Monday, March 25, 2013

25032013 cool~

hi there! ^^ am blogging from foreign country :D

we don't look nice but our feeling is super great! :D

papa and sis

papa and mama

manja youngest daughter

..and fatty me!! ohhh I look so auntie so chan after a not so nice sleep on flight @_@

tata! continue our early buffet lunch~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20032013 :)

good morning 2003.2013 ^^

a cup of coffee and steamed wholemeal bread after a sweaty running up and down from the train station staircases @_@ thot to catch the earlier train, half way running, the train left before the scheduled time >_<

I just posted this to my fb. I guess this mixed feeling are with many mothers. you want to be with your children, on the other hand, you hope for more personal times for your own interest.

above conversation between myself and my sis in law last night. we share the same parents in law, we share the same surname of our husbands, we share the same feeling being roles of a daughter in law, wife, and mother. after expressing our frustration, sleep, then the next day we carry on the same routine and continue looking for the best way to play our roles.

lately I find myself needs soul mates to fill up my heart emptiness. so I feel glad to meet up my friends, chit chatting with my family members, get much closer with my Lord :) spiritual satisfaction is very important for us to grow rich in our heart and show love and care to people surrounding us and our community.

this morning, I got a thought, to serve the community with my children help. I have 3 ready to go helpers. thinking to look for homes or school, so I can serve more children and spread love message with them. maybe, wait for my children grow bigger and matured. lately, too many sad cases happen, from children to children, the occurrence and impact are alarming.

national education system is having lacking parts? or is the expectation from the parents have changed along the way. now parents are looking for higher academy and physical needs result from children and teachers. how about their mental development? the media and high stream wave of information have changed the learning atmosphere - we are tend to absorb more, less physical interaction..

so, I hope one day, I can share smile and laughter with people surrounding :) with my children of course, if laogong can join, then this would be perfect! children and I are looking forward to visit a local community old folks house soon. I told bbb, go there to see how lonely the old uncle and aunties are, don't go there to survey the place and next time send us there and ignore us :~

have a nice Wednesday! ^^

Sunday, March 17, 2013

just the 2 of us ^^

sis's 1 family gone outing. after the 1 day long being a weekend 'driver' to my children, I asked laogong to take care bbb, then I went out with my mama :)

reached the mall, found out I left my wallet at home @_@ so clumsy lately... so I asked mama to shop 1st and I drive back home to take my wallet. it took 20 minutes for me to meet mama back :~

I asked mama 'today we go to eat at restaurant dragon-I ok? I spend you :)' mama said 'ok ya!'

so we ordered all these..

water chestnut and sea coconut dessert.. we ordered 2 bowl, it came out one. so we ordered additional Chinese hot tea.

my mama :)

xiao long pao came..

purposely snap pic for my sis :p coz she is always my yummy food partner, sort of 'how I wish you were here' feel ^0^

mama looks older now right? hmm better spend more time with our parents..

my sis's favourite! when I about to snap this pic, my mama placed the sambal in the pic too ^^

cray pot eggplants with minced meat. I like this so much! my mama likes eggplant too. we talking and guessing the ingredients and way of preparing this dish.

my mama's special order. she said we ordered this for her when she 1st time dine in this restaurant :) what we have done, all are in our papa mama heart :)

we finished all the above! and we are thinking of dessert somemore :p really can eat ooo..

so we ordered this hehe :p yummy too! very smooth mango + sago + pamelo

after eating, it was 9.30pm. then we started to shop. mama bought a bag for herself. then we went to buy a sweater. I don't have sweater, I always don't like to wear double layered cloth. but this time, many ppl advise me better bring more cloths so I can have them used when the weather is cold during my coming travel trip. so I bought one.. grey colour :) lately, I like grey colour ^^

after that, we went to shoes shop to buy socks. it was 10pm+ then we heard this 'we are closing in 10 minutes..' hmmm we haven't look for our main purpose of this trip - to buy a luggage bag for my mama used @_@

so, we will continue our shopping in the other day :p more things to buy and prepare before we are flying. finish spending all the money, wonder how much left for me to spend in the trip :p

02:27 I want to sleep le.. I feel full in my heart now, coz I got spiritual satisfaction ^^ in one Saturday, I can meet my best friends, see my papa's smile from the heart, have food and talk with my mama ^^ of course, I am glad laogong brought children to the park for playing badminton ^^

good night~ can only sleep around 5 hours, need to collect my passport before we go for sunday service. God bless ^^

Saturday, March 16, 2013

love to papa

a birthday gift to papa ^^ bought on Friday lunch time. brought to papa on early morning of beautiful Saturday.

all in gold! when I asked for free gift wrapping service, I feel guilty. not even pay a little more effort on wrapping the gift.. hmm.. nowadays, we buy services - pay money to get other ppl to take care of our loves one. most of the time, we spend money, not time nor love..

papa, this is for you~ happy birth---day~~~

'oh, my birthday is coming?'

ya! next week!

'aiyo, don't need to buy me a watch ma, I have many free watches from carlsberg, shell... I also don't want to wear, so many to choose.. aiyo.. I can use my phone to see time ma.. why spend money.. haiya..'

you are travelling soon, you can't switch on your phone over there, later they charged you international roaming charges, so you use this watch when you travel, so you know the time to gather..

'how much is this? this must be your mum told you about my spoiled watch.. don't need to buy ma..'

ok de la, at 1st we wanted to buy you a smartphone, so you can snap photos and check Facebook. since now you need a watch, so we bought you this, I have saved a lot! hehehe :p

'don't need purposely buy, I already said I don't need ma, ai, waste money..'

well, this is the not very expensive gift, but this is the one I found it suitable to my papa ^^

mama told me the below secretly***

your papa is very happy about the watch! he came to me when I was taking short nap, he showed his hand with the new watch

papa: see this? :D

mama: what's that?

papa: my $3000 watch!

mama: you got a new watch! from whom?

papa: I told you right, daughters are good, they buy me watch! you know what brand?

mama: which special brand?

papa: bonia! same brand with the wallet they bought me! match!

mama: ohhh.. bonia aaa.. good lo..

papa: you told them I needed a watch?

mama: no la.. I am so free to tell them this ar..

papa: they wanted to buy me a handphone, but they are stingy lo, want to save money, so buy this watch, cheaper :D

mama: aiyo, buy you few hundreds watch you already so happy, you sponsored then few thousands for a travel trip are more higher cost..

papa: hey that's different :D

well, I feel very happy from the moment I hand over the present to my papa till now when I recorded down this special feeling :) I told my mama, I can't give you and papa very costly presents, I can't do much for you all, this little gesture of love appreciation, I can do it, then just do it :) and I know my papa sure love all the big or small presents that we children prepared for him -- coz my papa and mama love us so much! ^^

Friday, March 15, 2013


good morning to you :) I am now very blur.. just woke up from my nap @_@

not easy to handle children and housework all alone @_@ most of the time I feel sleepy.. early morning have already lecturing my bbb >_< sometime feel to do my own things, but my eyes just can't open wide :(

this morning in the train, final run for the songs that I chosen for tonight cell group gathering.. 1st time I handle this session :)

singing alone can release stress :) especially those beautiful lyrics that touching hearts :)

am in the chicken rice shop for breakfast. porridge and butter kaya toast I ordered. to make sure my stomach being filled, coz I will have late lunch today. want to go shopping during lunch time, looking birthday present for my dad ^0^

just talking to my laogong over the phone. he is not in the town. yesterday when Junie and I talking about - friend, she said my laogong was my net friend. I said 'now my laogong is only my phone call friend' @_@

talking about friendship, I like what Junie said 'for me, a friend is someone whom u can confide with, need not be someone u see every day' :) quality gathering time is very important. the essence of friendship build only when both parties are communicating.

the above pic mentioned 'the most longest distance in the world is - when sitting together, but you are playing with your phone'. yes, this week I feel this. that day when I went out with my colleagues after a long break, thought of catching up with them, but after making order, then they started using phones till the meal came! seriously, last time the feeling was not strong when same things happen. maybe this time I expected so much from a friendship. while waiting for the food, I really feel not comfortable, I feel down.. then food came, we eat our own food then paid the bill and left. I have this thought - if we sit down is to eat the meal only, might as well we pack our own food and eat alone? :(

nowadays when you are in the restaurant of food court, you can see parents playing phones and children using iPad. then you don't see communication. this is quiet unhealthy. unless is an important call or message that need our attention, or else I would stop laogong from using phone when we are having meals. I told my children, if everyday you playing with computer and those computer games, without communicating with real person, one day, you gonna loose your ability to speak smoothly.

my sis sent me this yesterday. ya, I miss those happy moments too! that day my sis asked 'at what age we can leave your children and let them take care my their own?' I also don't know, last time I can stay at home alone when I was age of 7. but nowadays, parents still wiping faces for their children even they are age of 10! so I don't know when I can leave my children alone, coz they are too adventurous "_"

found this... cute!

yo! happy Friday!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


good morning Thursday!

today am wearing 1 piece dress in blue. angel said I look like rapunzel.

only my hair is short. I don't know why she can relate me to rapunzel coz my dress length is at knee below, then I don't have good body shape as rapunzel ^0^ don't want to spoil angel's imagination, so I told her I would be rapunzel for the whole day :D

lately I don't blog :p coz most of the time I am either sleeping in the train or I play games :p I like Line's games, coz the animation is too cute! make me happy to see cute cartoon faces, destress moments :D

last evening, when I was at the train station, I saw a girl calling her friend then suddenly she said 'I saw you! I saw you!' so I saw 2 girls running from both ends to each other. then they hugged! this is so touching! friendship brings 2 hearts together! then we all of us got into the train, you can hear them both talking and sharing non stop. then they started snapping pictures, of course, in the packed couch, they can't get a nice picture of them. after few minutes, I really feel for them, coz to me, photos are very precious especially when you want to capture 'the moment'. busybody ah soh like me offered myself to snap them a pic with their phone. very sweet girls! when they saw the pic, 'aaaahhhh very nice! very nice! heheheh' see them so happy, I feel happy too!

this is the pic I snap with my very closed friends when we meet up in last sunday :D

friendship brings hearts together. no matter how far the distance is, hearts connected. true friendship needs no too much words, when we sit down after years, we can have the topic to talk on, the jokes to laugh on :)

hope we can meet up everyday, no matter if we are in the age of 40, 50... when we know each other at our lives beginning, wish we can continue our friendship till the end of our lives ^^ then we can see life transformation, then we can count the wrinkles and fine lines on each others faces :D

so how's life? myself is always busy with children and looking for longer sleep hours :(

sometime baby shyuan's innocent smiles and actions bring joy to me too! of course, I don't think my sis would feel this, coz she needs to wake up at night for baby's milk :p all working mothers are tired!

am looking forward for my travel trip ^^ what I can think of is, I can sleep in the hotel which I don't need to worry much about if my children are ok, if blanket is on their bodies or on the floor. sis would be relaxed too, coz she doesn't need to make milk for me in midnight ^0^

tata! want to take a quick nap before train reaching station. lately, office works are in control :)