonna be very busy then. they gonna stay here for about 2 weeks, hope I can learn more Vietnam words from their conversation :p night before I found few Korean and Taiwanese drama series in Vietnam language, show them to my er sao she was so happy ^^ of course, you can hear to your more familiar language in foreign country :)

these few weekends and holidays, we bought things for home and wedding. most of the time, my digo asks me to choose only. if I don't know what colour to choose, I ask my er sao >.<

tired ooo..

after this wedding, still need to shop. shop for maternity stuff for my er sao, bra small le, pants small le.. huh~ a busy 2011 ooo.. 2 family weddings, 1 graduation, 2 pregnancies for both tiew and thea families :p both also foreign wives hehe. want to pack and prepare things for the china sis in law too. gambattee!!

supervisor is away for a week, me this acting small boss got messages. today many off from work? ppl take leave, mc, late to work... facebook status shows few friends are sick.. putrajaya station also not many cars and ppl ooo..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


missing tooth..


my gals

my bbb

shonejay angels

big Liao lo

holiday mood ^0^


ok, 22:27 now, I want to sleep le.. so sleepy aaaa...


today is 22/11/2011 8 years and 1 month of my marriage life :p ya, another 4 days, my digo wedding ceremony... busy!!

posted my digo's wedding photo and share with you all. the song is very beautiful - chosen by me! :p and I love the quote vivian posted 'because of life having cracked lines, then only sunshine can shine into our lives' - imperfection brings perfection ^^

drinking this apple + tomato + carrot juice, am blogging, and wanna get back to work. at home busy, at office busy..
wonder of I can finish editing 4 videos in 4 days @_@

my digo house.. last night I rated there till 11pm..