Monday, November 23, 2009

Never give up!

Every Sunday when bbb go for Sunday school, normally teachers get 2 little healpers for carrying the offering bags then children offer the money to the offering bag. Every week, royee raise his hand, but he never being chosen by the teachers. After months, 1 Sunday, I saw him so dissapointed, I thot to talk to the teacher, so they will choose him soon. But as I shared with Junie, I shouldn't do this, I want to let the little boy work for what he wants. N I continue praying, 1day he got what he wants.
Last Sunday, 22/11/09 a special Sunday, as usual, when the red offering bags were out, children raise their hands. Royee too. I didn't expect 'it's him' as usual, but suddenly I saw royee stand up n hold the offering bag!!! Then I was so kelam kabut, my camera was with my dad coz of his china trip, then aa-ha!! I just got my iPhone back on Saturday.Faster I snapped pic of the boy!!! He was slow n steady :D so touched for me, as usual my eyes got wet when doing the thank you prayer :)
In the car, I said 'royee, mama saw u carried the offering bag, u being a good boy, never give up n God noticed u!!!' he said 'yala, I never give up one de' with the big satisfied n proud smile, I knew he got the lesson learned! N great inspiration to me too!! Nite time I told royee (with action, mummy interested in acting :p) 'here is a big rock, behind the big rock we have a BIG gift, if u never leave the place bcos of the big rock is blocking u, n u work hard to move the rock, u get the gift at 1 day' 'ya, I never give up so I get the gift already :D' 'good nite baby, before u sleep, u pray n thank God for the chance to carry the offering bag n be the helper, ok?' 'YES!!! I pray n thank Jesus n the teacher, good nite mummy, I love u mummy~'
A wonderful n thankful nite for me :) sick sick also feel happy ^_^

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