Thursday, August 27, 2009

last nite concert

angel started this. dancing, jumping, hopping, and singing. then 3 bbb shouted here n there. looked at them so the happy singing, i didnt stop them, but it was sooooooo loud n CUTE n noisy ooo...







Monday, August 24, 2009

am listening to these @{-----

<<云上太阳 >>

无论是住在 美丽的高山 或是躺卧在 阴暗的幽谷

当你抬起头 你将会发现 主已为你我而预备

云上太阳 它总不改变 虽然小雨撒在你脸上

云上太阳 它总不改变 哈~~它不改变!

小小花园里 红橙黄蓝绿 每朵小花都美丽
微风轻飘逸 蓝天同欢喜 在天父的花园里
你我同是宝贝 在这花园里 园丁细心呵护不让你伤心
刮风或下雨 应许从不离开你 天父的小花成长在他手里

Saturday, August 22, 2009

mummy's artist ^_^

20/8 nite i saw this memo from kinder.. angel won a prize!
that day, i cant sleep. so excited. my bbb 1st prize :D i sms to my siblings, my kai ma, and my parents in law to share this..

and i got this from my parents in law.. tell u.. am so happy about their love n care ^_^
on 22/8, early morning i bring bbb to the kinder. 1st thing i do, see angel's drawing..

octopus :D non stop i staring at angel's name :D
angel and her drawing. she is shy

while waiting for the ceremony. now only i know how to make angel sit quiet :p

proud of my gal ^_^ small prize wins mummy heart

angel n her throphy. too shy la her..


1st meaningful and important prize in my motherhood :*

prize giving ceremony - angelina

videos on prize giving ceremony for angel ^_^


need to sweet talk 1st..


the only 1 student having 'bodyguard' hmm..


angel wanted to leave the stage immediately.. the teacher hold her tight :p

thanks a lot to the teachers in the kinder. i know they were working hard to sweet talk n persuade angel to go on stage by her own. even the teacher asked me to be prepared and gave time to angel to learn n be confident. thank you very much for all your effort ^_^ am proud of angel, finally she did it. and share the happiness with the teacher ^_^

Friday, August 21, 2009

some nice shots..

nottie wawa ^^

dudu mouth - eva n angel

aksi aksi..

big boy already. put lots of weight oooo


this morning, royee suddenly asked me to finish off all the tissue papers in the box, coz he wanted to bring the empty box to the school. i asked, how many? he answered 'teacher said 1 tissue box and 2 zero zero'

so i gave him the empty tissue box. then asked 'so what else? just now u said, 2 of what?'

royee: 1 box enough la, liang ge ling ling liao ma (already having 2 zero zero)
mummy: shen me liang ge ling ling? shen me lai de? (what's that?)

royee: noh.. this, 2 of zero zero (pointed at '200')
mummy: ohhhh~~ this is two hundreds
royee: ya la.. teacher needs 1 tissue box and 2 zero zero
mummy: .....

dont think small children dont follow instruction. they follow it quite well. most of the time, what teachers ask them to do, royee follows eg bring extra towel n cloths for swimming class, old newspapers or recycled boxes.. (except last week he forgot to check with his teacher on banting methodist church sunday school time table, came back only 'mummy, i forgot to ask teacher oooo')
children can follows instructions, only mummy is blur blur :p ya.. 1 tissue box n 2 zero.. hmmm

angelic rooster


playing puzzle. the rooster. so non stop both angel and eva singing - gong ji ma xiao ji (papa chick scolding the bb chick).. listen to the ending part, where angel imitate the rooster kokokoko :p

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to papa from bbb

laogong, these videos are for u... i told bbb 'papa is going to stay oversea for few more days, let's sing songs for papa' then they sat together n sing.. then started la, being nottie.. so enjoy to see them laughing around.. so the cute :D


little mouse.. the 'aiyo~!!' very cute


they wanted this song... 'i love u~ u love me~'


i asked them to say 'papa wo ai ni' then kiss kiss kiss.. -- NG version (only angel did it)


angel n eva -- muak muak muak :*


angels were so 'excited' with royee's 'bye bye' non stop kakakaka..


angel solo~


ya.. 3 monsters in mini jumanzi~


angel laughing lots in the night.. LOVE it :D

singapore merdeka trip

sis n i went for 2d1n singapore trip. no special place to visit, we jalan jalan n makan makan :p gained weight oooo... no more megasale, this time, singapore having the mderdeka rally n global health issue - h1n1 inluenza A.
click >>>> here for more pic n stories

it was 5am+ in the boarding hall

still can see smiloing rite? :p

reached singapore changi airport. i like the cute mini pens

nice to see, no point to buy, bbb wont appreciate them

the mini helmets are cute

fatty mummy travels to singapore :D

my best travelmate :) a bit moody n garang :p

one city 3 festivals. we r in the tourism center

again, we come to ikea @ tampines

hehe sisters

being wu liao~

the purpose of this trip - release tension :p

i think we somehow got our stress released :p

at the tepi jalan..

the camera was on the dustbin keke

yayaya.. i need much more collagen to lift up or whatver la to do with my double chins :~

i like ikea. no time to visit it in MY but SG :~

like the new fabric design. sunny look. may buy few meters in MY

breakfast at ikea

like this design. got inspiration for my room ID. simple..

lunch at tampines food court

bought this dvd set for bbb. it comes with a good quality book n 8 dvd n cute stickers

tooth brush holder $1 each

in the room. rest for a while.. then continue jalan

china town. sis favorite octopus balls

quite yummy!!

durian pancake. long queue! we joined the fun too :p

in the queue. hehe.

our durian pancake being made
at last!!

some nice makan makan

i ordered fresh durian ice blended :p

n durian tutu gao

the tea time :D

me n my durian pancake.. YUMMY!


sis was so happy with the durian paste ^^

dinner @ orchard before we go shopping

creative free gift. screen wiper

like the fish~

parenting book for me. thomas & friends bottle bag for royee

skirts n blouse for me :p

the 2nd day. at the bus stop
after this shot, we ran up to the bus :p

at vivo city

i like the pic n the keyboard

sunflower. but this is not the feel i wanted :~

the lunch at food court

the park at vivo city. oppps! the grass is wet!!


me n my 1 size bigger new baju :~ ya, i gained weight..

tea time at swensen

'what to order? how much we left?' :p

hehe.. budak yang sudah kahwin

hehe auntie yang sudah beranak.. n her BIG pimples OOO

1st time for sis. yummy~
sizzling banana cramble.. NICE!!!!! but a bit sweet

in the train

out from the train

dinner at bugis food court. sis said this curry mee was on singapore tv... not bad!

this fried carrot cake is a bit sweet. yes, sweet

eating ice cream..

mr bean shop at outram park mrt station

sis ordering.. we were quite rushing for our luggage n flight..

but.. life's simple pleasures.. eat 1st! :p

red bean waffer n pearl beancurd.... SEDAPPPP~~~

we supposed to go to the boarding room. but we still choose to makan supper :p

oily, fatty, YUMMY supper! hehe from Popeye
fried chicken, squids, fish, fries..

leaving singapore lo~~~

bring these back home for bbb~~~ :)

and these~~ from the japan n korea fair at bugis junction

another parenting book for myself. letters from children.
the next day
mummy miss bbb so much~

angels love the hello kitty tray :D

gogo was still sleeping. no picture taken. mummy kissed royee in his dream when reached home :* enjoy this trip much. really no worries and time limit (except rushing for flight, coz we wrongly routed to other train station).. on the other hand, feeling :( coz royee missed his music class n bbb didnt go for sunday school. next time i shall well plan my travel trip.