Wednesday, April 30, 2008

back to the room~

last weekend my mum hired 3 foreign maids to clean the banting'80 house. so last nite my mum went there to putting up the curtains n do some decoration. she brought royee there. my mum told me royee was happy at the home, he even asked, 'zhe shi shui de jia?' (this is who' house?) then my mum said, this is gong gong de jia.. royee showed his puzzled face. maybe he couldnt understand why his grandpa has 2 houses.. hehe :)
i been waiting for him till 9pm+ then i walked to the house. he was so excited to see me there. then he asked me, 'why mummy knows i'm here?' i told him 'hmmm.. royee is smelly, so mummy can smell where is royee' then 2 of us HAHAHAHA! he was cute! then he brought me into the house, showed me where got lubang la, which door or tiang had been broken la.. wow.. quite talkative n busybody nowadays :p
i stepped in 'my room' hmmm all the precious gifts from my friends are still in the room. cant wait to bring them to our new house. i told royee last time mummy used to sleep in this room. then he asked, 'then why mummy no more staying here de?' i said after mummy married with papa then mummy staying in the sg buloh house lo. his face expression is cute when i started long sentences and stories. he would stay silent n think what i trying to tell him :)
i told royee i have downloaded many Barney shows songs for him. then we walked back to home'62. before that, i asked him to snap some pictures, then he posed for me.. very funny la his pose.. on the way back to the house, he started singing, 'i love u, u love me..' (Barney show ending theme) then he stopped 'mummy~~' then i continued singing 'we are in a family..' can feel his trust n love to me ^_^ the little hand was holding me tight..
girly posing ^_^

so many pose nowadays..

asked him to sit on the table n snap photo, then he purposely looked at other spot!

u see, the chicky one, purposely did this face

at last he is facing the camera

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the office emails..

mich: Kiss me now!!!

bonjji: Teach me how to kiss..
:* like this har….my face sengit already lor


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the 5th day

the feeling to have u with me day n nite is so great. thanks for having dinner n movie with me last nite. u hold my hand throughout the show, it was warm. we slept together on the bed in our master bedroom, hmmm, surprisingly, i slept well last nite, didnt get disturbed with your snoring :p
non stop thinking how to settle the new house soon so we can move in. to hire a maid, so i can stay with our children at banting. to get quotation, to light renovate our DC house, so your parents have more spaces to keep their stuff. everything involves money matters, need to plan it well. money is not everything, money cant buy everything, but now, i want to use money to buy the quality time that i can stay with my children, n witness their growing days.. yes, money can buy the chance for me to stay with my children, n let them get close to me n feel my ocean deep LOVE to them.. baby, gal gal, mummy miss u all so much~!
u told me your boss wanted u to go back indon office early. hmmm only 10 days with us, somemore u need to go back early? hmmm how about our cameron highlands trip? i think, next time is better i set everything in the 1st few days of your stay in msia, or else, changes can happen anytime :( so many plans, so many dreams, so less time to work out together..
hope our brighter future is becoming nearer n nearer..

Friday, April 18, 2008

you are with me..

at last, u r back home! i felt warm with your hug when i met u in the room last night. u, someone who i knew for years, but yet the feeling of meeting lover, a stranger, a supporter.. all the feeling came to my mind, my heart. i am happy to have u with me, 10 days, seem to be too short for shonejay angels, your family, and myself to share with u. sorry to say that, i am selfish to arrange the trip for next weekend to cameron highlands, i just wanted u to stay with our lovely babies without other things to interupt the quality n precious moments. i am looking forward for the trip.
taking the train with u to the office. i am feeling good to have someone close to me to sit with me in the train. i feel energitic to work in the office today, coz i know that u will go back together with me this evening. so many plans for this weekend, no matter what, i wont feel tired, coz we will do all the things together.
u look different with your hairstyle that trimmed in indon. u sound different with the way u r talking, u gone matured n your knowledge are broader. just hoping that, u r still my lovely husband with the loving heart to me n out children. on the way walking alone to the office, suddenly, i felt myself lose of confidence in front of u. feeling myself standing at the same spot, while u r moving farward n farer. my life is only children. day n nite. the experiences that u gained are different and interesting. i wish, my time will come, for me to experiencing all the different new things out there when my children are grown up.
feeling the same... n u know that... i love u..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

AM with royee~

6am+ royee came to me with the doggies. he was crying. i carried him to sleep next to me, then he told me his stomach was not feeling well. then i asked him to wait, i wanna got out n took the oil to ease the pain. then suddenly, i heard he throw out. hmmm.. changed cloths for him. the bed mattress had gone dirty and wet. i asked him to sleep on his own mattress. then he felt asleep. since the bed had gone wet, i didnt continue sleeping. went to take shower n planned to go to work early.
still early to get out from home. then i switched on the laptop, and saving some photos for u. enjoyed watching royee's 'magic show' hahahaha.. it was really funny.. non stop i repeating it, n non stop i laughing alone :p
when i wanted to prepare myself to leave the house, royee woke up. hmmm then i asked him, if he wanted to follow me to go out. then he said 'yes'. i told him, 'if u want to follow mama, then u cant waste time, u cannot cry, n do everything FAST'. then he was quite obedient today, he followed all my instruction. since it was still early, i played his magic video n watched together. he felt funny with himself, non stop laughing too.. hahahaha so cute~!!! i told him, tonite we take video n photos again. then we left the house on time!
i am happy to stay with royee. happy to see him learning everyday. giving surprises too! then on the other hand, i feel guilty to stay far from angel n eva. i miss them dearly. i really hope i can have more free hours n holidays to stay with them. i must start doing survey on the new house renovation, so we can move to the new house soon. and we all can stay together. really cant wait for the day to come.. n i am waiting for u to come back home...

fast food

i feel not right to bring royee to few fast food restaurants recently. too frequent. as we promised to ourselves, no fast food to our children as long as we still can control them, and when they never ask for it. however, i love the kid's meal n fun pack that provided by the restaurants. n royee is loving all the toys.. so normally i order chicken nuggets and fun fries set for him, n i share the food with him. no soft drinks for us, only milo. i hope this will not spoil his health as he actually doesnt eat a lot of fast food. i am the one eating much :p

when he sees mc donald restaurant, he says 'mummy, mat-do-nol'. sometime i do trick him, 'where? where?' then he says, 'mat-do-nol', pa pa pa pa' hehehe..

eat together with the motobike, sleep with the motobike too :p
out from pizza hut, snap photo at kfc
anyway, i tell myself to stop bringing royee to fast food restaurant for this month. dont want him to get addicted. of course, i also dont want to gain so much weight too!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the magic show~

this is cute. before this, i have used the string to make a circle from a line string. then from a circle, to 2 circles. then from 2 circles, to 4 circles. that is amazing to him. then he wanted to try it too. royee wants me to close my eyes n he wanna play the magic show. i hold the camera with a hand, then close my eyes with another hand. then he seemed like dont trust me, asked me dotn curi tengok. hehehe..
i love his silly laughter when i opened my eyes. sooooooo cute~!!!! dont u think this is funny n awesome? hope u enjoy it too~

missing u...

happy to chat with u last nite. feel better to share all the feeling with u on my life over here. royee was waiting for me to sing songs to make him sleep. i was non stop chit-chatting with u, end up he felt asleep next to me. so last nite, 2 of us were sleeping together on my sis's bed. i kissed him good nite.. i love his smell..
today is 1st day of royee's sand n water class. he felt nothing, but my parents r so excited on this. both my parents wake up early, to pack royee's bag, n non stop telling royee 'wahhh later can play with water' 'do u know how to swim?' hahaha.. funny... i told my parents my boss has sound me on my working hours, so this morning my parents help to set up royee to school early. however, this manja boy, doesnt listen to my parents, then i left the house alone. let my papa sends royee to school lo.
today i am wearing the cloth set that u bought for me from jakarta. feeling ok. went for the listening training, listen for about 1 hour customer contact center calls. great experience. listening to someone n understand the person feeling n problem is very important. n of course, all the consultants are so patient in handling customers' calls. salute!
taken my lunch.. i am very full! now wanna start clearing my job on the desk.
thinking of u... missing u dearly..

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

07.04.2008 night..

now royee sleeps on his own mattress. so everynite he sleeps with me in my sis's room. after i switch off the light, i say 'good nite royee' then he answers 'good nite mummy' then i say 'i love u royee' then he answers 'i love u mummy'.. before falling asleep, i sing for him. when i sing 'twinkle twinkle little star' or 'bao bei in the nite' then he sings with me. then slowly he keeps quiet. then slowly, would hear his snoring :p in the midnite, he askes for milk. normally around 4am. when finished drinking, then he would say 'mummy, wo he wan liao' then i ask him to put the bottle on the table, then he continues sleeping..

he loves this pic, bcoz he smiles like the sunshine :)

royee's chou chou (kain busuk) has been missing. i told him, 'u r now big boy already, dont want chou chou anymore ok? u have the dog n the blanket then enough lo' then he tells ppl the chou chou being stolen by mao mao (cat).. now the dog become his companion, last nite he pee on the dog n told me 'ngou ngou shh shh' :( sometime he tells me the dog boo boo already, it is so smelly.. hmmm..
suddenly asked me to sit down n took photos with him. purposely put his fingers in his nose :p
so manja

after combing his hair..

he said must have mummy, royee, and ngou ngou..

my boy~
he did this face :p

Monday, April 07, 2008

the passport pic

04.04.2008 1st passport for royee. i love this photo much. will keep 1 for u. with this passport, we are going to fly to u on 16/5/08 pm. 1st fly for royee. 1st fly for me to bring my child! start thinking which bag to carry in order for me to take care him easily.

without u to stay with me, i learn to do many things alone n more independently. sometime i do feel tired n lonely, with children companion, i am feeling okay. hope we can stay together under a roof soonest possible ^_^

Saturday, April 05, 2008

saturday at bukit tinggi Jusco~

my mum + my sis + royee + me. we went to jaya jusco at klang bukit tinggi just to spend the day and my sis wanted to buy some new cloths for bruce new job.
before he posing for this photo, he non stop removing the small chair that stayed behind the car till the person in charge there made noise :p

posing with the ball

asked him to take photo with elephant and rhino.. excited!

2nd and 3rd pic, model posing.. hahaha.. so funny!