Friday, July 30, 2010

stupid starting :(

this is tiring n make me frustrated. children create problem in this beautiful morning :( royee wake up late then he is not recovering from his flu n cough, busy with the medic n his flu. finally when we r ready to leave the house, 2 gals want to wear sport shoes instead of their slippers. then maid sister goes n look for socks :(

finally n finally, all r ok, then Eva doesn't want to get into the car, I pull n sister pull also not helping. i ask royee n angel get in the car, thot to leave eva at home, give her some colour to see. but when think of papa just left the house to work, then little yu jet is still at home, don't want children to disturb my mama sleeping, so I stop the car n ask eva to join us. her turn to give me see colours! maid sister can sense my anger, or can see the smoke, so she carry eva n bring her in the car.

am going to be late, I drive fast n at the same time, I scold the children. then suddenly, my car terhit the corner benteng! don't bother continue driving n scolding them. reach the kinder, eva don want to get down the car, so teacher carry her, coz there is long queue at of cars :(

left the kinder, drive for a while, I heard some sound out from my car. then other drivers start looking at me n my car. can guess something bad happening. ya, the tyre punctured!

call up my bro, he was sleeping. ask for car exchange. when he arrives, he said ok ok u can go, I settle it here. touched! appreciated his help! if today I don't need to do month end closing submission, I would take leave. I SMS digo 'sorry Jin pai seh'

Digo might be the 1st customer to the workshop. 1tyre cost rm185. since it is time to change the old tyre, laogong said change 2 tyre n do the alignment. well rm400 for this morning breakfast!!

it's about 3hours+ for my today, so many happening, just hoping later no stupid mistake in my reports submitting. reached train station, found out I am wearing slippers. forget to change the shoes! aaaaahhhhh I am failed in punctuality n dress code in company business practice ethic :s

hope after this all good good. don't give me surprises already. hmmm feel that my period coming, just hoping no leakage before n can reach the office n wear my panty liner. aaaa... banyak hal la!!

tata. Friday suppose to be relaxing n happy de ma.. hmmm

Thursday, July 29, 2010

yu jet is here!

dasao's mummy need to attend a funeral for few days, so yu jet is here to be taking care by my mama. grandpa n grandma are so happy to be with this golden
grandchild :D

I like this :D papa is super happy!

I told sis, don't ask me to have bb now, this yu jet is super active, make me really think if I can manage to go thru the everyday of staying with baby n toddle.. kelam kabut oooo. maybe I am free for all those tiring request, lazy already :p

Tom n Jerry

bbb love Tom n jerry show especially angel, she always 'mummy, I want to watch 'tom angeline' aiya, till now angel still having very strong baby slang in her talking. not clear.

bbb can comment to me 'new Tom n jerry not nice de, old one nicer' for me, tom n jerry is the same, but they told me the new series the Tom n the jerry colours differ, then got talking.

anyway, I enjoy the show too, it really funny n full of naughty tricks n ideas :D if we have enough time, normally I allow them to watch the show before going to school.

eva writing on the workbook the grandma given. angel n royee memang kaki tv one :p

macam macam style..

royee's body allergy is not ok yet, so he felt itchy here n there :( almost a week already hmm..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

busy mth end

love this pic, my gals r getting taller, the school uniforms get shorter. very fast, another few mth they are 4 then very fast they gonna changed to red colour uniform :) royee's uniform is loose because of not feeling well for 2 weeks, from stomachache to vomiting then flu then body rashes n allergy then cause asthma :S pity the boy..

this Saturday me n sis will go to take our 3rd dose of hepatitis a+b jap. next Saturday is cousin yen's bb z.e fullmoon party then the following Saturday, gonna be mei's qq 1 year old bday. 2 performance days in the kinder in august, exciting!

now every night I practice the singing contest songs with bbb. they told me, angel taken part in the contest too! hehe singing '2 tigers 两只老虎' cute!! I like her smiley face when she is performing :D

from 3 mth end accrual list to this mth, 7 in total, this made me feeling pressure n speed up my gear to get everything done by this Friday. looking forward for next week, so I can relax in the early of the month. the cycle goes round n round.

reaching train station. tata!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

kiddie songs practice

last night after full song of 'ging gang goolie' dancing with royee n eva, I got them to practice their singing contest items.


this song sang by royee. he can sing the full song with action, but he doesn't seem like the song. when he sing other friends contest items, he is enjoying himself n his presentation is much better compare to his song. hmmm shall I let teacher knows about it? maybe I get him to express his feeling to his teacher if he really doesn't like his own song.


Eva sings this song. soooo sweet!!! the action is cute n soft. hope she can perform confidently on the stage. proud of myself for having cutie n beautiful bbb :)

still remember, when I was small, I love all these kiddie songs, I listen a lot of the short but meaningful songs. last time we played the cassette with the small radio cassette player. repeating listening to side A then turn to side B.

children nowadays different already. my children listen all these songs using DVD with video, or mp3 that mummy downloaded them from the net n play the songs in the car. sometime, we listen songs from YouTube, mummy connected the laptop to the tv, then search the video clip n everyone sings the songs together in front of the big tv screen. n now they have list of educational DVD to learn many things n knowledge.

I love the old time simplicity n new era advance in info gather ^_^ mummy is learning everyday n recalling the old memories too! enjoy it :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

ssd team building 2010

22-23/7/2010 @ Eagle Ranch Port Dickson
Click here for more photos >>> SSD Team Building 2010

like the our children our future baloons

yellow team - my team - i am the leader :p

outdoor games

not easy..

super HOT weather

tension oooo..

small house

posing for 1st obstacle


me tarik tarik..

my turn!

ready for my SWING!

light n ringan :p

big BOSS's swing

she is super fast! i cant make it to the end :S


this is super easy job for me :p

this is a bit high for me this shorter :p


me out from the BIG hole ^O^

easy job :)

crawling out from the tunnel

not easy for tall guy pula

quite dangerous if what-if happend


ya! the yellow team completed all 18 obstacles!

while waiting for others, chit chatting :p


preparing for dinner time


poolside BBQ dinner

i like this..

this for bbb ^_^

enjoy the free n easy leisure

my 1st round dinner :p

HAPPY hours - games time, karaoke, dancing fun!

the 2nd day..

me n my roommate, jessie - my new boss ^_^

early birds

some not easy obstacles - we were not playing this

another gal gal pic

process improvement discussion - COST

preparing the presentation note

me presenting the topic - COST

YELLOW team won! we got the BEST TEAM award!!!

me n my gift, n my double chins :p

with my team mate