Monday, March 30, 2009

pama in china

wanna keep some pama pic here. non stop i viewing the photo album. wondering why, i feel sad to look at the pic, my eyes gone wet when i see these pics.. yesterday, i sms laogong, 'u take care your parents, i take care my parents, they are about the same age, so what my parents are facing now, your parents might be having the same prob. now is the time we do something before everything is too late' yup, want me to take care both sides, of course i would be tired. so lets work together, is time for us to do something for our parents.
that day, mum told me 'how i wish i can always be healthy, how i wish i can take care your children year by year, let them study here. but if i myself cannot walk, n need ppl to take care me, then how to handle your children? i also ask your papa to go n see doctor. we need to take care our health so we wont trouble our children. everyone has their own family. see, if one day, papa needs someone to take care him, then i cannot walk, i dont think u will just hire a maid to take care us rite? if u stay at home n take care of us, then it would be so sorry to u. so, i would rather to take care myself, dont want to trouble everyone. last time, when u all were small, we hold u n walk, now, u come to hold us n walk. we were changing diapers for u, later on would be your time to change diapers for us. last time we tried to understand what u were talking when u learned to speak, sooner or later, u all wont get what your papa talking already...'
:~ yes. a cycle. a life cycle. from baby to adult then back to baby again. i understand this. but, i cant take it when i knew papa almost felt down in china airport. i dont know how i can take it if one day, my papa n mama r away from me hmm. this morning i sms to my gogo digo n sis, tell them about my feeling, n hope we can make our papa mama happy with us when they can feel the happiness. thank God for giving me lovely n caring siblings, who are having the same thought n will together work out something n company papa n mama more ^_^

mama looks old in this pic


i love this very much!
i love papa n mama ocean deep love to each other
i hope when my old time, i can travel with my love man :)

look like royye.. cute~


papa mama, wo ai ni men :*

a new beginning~

ya.. at last, everything is settled down. i am sitting facing the sky. i love this :D today we have clear blue sky ^^ hmm wondering if i can see birds flying in this metropolitan. so far, i see smiley n friendly faces, maybe everyone is new here. i just hoping this good feeling can continue. good persons are around. i got 2 cabinets, big one apart from my personal workstation attached cabinet. so everything is here. can work hard then :p ya, blog updating still as usual.
just now, i went up to level 13a to have lunch with my old friends. the feeling is still the same, asking each other how's the new work place, got happy, got complaint ^_^ life is, up n down. we get some, we lose some. i hope our friendship continues..
ya, new supervisor just asked me, michelle, when is your promotion due? hmm me not yet, next year i think. ya, hope i can get promoted lo~ then gaji tinggi sikit :)

from level 13a

to level 8.. huat aaa!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are You Going to Heaven or Hell?

You Are Going to Heaven

You're so saintly you're practically an angel, and there's no other place for you than heaven.
You are always concerned with doing the right thing. You consider being a good person a joy... not a burden.
You're not perfect, and you don't expect anyone else to be. You are ethical without being sanctimonious about it.
You are happy with yourself and the decisions you've made. And that's what's important.

so i am practically an angel. imperfect angel :p i used to set my contact name as 'devil doll' in laogong's phone. i think, sometime we need to haev a little bit evil element then only ppl wont bully us. 'i am radiskull, i will kill u 1 by 1.. i am radiskull, i will kill u just for fun!' i love this animation movie clip since many many years ago.. maybe, i have been thinking to be naughty :p anyway, love this test result :*

so, shonejay angels.. the angels are - angelina, evangeline, n michelle mummy~ wahh.. laogong is so lucky to have all of us ooo :p

Monday, March 23, 2009

thanks mie mie~

after reading this post 当保姆的第一天 from sis's blog, i feel happy n relaxed. mie, thanks a lot for taking care bbb. they looks happy to stay with u, so next time i can plan for more travel trips, then u babysit them lo :p
5pm now.. just called up laogong, he will take bus to go back banting. so i'll take 6pm train to putrajaya, so, can reach home before 7:30pm :)
ok ok, lets cleaning the job here, wanna balik rumah lo~ wanna have home cook dinner by mie mie lo ^_^

Thursday, March 19, 2009


year 2005 - 1st pregnancy, daughter in law, thea family, 1st car, 1st house
year 2006 - mama for a boy then twin angels joining the fun n joy
year 2007 - a house owner, a working mama, a house wife, cleaning washing tiring happy
year 2008 - laogong away from home, handling families issues, bkt31, maid
year 2009 Q1 - transformed mindset, change n adapt to changes

within these 4 years, i have gone matured. my mindset n thought do change.
my silly laughters reduced, smile of happiness n satisfaction increased ^_^
my tears increased, my relationship with God closer, be more thankful for what i am having :)
my weight increased - working to reduce it - last year end till now, static to 5kg lost :S malunya
cloth sizes increased - 1 size reduced so far ^_^
skin less firm - more lotions, cocoa butter, looking for suitable treatments
panda eyes, less sleep, less rest, more NO! - because of bbb
my hair shorter n shorter - just started to keep it longer
expenses on skincare increased - need richer nutrien n all the firming, toning, lift up :S
started taking supplement hmmm..
face mask - weekly
perfume, color on lips - sometime need those cosmetic things to build confidence
from adventure trip, to the sky n the sea
from night person, to sunny sweetie ~@~
from a quiet gal, to talkative mummy --- comment from my brother :S
from more pictures, to more words - choice of book
from blue to red to green - favorite color
plain water to warm plain water n hot green tea
knowledge, experience, wisdom grow everyday
being stronger n stronger - told my friend, once become mother, then the sky is the limit :p
anything remains the same?
love n respect to parents n siblings
caring to friends n ppl around
still an angel ^0^- laogong non stop mentioning this, he feels pressure to do naughty things :p
love this universal, love the life journey, love laogong :*
love to share, love to observe, love to learn, love books n songs, photography, love new tech
oh ya.. from y2002 till now - maxis maxis maxis :p - loyalty subscriber n employee! (hope we can get good rebate for new lauching 3G iPhone :p tomolo is the launch~)
what now?
ya.. march ending.. i think, i am ready to step forward, to the age of 30! ^_^ aiya, suddenly wrinkle issue came to my mind :( takpe la, as long as everyday can kiss my shonejay angels bbb soft skin, nice smell, cute faces, lovely actions, wetty kisses :p warm hug, chances for me to learn patience n time management, trained my heart muscle :p no la, i just simply love my bbb so much!
would be on leave tomolo, papa mama will travel to china, so as what my colleague said 'happy holiday, be a good mother ya!' hehe.. i am a good mother, who only hit children with my own hands - no rotan, let's together feel the pain ^_^

永恒 eternity

尘埃的旅行 谁摄影过它辗转的轨迹
上帝的呼吸 动作轻轻地让人们苏醒
计算着世纪 谁能告诉我永恒在哪里
天上的恒星 就是上帝给我们的指引
时间的河流 细水如何长流
未来的光景 谁能永垂不朽
失去了灵魂像梦游 尘埃瞬间就腐朽

listening to this song, a lovely peaceful song. love it. last nite was the 3rd night i saw a sky of stars~ had been hoping to see stars for months. then last week n last nite i have seen them. how i wish i can stop the car n look up to the sky in the stary night. laogong asked me last nite, why dont u just stopped at the roadside? hmmm i would much prefer to see the stars at the seaside. i hope, this coming love outing, it would be a starry night *********

i told laogong this. the stars are always there. just we cant see them n we dont see them. then we chase the stars, we look around for the best spot to see the starry stars (googled it, best spot is at africa, need further study). in fact, the stars are there, but we continue chasing. when we see stars, we feel happy n peaceful. in our lives, the happiness are there right beside us, surrounding us, we dont see them or we tend to neglect or ignore them, then we thot we dont have the happiness, then we go n look for it. when we are busy, just like the daylight covering the stars, why dont we settle down, turn our mood to peaceful quiet night, like the day turn to the night, then we would see the stars.

be humble, be thankful, treasure what we are having.. then let God bring us eternity love ^_^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 things to do during earth hour

Here are ten different ways to spend Earth Hour and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions:
1. Gather family & friends for a night picnic

2. Dine in one of the many Earth Hour participating restaurants by candlelight

3. Organise a family night playing board games

4. Throw an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours

5. Arrange a house party lit by torches

6. Take the dog for a night walk

7. Hand write a letter to loved one by lantern

8. Sit in the dark and share stories

9. Read a book using a book light

10. Share a romantic night in with your loved one

got this from forwarded mail. yes. 28/3/09 a special day, my papa's bday, my paktor anniversary n earth hour - global event! will do number 10 with laogong in our love outing - dont know where, as this outing planned by laogong :p i like number 7 suggestion ^_^

Monday, March 16, 2009

brainless vs heartless

love this ^_^

thanks nana. at least, i know u care about my heart :p
am feeling nice today. nice n easy. dont worry be happy ^_^

Thursday, March 12, 2009

where is happiness?

feel so touched to receive the envelop from my kawan nana. so touch! terharu u know, speechless.. felt to hug nana when i saw this :~ of course, there is office doc inside the envelop :p bad, my camera got no battery today :( so only snapped the pic with my handphone. in fact, thanks nana for giving me little surprise once a while like this, i keep all these envelopes ^_^ they are LOVE to me.. full of friendship love :* thanks nana xoxo

our genting outing pic

honestly, today i am a bit down. bad hair day i think. at the same time, i feel love. thanks friends n sis. they are many ppl around me love me n care about me, i think, i need to refresh myself, there is no reason for my to be down since i have so much love. right? to those we concern about me, worried me, love me... dont worry, i am doing alright here :)
But whatever is I want you to be happy. You r the sunshine to us :) - arputha

got this from a forwarded mail.. share with u all..

One day, the young lion asked his mom: "Mom, where is the happiness?"Mom replied: "It's on your tail." So the young lion keeps on chasing after his tail. But after a whole day of trying, he failed to get the happiness that was on his tail.Then he told his mom about this, his mom smiled and said: "Son, you don't really need to chase after your happiness, as long as you keep going and moving forward, your happiness will always be with you."
You can't decide the length of life, but you can control how you want to live it.
You can't control the weather, but you can control your mood.
You can't change your look, but you can smile.
You can't control others, but you can control yourself.
You can't foresee tomorrow, but you can utilize today wisely.
You can't win everything, but you can try your very best to achieve that..
Hope everyone can face the daily life positively and always happy...

barney theme song

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination

And when he's tall

he's what we call a dinosaur sensation

Barney's friends are big and small

they come from lots of places

after school they meet to play and sing with happy faces

Barney shows us lots of things

Like how to play pretend

ABC's, and 123's

And how to be a friend

Barney comes to play with us

Whenever we may need him

Barney can be your friend too

If you just make-believe him!

thomas and friends theme song

They're two they're four they're six they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freightred
and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew
All with different roles to play
Round Tidmouth sheds or far away,
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and friends

Thomas he's the cheeky one
James is vain but lots of fun
Percy pulls the mail on time
Gordon thunders down the line
Emily really knows her stuff
Henry toots and huffs and puffs
Edward wants to help and share
Toby, well let's say, he's square

They're two they're four they're six they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freightred
and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew
All with different roles to play
Round tidmouths or far away
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and friends

They're two they're four they're six they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freightred
and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew
All with different roles to play
Round tidmouths or far away
Down the hills and round the bends
Thomas and friends

hi-5 theme song

Five in the air, Let's do it together

Five to the side, Who cares about the weather?

Five on the floor, The party's on at your place

Five to the front, There's a smile on my face!

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Together!

1-2-3-4 - Hi-5! 1-2-3-4 - Hi-5! 1-2-3-4 - Hi-5!

Five in the air, let's do it together!Hi-5!

cartoon dvd

just told junie, eva loves pocoyo. ya, the agogo style dance and the way pocoyo running, eva loves to do it. angel n eva called pocoyo as gogo :) angel loves hi-5. royee loves thomas n friends and bob the builder, in fact, he loves all the dvd that with transportation - finley the fire engine, rorry? the sport car..

have problem when we want to choose which dvd to play. eva shouts pocoyo, then angel shows hi-5, then royee 'wo yao thomas n his friends~' then ending up 3 of them holding their dvd n all insert into the dvd player. from time to time, dad or laogong need to open the dvd player cover n take out the extra dvd that had inserted in the dvd player :( mummy would always, 'pls choose 1' if still dont have a mutual choice, 'barney! only barney, choose which title u all want' then problem lagi. 1 wants go around the blocks, 1 wants barney more songs, then the zoo, then abc, then cleaning something.. so many barney dvd at home also a problem. hmm..

mummy always does the opening. when we play thomas's dvd, 'the island of sodor is surrounded by beautiful blue sea..' when we play hi-5, then mummy would 'Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Together!' if pocoyo, then mummy would act like pocoyo n eva hehehehe.. for barney show, 'deng deng deng deng... barney is a dinasour..' n everynite, before kiss bbb good nite, the theme song would be, 'i love u, u love me, we r happy family...' :) mummy always acting silly in front of children, n children are mummy's best supporters! :p

no beginning and no end

what is wedding ring?
A wedding band is a symbol of marriage. When worn as part of a pair, it symbolizes the bond two people share, the solid, enduring, endless bond that connects them even when they're apart.
The wedding ring shows the combining of 2 people who have fell in love and set there hearts to only eachother. The importance of the ring shows that "Hey I'm married and have a wonderful Husband/Wife" The ring shows dedication to eachother, and true, strong love that sadly some people neglect and throw away something that is so beautiful which is love.That is the importance of a wedding ring my friend. ~Jessica Edgell
yup. i have lost my anniversary ring. not the 1st wedding ring. laogong left his wedding ring in cyberview lodge resort last year. then he bought a new pair of rings last year end for our 5th year anniversary. n now, i lost the anniversary ring. i dont know how this happen, coz the ring was always on my finger, never play around it or left it. so frustrated right? my maid kakak has been looking for it in the room n the house, she claimed, banyak kali saya cari tak jumpa.. so today is 3rd day, i also dont want to bother about it, maybe the ring will pop up 1 day.
think of what u learned from the master shifu in PEP program, everything happens is with hint and signal to you, if u r sensitive n alert enough, u can see, actually even the tiny normal thing happening around, is leading to a final picture of God's plan or your success plan. so, the ring just gone missing while i was wearing it. i have not losing so much weight recently until my ring loose off itself. what's the subtain meaning for this happening. hmmm i didnt feel annoying when the ring is with me, but now i feel uneasy, without the ring. my hand seems to be lighten. bcoz of the ring carried responsibility n burden?
so let's think. lost ring. it's time to have a BIG diamond ring? :p hmm.. is time for me to have quiet moment n rethink of my current relationship? i need to reconsider my marriage? huh.. anyway, just let it be no ring. we dont need a ring to tell us i am married as i dont bring my marriage cert with me either. let's fully concentrate on being a good mother. sometime, i feel tired to handle both roles - mother n wife. especially when both roles need my full attention n demanding. it's time, for me to rest. slow down my steps.
anyhow, a ring is with symbolic meaning to me which my heart attaches with which man. so next time, i will take time to think, when i want the ring to be on my finger. when i am ready to fall in love again ^_^ thus, i would much happy to hear this 'would u marry me?' when the next ring of mine comes to me :) can open to anyone who is interested to commit with me this super sensitive woman :p

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My watch small jarum jatuh ler…bad la…
It’s time to change.
Jam rosak, tukar jam.
Cincin hilang, beli cincin.
Bini tak syiok, tukar bini
Jam rosak can change,
Cincin hilang can buy another one,
Bini, tak boleh tukar..
Suami pun tak boleh
:) okay

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

swimming at afamosa

choo choo train.. with 2nd uncle


love this... cute gals!

they learned this from Pocoyo dvd. so cute~ laogong loves this much, feel excited to show this video clip to me.. repeating. day before when i went to trim my hair, when i looked at royee who was busy touching ppl things, he 'shhh.. quiet' with his very low tone. i love this.. so lovely.. ^_^

Friday, March 06, 2009

friday lunch with laogong

looks nice

laogong loves this

1st time i tried japanese curry.. mummy's curry tastier :p

lunch date with laogong at suria klcc. we went to sakae sushi. makan makan, then i asked laogong, why dont we have lunch together every friday at klcc? laogong said ok, but the budget should come from both sides. i said 'of course! so 1 week we eat at restaurants, 1 week we eat at food court :p' hehehe.. laogong said, we can save money on our daily lunch n breakfast, then friday we can have good lunch. can try the restaurants 1 by 1 at suria klcc ^_^

Thursday, March 05, 2009


am listening to this song. feel the strength to start my day ^_^ river of life.. ya, life has up n down. challenges make us stronger, changes allow us to see the beauty of life. take risk, stretch beyond what u think u can do! well.. now i feel secure with my new job, just sent my current job scope to my new supervisor. a chinese man. soft spoken n humble. hope i would be working happily at the new place with his supervision. few heart to heart talks with laogong these days, i have different definition on our love relationships. the more i know him, the more i love him, the more i afraid of losing him, the more i treasure the days when we r together :)
feeling guilty for not company royee's on his 1st home work. teacher asked to write big n small capital 'B'. my mum wanted to teach him, royee said want to wait for mama to teach him. then when i reached home, it was nearly 10pm. royee slept. this morning, he was sleeping when i leave the house to work. i failed in bb's 1st home work, can i do it better in the coming one? i dont know, as long as i work in the office, sharing car with laogong, i cant control much on my daily schedule. i need to work out something on this. so many confusion n conflicts in my mind.
i got this in my mind last nite 'u r not only hurting me, u r destroying me' this can mean to all the arrows came towards me n my simple life. but, i want to be sunflower, heading to my sun ~@~

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

kwsp beneficiary

at last i got this settled. the officer asked, 'kenapa anak dan adik saja.. mana suami?' ya, husband is not in the list, coz husband needs to take care of me ma.. then my money needs to be given to my children so they can take care of themselves. why to my sister? sister can help to take care my papa mama n bbb ma. n sister is always my sister, tak kira mati ke hidup. husband, hmmm the title can be changed. i didnt tell this to the officer, since he just wanted to verify if i am aware of what am i doing, so i told him 'duit bagi anak, anak jaga sendiri. duit bagi adik, adik jaga mak bapa, suami, boleh cari duit sendiri n jaga diri sendiri' the officer said, 'ya betul jugak, lelaki kan.. tapi, make sure suami u ada bagi u, kalau tak, siapa jaga u?' ya true also, who takes care of me? hmmm just hoping bbb love me lo..
laogong didnt feel very happy with my list. 'why my name is not in?, i give u more percentage u know' ya, u should give me more ma, coz i will take care our children what. definitely i wont take your money n simpan a guy ok :S btw, who knows later on, how u gonna update the list to replace the current list ooo. somemore didnt want to get the beneficiary name n % printed on your epf statement.
well, at least this update has been settled. n i hope we dont receive any forwarded mail to mentioned all our epf beneficiary name list gone with the system upgrade anymore. leceh.

contact pic

since nana asked me about the pic on what i wore yesterday, hehe nah, shared the pic with u. malu malu la.. the pic taken at kl sentral erl station. just after work, memang tired look :p


contact pic for laogong's number, i took it last year end. with netops department uniform. since now i am not netops staff anymore, after the recent transformation reorg, then last nite, i took another new pic. hehe.. in the train.

from this to >>>> this ^_^

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

baby sex or health?

this made me sad. see, anything can be happened. so, pls dont hate yourself or hate your baby bcoz the baby is not the sex as your desired. whether if bb gal or bb boy, as long as they are complete n healthy, love u n care u when u r old, why care so much? they are lots ppl out there whishing, praying for bb. they are many ppl gone thru the hurting process to try to get conceive. but why still have lots more ppl out there, throw own bb, hurt own bb...
if we dont appreciate what we are given n having, we wont be reach true happiness n satisfaction in life. last week, junie asked me dont get down bcoz of the office transformation, 'maybe the other floor kakak is much better than the one in level 13a' i told junie, this is not right for me to think that way, if i have that thought, means that am not appreciated what i am having now. always looking for something better or waiting for something better out there. it can be yes, or no.
we hurt ppl, we r not happy, we r greedy, bcoz of we dont see what we are having now. we always see what is lacking in ourselves. in my pep program class, the master said, in order to reach true happiness in life, is not sucess, but satisfaction.
hmm a bit geram here. coz i always read pregnancy forum talking about baby sex, then before the baby get delivered, the mummy already feel sad about the baby existence. sad.

good morning ^_^

lets start this blog with a warm :D

today, my breakfast is soya bean milk + a lemongrass sweets

today, am going to see my new boss. ya, wearing a new shirt, am in blue and skirt with flowers pattern ^_^ just to cheer up myself. i hope my new boss is a good boss. a guy, i can work better with male supervisor than lady boss. however, i dont know my job scope n actual supervisor :S

today, i tell myself, to be strong n be happy no matter what. need to be healthy for myself. yesterday read about this, do everything for u 1st, then only think of the rest. if the 1st one is not alright, the rest will just gone to be not right.

today, i cried in the journey to the office, laogong lend his broad shoulder to me ^_^

today, is 03/03/2009. remember i was in PJ section 14 in year 1998. together with my banting friends, woan ling n chui fern, si ci, celebrated si ci's friend bday. ya, tomolo is chui fern's bday.

today, i want to work hard. less curi tulang :p need to clear many pending job before handover takes place. new boss called me yesterday, asked me to continue working, business as usual, n at the same time, preparing to move my workstation to other location at 20/3/09

today, i read this from indra's facebook feed 'love is forever no one can loose it' i like this. ya.. love is forever. but, is this forever love to be coming from a same person? hmm i would much prefer to get love from my parents, siblings, n shonejay angels.. percentage for unconditional love is much higher than husband-wife, bf-gf relationship.

today, i want to be talkative. laogong said, when i am non stop talking, very zhi-zha, means that i am happy. he likes to see that. hmmm.. later talk to much, irritates ppl pula :p
today, i want to be happy ^_^

Monday, March 02, 2009

the sun

in the morning..

mummy: baby, u see angel's hair..
royee: hehehe gal gal's hair looks like the sun!
mummy: ya, the sun, the hope :D