Friday, March 28, 2014

2803 special!

Today is my papa 64th birthday!

This is the SMS I sent to my papa
Dearest papa, happy birthday! Good health and travelling around the world with my companion! Hehe :D

Laogong pulling my legs 'seems like you are doing advertisement callout' :p

Today, is also 13th year I been staying with the same man (sound complaining:p) in my life. Asked laogong to go KL and we go paktor after work. 'You go paktor by your own la, I want to come back home do something' ya, I don't expect much from a relationship after 13 years >_<

Anyway, 28 March is an very important day for my most important beloved men. I love both my papa and laogong much, I wish them good health, staying happy. Well control of their cholesterol level, blood pressure reading and.. temper and anger :p

28march2014 01:14
With laogong's snoring as background vocal hehe

Ps: staying awake at this hour, couldn't fall asleep.. no late day caffein taken, guess, am on stress hmmm..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mouth-shut fish

This quote made me think a lot. A sudden light to me. An inspired reminder to tell me, what can I do now to allow me see the current situation from different point of views.

Today is not an easy day for me. Bombing in my mind. Confused and lost. Patience being challenged and well, I stand on the self-frustration till now 18:22. Left the office, on the way to meet up my sis. What's next? I want to have a good dinner tonight!

Guess, I need to fully relax myself tonight. Soon, the school holiday ending, my 3 lovely monsters are coming back to me. Wow!

Hope for better strength for tomorrow.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Staying awake at this time.

Regret of drinking milk tea at 9pm+ just because of wanting to try the homemade Vietnamese crispy crackers from my ersao. Nice taste with hot drink :)

School holiday started. Time for me to be off from schooling stuff and bbb for at least 5 working days :)

Royee is now into chess games..

He taught me playing chinese chess too ^^

Eva is into writing. Found Eva's interests are similar with mine - writing, handmade, reading.. Sitting quietly and do things we like :)

Final week for March.

Best hope for the good month end :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sat morning

Come across this in fb..

'When the road is smooth no one will recognise you, but when u reach goal crossing hurdles it shows what you are to the world'

Doing this for my Sunday school students :)

Scripture memorising pieces

Day by day, learning much from my daily life at work at my serving :)

开我的眼睛,让我看见你, 你荣美彰显吸引我心, 开我的耳朵,让我听见你, 每句话都让我更爱你, 活着为要敬拜你, 活着为要全心来爱你, 俯伏在你荣耀中, 你的荣美无人能及, 活着为要敬拜你, 活着为要全心来爱你, 永远住在你殿中, 昔在今在永在的主,我爱你

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Morning bible reading, I came across this..

如 经上 所记: 上帝为爱他的人所预备的 是眼睛未曾看见, 耳朵未曾听见, 人心也未曾想到的。 哥林多前书 2:9 “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”—the things God has prepared for those who love him Corinthians 2:9

Rest my thought and go for blog hopping, I came across this blog post from Lydia. Again, or caught my thought.

Lydia left her career years back as she wanted to be with her husband who works in foreign countries. There started Lydia's full time housewife who taking care and homeschooling her 3 blessed children. In the foreign countries, together this family live days with connected hearts and keeping strong faith with God's plan.

This touched me. This made me feel guilty too. For years in my marriage life, as in motherhood, have I put in effort in bringing family together as a whole no matter where we are? Separation from husband and father, staying apart from children.. Have we done enough to live the family as a FAMILY?

Or.. We have no strong faith on God's preparation and plan for us? Hmmm..

What a serious morning thought for me. 'The cross before me, the world behind me' - am yet to be there.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Be home

Last Saturday digo came to bkt31 for dinner.

Digo cooked, I helped up, sis finished the foods ^0^ chit chatting and making jokes around, the bonding of siblings were great :)

Finally gogo reached and joined us for the simple gathering

Then gogo asked 'what's the occasion for today celebration?' Digo said 'we celebrate we are safely reached home after japan and Vietnam trips' ya, it is a blessing for us to everyday can reach home safely and meet up with our family members.

Yesterday in the church, teachers distributed the note pad for children to write their prayers for the missing plane, water supply and the bad haze. When I put these notes up, I felt down. Can't imagine how the family members of the flight passengers feeling when they keep waiting for the news of missing mh370 :(

From Eva.. The airplane is special :)

This is from angel. 'Lord, please bring back the passengers, and let them come back safely'

This touched me, the girl asked me how to write 'Jesus' in Chinese, I asked her to draw a cross. 'Dear Lord Jesus, please fast bring mh370 airplane home, please don't let mh370 airplane meet in accident'

Love our family. Treasure every moment when we are together.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

13032014 hazy day

The serious thick haze in the air..

Make us feel so unhealthy to live our daily life..

When the vision is blur, when the air smells bad, when the environment forces everyone to put on masks and protecting ourselves..

To be happy and welcoming each beautiful day, is not easy. Especially for a working mummy like me, where commitment in the work place, home, somehow, to be really happy and smiling from heart is not fully within our control.

Yesterday, since morning I was thinking to have a cup of hot drink. I wanted something sweet. After my lunch meal, I went to Starbucks and grab a cup of hazelnut macchiato. Reaching office, 1 of my colleague 'wahh Starbucks, stress ke ni?'

Somehow, I am the type of person, who need people to remind me 'hello, you are on stress' ya, when the to-do list is not completed within 1-2 days then I got to start another pages for the continued listing..

Somehow I do know, stress challenges me, makes me grow and learn, exploring at the higher ground keeps us motivating. So to manage stress and keep the balance point is important. Non stop reminding myself about this.

Started designing some photo albums for my previous travelling trips. Planning for my upcoming travel trips..

Dreaming on my future to-be travel destinations as well ^0^

Last Friday when our cell group fellowship studying on bible psalm 19..

19:3 had touched me. Most of the time, we don't need miracle to remind us how great is our God. As when you see the universe is operating in regular pattern day and night, when you see the enormous natural build up.

When I travelled to japan, I saw huge castles, temples, amazed with the knowledge and wisdom the old time people having in building those world culture heritage. You can feel you are in a place where God's work and creation are with us.

When my group members showing the photos from their Israel trip. Wow. You see the bible world is in those precious photos. 1day I want to be there too :) to walk on the path where Jesus walking and feel God's love to us ^^

Well when we talk about our dream to travel around the world, then those daily life stress has become a encouraging force to keep us move forward. So back to work, pushing our limit and complete the die-die-must-do project. Put aside not obedient children behaviour, let's start the hazy day with clear mind ^^

It's a blessing for us to go back home and meet up our loved one. Continue to pray for the mh370 missing.