Thursday, December 29, 2011


22:06 am in the train. from morning till now, I have cleared a lot of works, and still, lots more pending to go hmm..

lunch time we have a farewell party for a senior manager.

see my cute little tongue? :p

Ada mutton, chicken, taufu, nice cream puff.

dinner is on vendor :)

1st time I go to pub without family members and in local :)

photo snapping here and there

after the dinner, back to the office and work.

today I feel to listen to song 'somewhere over the rainbow' downloaded few versions, not the feel that I am looking for.

love this pic. the wording tells 'sometime woman needs a man, just like the escaped person needs parachut. if in the moment he is not being here, then he is not needed to be here anymore'

hmm.. in the busy working hours, I always have time to think a lot and be sentimental. today, I think of my man. there is up and down in a relationship, there is time, we love to see our partner in every second, and there are times, we have this question popping up 'if I was not with him, how would I be? better? happier? or worse days?' hmm if I spent more time to observe and looking around, not tie a knot in so young time, would I choose a better one who can fulfil more of my needs and understand me more?...

well, where there is devil doll coming out to disturb your mind, then an angel comes up and say 'hey, you are in happiness, you should be thankful for what you are hang right now. good family and children, good work and friends around...' :p so, back to reality and continue the year end closing hehe.

anyway, I will ask my angels to take time to look for me right in the future. gals suppose to be loved dearly by good boys and make the choices in more selection options. this year (when I got to know angel got a boy friend in her 5 years old class) I have told angel and Eva about this, don't stick to one boy too early when you can enjoy outing with more boys :)

ok, want to drive back to bkt31. tomorrow is a big day to my boy :D hope he can be a good man to his future woman ^^

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

happy Wednesday!

28122011 ^^

I work hard today :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


oh.. 27! another few days then we can wrap up year of 2011! this is hmm scary :(

year end closing sometime makes ppl sick especially when you know there are still many more pending tasks in your plate :(

this year closing made me worried. coz too many things in my head, can't focus, work done not fast. tak efficient la..

Christmas is over, so am looking for this weekend, another long weekend :D plan to bring children outing this weekend.

last night supper with sis, drink a glass of teh-c ice, reached banting at nearly 12am. chit chatting with my mama till 1+am then watches an English movie friend's benefit? till 3+am then eyes opened wide at 4+am.. wake up at 7+am and now, I am so blur and sleepy!!

@_@ happy working 😢

Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry Christmas!

sweetiemich and shonejay angels wish you - have a very merry Christmas :D

ok we are going to the church for silent night prayer ^^

YouTube Video

Friday, December 23, 2011

23122011 Friday

22122011 dong zhi

with some personal issues, me on emergency leave. after settling everything, me and sis went to jusco jalan jalan.

can pose in the toilet, coz it is before 11am, the mall is still quietly waiting for shoppers.

oopss! this looks delicious!

and of course, with Christmas feel!

see the 3 curi tulang workers? from the time we go in till we are leaving, they still eating ooo..

a light soup for my sis, and a regular chowder for me!

macam macam ada punya adik >.<

the baked prawns are here! but they are over burned :p

very colourful baked snappers and vege. nice!

all for me!! hehe and my sis la..

after makan, we go for a movie. petaling street warriors? forget the movie name, but it is a very worth watching singaporean + Malaysian kung fu movie.

after movie, we leave jusco. buy some pisang goreng then go back home.

have a nice evening sleep before we dinner again at night. then I drive back banting.

cute little one I prepared as a Christmas gift for my supervisor :D thanks a lot for her help and guidance throughout the year - business and personal. she seems like a big sister to me in the office, we share stories, feeling, frustration, gossips :p hoping the guidance angel is always be with her :)

yup, it is dongzhi day too! I drink ginger soup but without tang yuan coz I am not really ok with the taste and lembik texture.

grabbed some very cute tang yuan pic to share.

happy happy day with your love family ya!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


a not very good start of my Wednesday. am having headache. I didn't have a good mood yesterday, can fight with laogong over the phone :( sad. sometime I just feeling wasting of time and spoiling the relationship when we argue on some little daily stuff or same matter over the years. lately, topic for arguments are always - children. hmmmm...

reached home tiredly. work made me tired. household issue made me tired. my mind is exhausted. body is tired but can't sleep well. too much thinking, and I get headache. very seldom in my life I get headache, unless it is really bothering me the issue Ai..

last night, I asked children to sit in front of me, I reading out my 10 rules to them. very heavy word I used 'if you all still don't want to obey to the rule, not a good boy and girl, then I will fly over to stay in foreign country, and don't want to get sad and anger about you all' as usual 'ok ok' hmmm

what are my 10 rule? or what I don't like my children to do? I even prepared the list in the office before I left the office. see how serious it is.. my children have hurt mummy's heart. sometime I just think 'how to have heart melted children instead of heart burning children?' guess this is the same question most of the parents ask when they children are at bbb age.

from royee

from angel

from Eva. 'wai po said i get no.1!'

my 10 golden dislike list/rules

dont ask and take things as your own consider stealing
spoil things, don't treasure things
waste thing - money, water, food, time
don't appreciate ppl love and kindness, don't listen to adult
talk rude and no manner
no table manner while eating

don't study and learn hardworking. do useless stuff
no independent and no responsible
don't love each other and hurt siblings

royee: don't have no.10?

listen to God's words. obey and respect to your parents.

hmmm pray for the best.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


yo! today is early salary day! so can buy something for home Christmas party! if you want to join us for Christmas dinner, you can message me :D

yesterday conversation. diet diet diet, never ending topic to me, and never get good result too! >_< since I talk about subway, so I checked about subway sandwiches calories and nutrients info.

see, tuna sandwich is not low in calorie compared to other meats

breakfast sandwich is less than 300 calorie - I like subway breakfast, I like the egg. I like hot black coffee too.

for the bread, honey oat is many people choices other than Parmesan oregano.. and honey oat is high in calorie compared to others! I normally choose hearty italian a bit crunchy and not soft when putting for a long while.

for vegetable, normally I ask for more olive, no pickles :) again, tuna and meatball is not a good choice for diet ppl. but then overall, if you take it as a meal then still relatively low in calorie compared to other main meal with rice.

this morning my sis said I looked old and 'ugly' in my family Christmas photo :( hmmm maybe I need To add on some new items to my new year resolution and to do list. this is another heartbroken fact in 12 hours. the 1st one and quite expensive heart broken moment was when I found out royee taken my enriched eye cream rm400+ for a tube, to apply on his allergic hand wounds :~~~~ besides, most of my skin care gone with the wind for them I pour out for fun!!

well, get used to all these dont-know-what-to-say moment.. hmm.. work harder, earn more to cover current damage and damage to be.


Monday, December 19, 2011

purple monday

today colleagues sitting around me, including myself, we wear in purple colour ^^ but we don't feel romantic la, coz too busy in clearing jobs :p

21:04 am in the train, going back home now. it seems long way to go. this week, bbb are all in banting, feel so guilty for working late :( my mum must be headache with 3 of them. nowadays, they are too noisy, naughty and so energetic!

another 2 weeks then they are back to school, guess then, they need time to adapt to new environment for royee, and new kinder without gogo for angels. me? just hope for the best, all I want is my children to be good girl and good boy.

another year, then we gonna stay together under 1 roof. a year, it seems long way to go for now.

today I think of enrol myself to study a course. too busy at work, haven't checked out what to study. not sure, I myself can commit to few years study as a working mummy.

am hungry and sleepy. pen-off here.