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Thursday, August 19, 2010

when ppl told u..

this is the story..

hmm.. my opinion in this case is, we shouldn't punish the kid when we didn't witness the happening. what ppl told us can be the true story, but they might not know the reason behind of the negative behaviour. maybe, our kid wants to tell us the true feeling or actual story. but are they given the chance to do so?

1st, when we listen to ppl story the we punish our kid, then the kid might have 2 thought - mummy trust other ppl n hurt me; the CCTV (the story teller) sells me. trustworthy seems to be challenged.

2nd, why don't we 1 to 1 talk to the kid, let her has the chance to voice out her feeling n why she wanted to do naughty stuff? dislike something? hate someone? this is the great chance for us to know our kid feeling n inner heart, n at the same time, we get bonding, the kid feel the respect n care from the mummy n understand mummy feeling - sad, hurt when they are naughty.

3rd, in the future, the kid will get smarter, avoid CCTV when acting bad, so no story for CCTV to tell the mummy, so mummy won't punish me. as parent, we will slowly lose story from outsider about what our children doing when we r not around. then slowly, we lose the connected connection.

there is always some reason for children to act naughty, some reasons are acceptable n in fact, they are doing good thing, but the outcome seem to be negative to us.

eg pour a cup of water for granny who is coughing, accidentally the kid break the cup, n all mess up. if we come in at this stage, we might say 'how many times I told u don't come here n play with water? u see!' then the kid being canned.

well what I am trying to say is, when our children doing naughty at outside, we might lose face, feel embarrassed. but don't lose children trust to us, don't let them feel parents are not approachable, parents don't trust n understand me. try not to lose the chance for children to share with us any happy or sad stories, n even naughty ideas! sometime naughty ideas = creative thinking. don't u think so? as long as we don't hurt ppl n our own then it should be fine.

when my parents or brother complain to me how naughty my baby did when i was not around, how serious they punish them, I always bring my kid to the room, lock the door, switch off the light, let baby sit on my lap, n start the one to one heart talking counselling session. if the child being canned, I apply healing cream on the small wound, n tell the baby, this must be very hurt, mummy's feeling hurt too, u shouldn't do this, n try not to give chance for others to hurt your body by being a good baby. u should protect yourself. sometime, u get this 'mummy, I was naughty lo, so grandma get angry, I go to say sorry to grandma ya' :)

we would prefer our boss to talk to us, listen to us, before the boss downgrade us right? :p ya, mid year performance evaluation time, today is my 1-1 session :)

good luck mummies~

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dare to fail

In the train. Still thinking what happen last nite. Mummy n royee arguing on kinder suku kata book :S hmmm...

After completing royee's homework, he told me teacher said need to do revision. I asked which book? He said all. So I started from Chinese, English then Malay. Angels learn to study as well.

Then come to this page 'U' untuk ular, 'U' untuk ubur ubur (jelly fish right?). Royee can read for me.

Then I read the sentence, ular dan ubur-ubur boleh berenang (snake n jelly fish can swim). Out of sudden royee mentioned 'ubur ubur need to read 4 times' mummy confused '4 times? U mean ubur-ubur ubur-ubur?' 'yes! Teacher said must read 4 times'
Mummy: u can read 4 times for ubur ubur, but u can't read it 4 times in a sentence'
Royee: no! Teacher said 4 times. Must read 4 times!
Mummy: look at this.. It repeat once only so we read 'ubur ubur' we don't read 'ular ular' ma..
Royee: haiyo! Why u can't understand one, teacher said 4 times, FOUR!'
Mummy: we don't argue here, u use your eyes n see this, it repeat once only. Like if many friends, we call 'kawan kawan' in Malay, we won't say 'kawan kawan kawan kawan'
Royee: no! Teacher said de. Why u don't believe in me?

Hmm till here, I knew he mean it. Then I change approach. 'come, we check with waipo (grandma) n kakak' then everyone are telling the same thing like me. Royee's eyes got wet 'why u all don't believe me?'

Mummy: tomolo we go n ask teacher ok?
Royee: (crying) don't need to ask, I am right.
Mummy: no, we have to ask your teacher why need to read it for 4times. Coz mummy's teacher taught mummy to read it twice only. Go to sleep, tomolo only we check with teacher.

In the room.
Royee: 4 times 4 times, why u keep on saying 2 times????
Mummy: baby, mummy want to sleep already, we don't argue, tomolo check with teacher
Royee: 4 times ma!
Mummy: baby! (controlling my fire) u can read it 4 times, 6 times, 8 times all up to u, but u should read it 2 times in a sentence.
Royee: When I said 4 times in a sentence? I said only the word ma.
Mummy: just now mummy asked u, 4 times for the word or sentence, u said both!
Royee: haiyo, no la, I said only the word. U didn't hear it correctly aaa?

Maybe suddenly he understand what I mean, or suddenly he recalled what teacher told him.. So the angry, I knew he was trying to manipulate the whole story. With very serious tone, I told him 'baby, it's ok for us to admit our mistake. As long as u admit your mistake n say sorry with your heart, ppl will feel it n forgive u. We are not always doing everything right, u can make mistake, mummy too! But as long as we learn from mistake then ppl forgive us, Jesus forgive us. But if u keep on telling lie about the truth, u r cheating ppl, cheating yourself, n God still knowing what actually happen...'

He kept quiet n left the room, left me in the dark. After few minutes, he came in again..

Royee: mummy, dui bu qi' (sorry)
Mummy: (heart melted)
Royee: mummy, I am wrong, sorry
Mummy: hmmm..
Royee: mummy, I admit my fault, Jesus will forgive me de
Mummy: yes, if u say sorry with sincere heart then god n ppl will forgive u. But u must say it with sincere heart, cannot say 'sorry har' (I did it with not sincerely)
Royee: mummy, I am not always right. I accept my mistake. I will change it.
Mummy: :") I love u baby
Royee: I love u mummy
I hug n kiss him :*

End of the story. It was a nite where I lost my patience but I trying to control I burst myself out in front of the little one. Same case with angel buat hal in the music class. Children, they have priviledge to be naughty m be 'king' although it really challenge adults patience. Still haven't started my parenting book reading 'funtastic parenting' ya I need some fun way in parenting. Always get angry I gonna look really old soon :p

That nite, I dream about ubur-ubur maybe too many times I repeated this word in the night ~

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bbb Reading

I always ask bbb to read papers n magazines, don't know the words they still can see the photos or advertisement n tell stories. When I am angry with them because they are too noisy, I would say 'why u all like to fight? Got so many toys, go n play. Got books n newspapers, go n read la. The house is big enough, 1 can play blocks, 1 read books, 1 go watch dvd, can do coloring also, why want to be so noisy?'

So now when they are free, sometime they do flip magazines n newspaper. Yesterday morning, when I was taking shower, royee said 'mummy, I tell u, the car terbalik next to the drain.. Another car all tyres are in the water at door level aahh!! U wear your cloths 1st, I show u the photos later.. Aiyo, wai gong (grandpa) taken the paper already' I smiled in the bathroom, I like my children read n do something which us good to them, n they listen to me :)

Night time, when I reached home, angel came in my room with a 2010 feng shui magazine. 'mummy, u see this..' then she flips n flips the magazine.. 'mummy, u see this, this is like what we play that day' when I looked at the picture, it was 'eye on malaysia' this wheel is like the big wheel bbb ride in jenjarom dong zen. What a surprise to me.. My gal read feng shui book n can read for me '2,0,1,0' n show me the wheel pic :)

I found rm20 for 3 times wheel turning is costly, only bbb n kakak ride on it that day. At 1st we said don't want la, then on the way back to parking lot, royee asked 'mummy, the big wheel is for big children only is it? Me n gal gal are small children so we cannot go ar?' mummy pity the boy when looking at him, he didn't ask for the ride but with the question asked I know he wanted to try. Sometimes I found my children are too obedient in this money spending issue, before they asking something, they talk to each other 'don't want la, this is costly, need much money, we need to save money to disneyland' or something like 'mummy no money la, we must save money' btw, I don't always mention I got no money in front of my children, I don't want to brainwash them.

But as per what my sis mentioned, my bbb don't act like children at outside, coz whenever they pass thru those playground or themepark, or toys department, they won't crying for those things. If really like the thing, they would only stand n see n touch for a bit longer time, when mummy 'come!' then they follow. Mummy is cruel right? That's why I always keep in mind what they like n what made them stand longer time, when mummy has extra money then will buy things to surprise them :D Junie said 'your children are well trained' hmm I hope bbb can listen to mummy until they grow up, n don't let papa n mama sakit hati lo ^_^

So, mummy will continue poh peh poh peh to bbb :p

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Friday, January 15, 2010


out of sudden, I have this thought. When your bb calling u ‘mummy~’ ‘mama’ ‘amma’ how do u answer the bb

yesssss darling
nana: ye????? ha??????? apa???????
faizah: apa sayang?
anis: ya sayang, ‘name’ ya
jamuna: yes yuvaneshen or yes baby or yes sayang
asmiza: ye sayang, yes darling, ye..yes..yup, watsup

Michie: yes baby..?, yes?

^_^ sometime the way we answer our children may change the topic or willingness our children to share with us. If bb happily come to us, then we with angry tone ‘zuo mo!!!??’ (what??!!) or ‘what again?!’ then bb may say ‘nothing la’ then quietly walk away.. I always have this thought in mind, never hurt ppl heart then only want to comfort ppl bcoz of we feeling guilty after seeing ppl face expression. If we don’t want to hurt ppl with our tone n words, then do it right at the 1st place. – my laogong always like to use those words that bring down ppl mood then only he ‘michelle, u angry ar? don’t angry la, just now what were u talking?’ L

Read a parenting book, something like ‘how to talk to your children, so your children will talk to u’ tips n techniques in the book are very useful to encourage children talk to parents. And it giving inspirations on how we have better relationship between husband n wife. However, when we r not in the mood, or, we r in the mood of quarrel, all the tips would be put aside already la.. to children, i normally try to control my mental n emotion, but for laogong, I normally tak boleh tahan one :S hmmm

Y2010, be a lemah lembut punya wife :p

Monday, November 23, 2009

Never give up!

Every Sunday when bbb go for Sunday school, normally teachers get 2 little healpers for carrying the offering bags then children offer the money to the offering bag. Every week, royee raise his hand, but he never being chosen by the teachers. After months, 1 Sunday, I saw him so dissapointed, I thot to talk to the teacher, so they will choose him soon. But as I shared with Junie, I shouldn't do this, I want to let the little boy work for what he wants. N I continue praying, 1day he got what he wants.
Last Sunday, 22/11/09 a special Sunday, as usual, when the red offering bags were out, children raise their hands. Royee too. I didn't expect 'it's him' as usual, but suddenly I saw royee stand up n hold the offering bag!!! Then I was so kelam kabut, my camera was with my dad coz of his china trip, then aa-ha!! I just got my iPhone back on Saturday.Faster I snapped pic of the boy!!! He was slow n steady :D so touched for me, as usual my eyes got wet when doing the thank you prayer :)
In the car, I said 'royee, mama saw u carried the offering bag, u being a good boy, never give up n God noticed u!!!' he said 'yala, I never give up one de' with the big satisfied n proud smile, I knew he got the lesson learned! N great inspiration to me too!! Nite time I told royee (with action, mummy interested in acting :p) 'here is a big rock, behind the big rock we have a BIG gift, if u never leave the place bcos of the big rock is blocking u, n u work hard to move the rock, u get the gift at 1 day' 'ya, I never give up so I get the gift already :D' 'good nite baby, before u sleep, u pray n thank God for the chance to carry the offering bag n be the helper, ok?' 'YES!!! I pray n thank Jesus n the teacher, good nite mummy, I love u mummy~'
A wonderful n thankful nite for me :) sick sick also feel happy ^_^

Monday, September 07, 2009

the way angel sits

after the doctor mentioned about the way angel sits, only i noticed that, angel always sits with her legs openned. so this cause her to walk not stable and always fall down especially when she runs. doctor said, the best way for children to sit is to sit like buddha. legs crossed. eva is ok. so now, i always reminds angel to sit like a baby not like a duckling. and i need to buy sport shoes for angel, so she can control her legs n feels her legs. now she is wearing the 'crocs' style shoes, doctor said, no good for children who are learning to walk stable.

from small, she likes to sit like this..

i love to see sisters playing :D

royee n U

'mummy, i havent written my 'u'..'

he always starts at small letter word

after few characters, 'mummy, my hand is tired'
then mummy holds royee's hand n write

this leftie bb insisted to write with his right hand hmmm
easy for mummy to write, but is bb ok to write with right hand?

bbb medical checkup

chosse a saturday when royee's music class holiday. few days before, i been telling bbb i wanted to bring them for jap. 'the jap is for your health, good one' so they got themselves ready. went for hepatities-A immue jap and body checkup. another hep-a boost up after 6 mth, then no jap for them for few years after this. at last, complete everything. but this time medical checkup, i was a bit worried n down :( coz many issues n need our attentions.
20kg. slightly overweight. he is having night ashtma, when he is overweight, he need to catch his breath after exercise. then reflux problem that cause him as a habitual vomitter. then, must check immediately if he is having dylexia, before his formal kinder class started. hmm few mth to go. reduce watching tv time to 1 hour a day to improve his attention n focus
is tall. speaking not clear. need to go speeach speacialist if the speaking is still not ok. reduce watching tv time and encourage her to talk. the legs problem, need to go for another specialist to teach angel walking properly, but this dont need to go immediately, for time being, monitor her sitting posture. must sit like buddha. given medic for her reflux problem too.
16kg. slightly overweight. her left eye is still weak, althought the eye has improved. continue monitoring and consult eye specialist if needed.

while waiting for mummy to do pap smear

time flies. same seat, but mummy now no more pregnant, n bbb have grown up :p

eva :D

siblings having fun

doing funny faces
many things parents can help to do the correction when children are still young. so now i want to explore more on the related medical condition for bbb. and dont delay their treatments if they the treatments are needed to. money is 1 of the issues. so work hard la. junie asked, was i being too kanjiong or over sensitive about children development? ya, that's why i check with specialist, i dont want to sweap the problems under the carpet, coz time is the important element here. when it is the best time for treatment, better we do it now. in my ability, if i can change some of the conditions that might cause bad feeling or lacking of confidence to my children, then i would try my best to help them. to me, children edu n health issue, must start at right time and take full benefits of the golden ages.
anyway. am still worried on all these things.. hmmm..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My eyes are still wet about this - 媽媽,我不想成為英雄,我想成為坐在路邊鼓掌的人

yes, why we need to force our children to be someone at the top when they just want to be a happy and kind ordinary persons? "you cant even write your name, what else u want to this when u grow up?" "ok, no milk for u tonite" :~~ Thinking of how laogong taught royee writing alphabet N last night, how laogong lost his patience, and how royee feeling suffered. I don’t want to interrupt them, but I feel hurt. Looking at royee’s half yearly report card, he is good at all levels, except holding pen to write. Maybe, this is so called dyslexia - Handwriting Dysgraphia. Been reading about this topic, royee is having most of the mentioned symptoms, but it is still early to confirm. Wait till age 5. As what the teacher mentioned, we need to give royee time. be more patience. I hope laogong don’t push royee, let royee follow his own rhythm and tempo for this learning stage. We just need to give him time n love. As we know, Thomas Edison also had learning difficulty when he was small. But he lights up the world!

Zhugong, as I told u this morning, royee is good in speech and memory. Doesn’t mean we need to have good writing skill to be a successful and good person. So pls don’t force him anymore, when I think of how royee dropping his tears last nite, my heart is feeling hurt. Lets company the boy in his learning path. As parents, we shouldn’t give up children homework, or else, who is going to guide them and care about their feeling? zhugong, hope you understand this and take royee’s feeling into consideration. To be no.1 is parents expectation, it might not be the boy’s target. Don’t let our expectation suffers the children. how I wish, I have more time to n walk together with our children in their journey. How I wish I could stop working in the office..

Monday, June 01, 2009

royee 1st dental checkup

'semua gigi susu'
good boy :D

Last Saturday I went to scale n polished my teeth. Then I brought royee as well for his 1st dental checkup. While I was filling up the registration forms, royee was looking to all the newspaper cutting n pictures on problematic teeth condition. ‘mummy.. ni kan’ (mummy, look here) ‘yes, wait har, mummy doing registration’ then a while ‘mummy..’ ‘yes baby, wait har’ I wrongly filled the form, I put in all my particulars in royee’s form L ‘mummy, have u done? why so slow de?’ then a while ‘mummy, when u r done, then come here..’ I knew this boy must be confused on something.

Hmmm all those picture, hmm some with swelling lips or bleeding teeth :( I explained to him, this article telling what n that article describing what.. until he truly satisfied with all my explanation. Then we sat down n waited for dentist calling. I went to take a cup of warm water, so I mixed the cold water with hot water. ‘mummy, why u must put 2 waters in a cup?’ ‘then only we can get warm water ma’ ‘why 1 blue water, 1 hot water’ hmmm whenever he is not satisfied with the answer given, then he got so many follow up questions. Mummy was so patient in this Q&A session (have to la). ‘u see, hot water, sooo hot, how to drink? Then old water, very cool right? Also no good to drink. So, (explaining science topic with my 2 hands) this cold water (left hand move to the center) mix with this hot water (right hand move to the center n join with left hand) so, gang gang hao! Not very cool, n not very hot. Right?’ then he followed what I showed n he did it again, explained to himself. Then satisfied n explained it to me :D

Ok, we went in to the room, the dentist wanted to check royee 1st. then royee sat down on the ‘operation chair’ with serious face. when the dentist pulled down the chair, royee was still sitting there, then I asked him to lay down. But, his left hand was still in the air, so funny to see this, he must be so nervous n didn’t know what to do. ‘royee, put your hand down’ the dentist helped her, everyone in the room hahaha :p then he opened his mouth n quietly let the dentist did the checkup. His teeth are ok, only need to do some polishing. Not now, 5 years old, when he gets used to dental checkup.

Then dentist talking to royee – in English

Dentist: u r a good boy. U have nice teeth. Do u brush your teeth everyday?
Royee: hmm (nod his head)
Dentist: how many times a day?
Royee: (showing 1 finger)
Dentist: oooo 1 time :D
Royee: (another finger up)
Dentist: ohhh twice! U brush your teeth twice a day. When do u brush your teeth? Morning?
Royee: (nod his head)
Dentist: and time before u go to sleep?
Royee: nod his head again)
Dentist: wahhh such a good boy. So u continue taking good care of your teeth ok?
Royee: ok.

Tell u, I don’t know my boy can understand English conversation. Especially when he telling the dentist how many times he brushes his teeth a day. On the way back home,

Royee: mummy, we need to go to clinic to check our teeth, then jing cha (police) will be there right?
Mummy: what jing cha? Why jing cha needs to be there for your teeth?
Royee: just now the doctor said, next time go clinic then got POLICE (in English)
Mummy: ... ohhhh.. baby, it is not POLICE, it is POLISH! To polish your teeth. Not jing cha
Royee: har?..
Mummy: jing cha is P.O.L.I.C.E and polish the teeth n polish the shoes is P.O.L.I.S.H.. CE and SH is different
Royee: S got sssssss snake sound one.. C is police...
Mummy: yes. So it is not policeman :)

Hehehe.. cute :p didn’t know he can catch the dentist word in the conversation. The moral of the story, I cant speak English to laogong if we want to tell secrets or parenting strategic tactic. Royee understands! Hmm.. mandarin cannot, hokkien he understands much more, malay he learns from kakak, English he knows too.. wow.. we shall sms then :p

Thursday, May 14, 2009

value of relationships

ya, this is so true. hope i can make it to bring children back to sgbuloh n visit in law at least once a month. hope there is more family gathering in the house. more celebrations, more gift giving to show appreciation. i want my bbb grow in happy n fun atmosphere, more smiley faces :D that day i read an article on web, couples who having more smiley children photos when they were small tend to have successful marriage in adulthood. somehow, i agreed with this. coz when u r happy happy in childhood, u r more to be optimistic thinking, so problem would be challenge to u. u would be more thankful n feel blessed for what u r having.
so, i hope my children are happy happy n grow in love. then when they grow up, would treasure family values like my tiew's family, my uncles n aunties, all happy go lucky with lots of FUN in days :D

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the star of efficiency ***

皮亚杰piaget 幼儿心理教育家说:“幼儿需要很多的双手操作活动,他们从尝试与错误中学习。在游戏为本的活动中,幼儿能进行实验与确定发现。”

read this at happyland. for the pass 2 weekends, i tried to maximise my free time to prepare activities for bbb. by doing this, they explore new things, develop their creative thinking. at the same time, i got to know my bbb better n understanding their thought n behaviours. they are different. last nite on the way back home, i told laogong about children attitude n behaviour. as what my friend junie always mentions, she would blame the mother if the child's behaviour is not ok. recently, i strongly feel that, children habits, attitude n thinking, somehow, parents play important roles. i feel that i have lost so many golden chances to teach n guide my children, now is the time, i need to catch up. since now bbb r still willing to listen to me.

been busy in the office. at the same time, i non stop reminding myself, children grow up day by day, very fast, they wont wait for me to guide them or bring them to explore the world, since papa n mama r busy, they will find their own ways. n i find this is not okay, what if, they learn the wrong things? hmmm.. so, i need to race with time. at the same time, i need to take good care of myself. with healthy body n mind, then only i can guide my children to be happy children :)

cant wait for weekend n more holidays, so i can spend more time with bbb. sometime i feel envy about ppl working from home, or working half day or a full-time housewife, so more bonding hours with children n family members. eg last nite, i reached home at 11pm. bbb were sleeping. i sat down n chat with my mummy. i felt tired n sleepy, but this is the chance i can talk more with mummy n get some updates from her about my daddy, bbb, maid n other stories. went to the room at 12:30am. laogong also slept already, luckily i spent time talking n listening to him during the journey to/fro office. hmm my eyes felt so heavy then i slept. as usual angel or eva would cry in midnite, i felt warm, coz at least, i got chance to carry n hug them in their dreams.

hmmm not easy to handle all the roles well, balanced, perfect. so try at my level best lo. just now during lunch time, i shared with my colleagues my daily routine before come to the office. morning after taking shower, most of the time, bbb wake up already. quite rushing actually coz i would definitely snooze my alarm clock till the last min :( however, while putting all the skin care, lotion, cloths.. i need to sing n be cute n funny to make bbb smile :D memang multitasking la. then laogong would 'faster la.. late already' hmmm.. carry them out to the hall 1 by 1, n make sure they :D then only i switch on the tv for them, n bye bye to them.. not easy lo, even want to wave bye bye also need to act cute lo.. then they kekeke only i leave the house. but of course not everyday i have nice treatment one, sometime, they wont entertain my funny faces n they wawawawa :~ i want mama!!!! then i leave house with sad n tired feeling :~ my colleague said 'wahh, u boleh tahan, kalau saya, sudah jadi KING KONG! naik marah la!' aiyo, how to be marah ler, nanti they non stop crying, lagi penat my parents n maid ooo.. not only this, when i get into the car, i need time to settle down my rush hour feeling, then laogong pula 'what that face? what happen to u again? why dont want to eat breakfast? u r not happy on what again?' hmm... after settle bbb, need to ambik hati laogong.. hmm sometime, dont want to argue n cakap banyak, i smile at laogong so he wont ask this n that, suspect this n that.. hmmm.. (hope laogong reads this post :p)

staying with children, not only we teach children something nice n good. in fact, i have learnt a lot too.. not only my attitude, but the way i see the things from different angle n creative imagination :D learning from mistakes n experiences n experiment.. :D n of course, now pandai membebel, rambling n mumbling much, coz my bbb also non stop telling the same stories.. ekekekek... see ya~ want to take 7:30pm, hope, bbb havent slept when i reach home, n hope they happily smiling n sleep fast when i sing for them :p me har, really a demanding mummy :p


Reply to mei’s mail – racing with time..

U r right. Now I work for self esteem n of course, for income. I don’t think of promotion but I think of rewards. Rewards mean bosses appreciate my good work n a milestone for myself. Other than that, I work happily to help those end user who are in need. I would much happy if my family members tell me’u r the best!’ compare to my boss telling me this. in the office we have those goals to meet, to score for 100%. In fact, apart from that, we have much more to achieve in life, for all the roles we are playing n to our own self. Currently I cant promise to spend time with my bbb every night in weekdays, coz workload n income limitation. However, my promise to myself is, reserve my weekend n holidays to bbb. Thus, u can see me go massage during their sleeping hours, or, bring at least one to go with me. I really hope, I can witness all their special moment or 1st time by myself, compare listening stories from my parents n maid n teachers. So lets jia you together lo! :D

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

naughty wife

this morning, we left house late.. again! 3 days continuous we rushing to catch the 8:05am train. laogong drives like F1 guy, today 160-170.. this is scary, small cars big lorries all gave way to laogong, my heart beat went fast but i diam diam, closed my eyes, sat as easy as possible, do like nothing big deal. ya, we reached the station on time, we managed to catch 8:05am train. ngam ngam.

in the train, laogong started membebel 'is this fun? i dont know when we gonna meet in car accident if we continue do this' i smiled at him :) 'all the cars n lorries also scared of me, driving like mad ppl' to ease the tegang conversation, i said 'my laogong is F1 driver ma' 'can u next time ple wake up early? i already said, only 5 minutes for u to take shower, or else i leave the house without u. did i do that? i didnt! but can u pls wake up early or at least dont spend much time in the bath room?' then i acted cute la, sayng him here n there.. but can really see laogong face black lo.. :(

well, everyday i try to be early, i also know it is not worth for me to spend my precious life on the road. but i am so tired n sleepy ma. angels non stop taking turn to cry in the midnight, i dont sleep well. then before i take shower or leave the house, i must calm them down for not crying or being cranky, or else my papa n mama have hard time to prepare them to the kinder. 'not very early, 6:30am ok? at least i dont need to drive so fast, how fast u want me to challenge? 200?' hmmm.. 'ok la, i will wake up early ok, dont be angry anymore la..' 'u r so nottie, no one as nottie as u' no one meh? laogong la, but i diam diam la :p 'so, today u have something to post on your blog already lor' i said, 'i wont! i dont want to put your photo, dont want to write u more in my blog anymore, dont u notice that?' but.. now i am posting this blog :p

hmm.. i tell laogong this morning, i want to study related topic on children nighmares n crying at night. coz recently eva cries n shouted at night 'bu yao! bu yao!' (dont want! dont want!) n some other stories. maybe her nightmare reflects her daily emotion state. need to read more on this. then another thing, that day i went to royee's class, i can see all the nice drawing n writing from his classmates, means that he supposes to be okay to write n draw at this age. but till now, royee simply dirty up the paper n got no patience on writing n drawing. i need technique to guide him on this. at least, i want him to put attention on what he is doing. but, i think royee is more to speech. he talks very well n can catch new word by listening once. can memorize lyrics well too. good in imagination. hmmm need to read more on this..

tell laogong, i want to get ideas from homeschooling pages that i read to teach bbb at home. i found it is wasting of time for them to fight with each other at home for dvd, tv shows, toys, n mummy's attention. now, i only sing n story telling at night. see, if i can do something this weekend or not. plan to buy a pool for them to play at home since they love water so much. well, need to start putting more effort in children education n mindset development.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

baby sex or health?

this made me sad. see, anything can be happened. so, pls dont hate yourself or hate your baby bcoz the baby is not the sex as your desired. whether if bb gal or bb boy, as long as they are complete n healthy, love u n care u when u r old, why care so much? they are lots ppl out there whishing, praying for bb. they are many ppl gone thru the hurting process to try to get conceive. but why still have lots more ppl out there, throw own bb, hurt own bb...
if we dont appreciate what we are given n having, we wont be reach true happiness n satisfaction in life. last week, junie asked me dont get down bcoz of the office transformation, 'maybe the other floor kakak is much better than the one in level 13a' i told junie, this is not right for me to think that way, if i have that thought, means that am not appreciated what i am having now. always looking for something better or waiting for something better out there. it can be yes, or no.
we hurt ppl, we r not happy, we r greedy, bcoz of we dont see what we are having now. we always see what is lacking in ourselves. in my pep program class, the master said, in order to reach true happiness in life, is not sucess, but satisfaction.
hmm a bit geram here. coz i always read pregnancy forum talking about baby sex, then before the baby get delivered, the mummy already feel sad about the baby existence. sad.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

twins formula ^_^

hehe.. funny crazzy..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nen nen vs susu

just now my mum called. she told me royee said 'susu is called by small children, nen nen is called by adult' my mum asked, 'who said this?' 'mummy' my mum called me to confirm if i told him this. of course i didnt tell him this. then i talked to royee, then he mentioned the same things again, then i explained 'susu is malay, nen nen is normally baby called, then milk is english' then royee said 'bu shi la! nen nen is big man called, susu is for baby' kakaka this is funny :p my mum said he sighed after talking to me >.<
my mum told royee, next time, if eva bites anyone, then we will call policeman to bring him to police station. then royee very fast response, 'wai po, this wound is not bite by eva, eva didnt bite me, i fall down' 'why u fall down?' 'i fall down when i go out with papa' hehe to save his sister, he changed the story. in fact, the wound on his tight kena bite with eva, but to protect her sister, he tell lies! hmm.. good boy or dishonest boy har? hmm..

Friday, December 19, 2008

aaaa royee

last nite when we reached home, my mum complained about royee cutting angel's hair :( reason given was 'angel's hair is long, need to be trimmed' aiya this boy..
royee asked me with his super cute face 'mummy, why granpa is sleeping in grandma's room?' 'there is grandpa's room too! both of them sleep in the same room ma' 'oooo.. hehe' asking all those question..
now royee likes to address himself as 'baby' 'mummy, mummy's baby is on the bed ooo' 'mummy, mummy de baby wants to sleep' hehehe feel funny sometime. he is such a joyful boy~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

child sexual abuse

learn about child sexual abuse, prevent it. think of all the possibilities and avoid putting your children in danger. the harm which got from the abuse, somewhere somehow affect the children growing, thinking, behaviour even at their older age. lets us protect our children n try our best to let them have happy days ^_^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

celebration of achievement

Just now when i was in the lift, one male colleague said 'going back?' i said 'ya. Today i go back early. My son is 3 years old n he has his graduation ceremony tonite' the colleague said 'they celebrate each of the achievement, every year they have different celebration. N i found that when the children growing up, then we have less celebration for them. In fact these children la need more celebration n recognition from their parents. But somehow, many ppl dont support children at this way' then another guy who is in the same lift was agreed wit this.

Ya, we celebrate a lot of meaningful moments from baby delivery. 1st week 1st month then 1st bday. They parents give support to children in the kinder even ther children perform a normal role. Then we found happy n proud of them. As what the colleague said, many celebrations we have in primary school when come to secondary, much much lesser most parents give that much of attention to the children. Hmm i told them, come to secondary school, parents might ask children why only 8 As instead of 10?

I dont know what type of parents i am going to be in this topic. What i am hoping now is to celebrate all the achievements n happy moments with bbb. Celebration doesnt mean i use gifts or materialistic items as an exchange for their good works. I hope we can together share the special moment with them by giving recognition n support. Like my sis n i always go out dining together when we have salary increment n promotion. We would be very happy to each other no matter how big or small the increment is. Hmm sharing is very important. Or else, u would sitting alone looking at what u have done, quite lonely n the excitement level cant be double up without ppl 'well done!' or 'u did it!' right?

Ok am taking train. Rushing for royee's graduation ceremony. Last nite i saw all his artwork n work books for this year class, he learned a lot! Parents, dont think your children at 3 years old only go to school play play sing sing n learn nothing then wasting time. Let them go to a caring n secure funland then u would get impressed with what the small little one can absorb in this age :)

Btw, royee will perform duckling dancing show again tonight. Hope i can get nice shot tonite n share the pictures with u n friends. Take care.

Ps: dont be naughty in the flight ya :p

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


this am i typed a long post when i was on the journey to the office. the handphone got restarted itself with message 'this phone has been restarted for bnetter performance'. ya better performance with my post lost. hmmm..
still having fever. been having fever n flu since last friday. taken 1 pill for flu last nite at 3:45am, till now i am still feeling sleepy n tired. many urgent works need to be cleared, so dont want to take sick leave. in fact, reducing my sick leave is 1 of my goal till this year end. kakak asked me why i always get sick when i stay in bkt31. hmmm i have no idea too. feng shui not ok? dont have enough warm to sleep alone in the big room? too tired with housework n taking care bbb for the full 2 days n nite? am just not fit to use 2hp aircond? ai.. whatever it is, now am doing changes n trying my best to have healthier sweetie :p
this morning, i took oat. then reading newspaper. my mum prepared royee for the kinder class. royee asked me 'why u wear this color de?' then my mum asked royee 'mama mei ma?' (is mama pretty?) then royee answered 'mei' then my mum asked him 'mama pretty or wai po pretty? (mama or grandma is prettier?) then royee said 'mama' then he continued 'wai po ye shi piao liang~' (grandma is pretty too) then my mum asked again, 'is angel prettier or eva prettier?' (honestly, i dont like this question) then royee answered 'angel' my mum asked why eva is not pretty? royee answered 'bcoz eva's hair is luan luan de' (is messy).. anyway, royee kissed both angel n eva when he left the house.
found out royee always plays with angel n ignore eva. pity eva is always playing alone. or standing aside n look at both bro n sis playing together happily. i dont like this. i always ask royee to play with both angels. hmm now this is a challenge to me. i need to change royee's mindset on this. wondering why royee prefer to play with angel than eva. need time on this. will search the related parenting tips on this. hmmm siblings rivals. hmm..
this morning i got message from mei. she said angel looks prettier than eva from the pictures. hmm i always get this statement from many ppl. i always answer, angel is prettier, eva is sweetier. to me, angel is a rose. beautiful flower with thorns. she is cool n sometime very fierce face. not easy to handle her; for eva, she is a sunflower to me, she is always with her smile :D even a single tickle can make her smile happily. she is more obedient when u bring her out. she can go n sleep quietly when she is sleepy or tired. n less wawawa:~ from her (unless they fight for toys). i hope there is always healthy competition between 2 of them. n no competition for something that we cant do much. i really hope 3 of them can love each other much. i always tell royee this 'if u as a gogo u dont take good care of your sister, then who else will take care n love them?' 'when papa n mama old already, left only 3 of u to support each other, if u always bully angel n eva, when 1 day u need help, who gonna help u?' hmmm..
well.. lets stop here. want to get back to my work. just canceled 1 activity in my calendar. no idea when is the exact date u r coming back, so i try to freeze all my activities at end of november n be prepared for your back. besides, my parents n royee r going to hatyai, so i need to stay at home n jaga angels n kakak. cant wait to see u~