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Friday, July 09, 2010

aloha friday~

day by day, friday n friday again! :D got call from the center, my iphone replacement unit has arrived, so will go to collect it by tomorrow. hope that after this i can blog and read online more often. got call about my maid arrival too! at last she will arrive malaysia by tomorrow night, after 2-3 days training at agency, guess that we can bring her back home by wednesday night. i need to prepare some picture dictionary for the maid n my family to communicate well. tomorrow we will have my mum's bday party and appreciation dinner (mum's knees operation) at bkt31. so we gonna be busy from tonight till sunday lo.
how am i doing these days? hmmm nothing much, just normal routine daily schedule. feeling happy and eating well :p everyday looking for weekend, so i can meet up with sis then MAKAN! relax at bkt31 after bbb weekend classes. guess what? i finished reading 2 love novels last weekend! wow.. those u love me, i cannot love u, then he loves her.. those young gals LOVE hor, me this auntie read it..and got addicted to it! sis n i watched LOVE movie too at cinema. i told laogong hor, "yala, read ppl love stories to fill up the emptiness in my heart ma" laogong "u got not enough love meh?" :p just got new boss to replace my curent boss who is leaving to another department soon, hope everything gonna be okay. new ladyboss is my gang too la, just hoping, friendship wont change when the status changed. mama's knees are recovering, can start shopping n do housework, so less temper now. so i wont feel much pressure at home for not doing the housework tip-top, can curi tulang a little bit lo :p congrates to my cousin yen, who just got her baby boy delivered. she is my another sis, apart from my gila poohmehmeh sis :p so happy for yen. time flies, yen became mummy and my poohmehmeh gonna have her wedding soon! next year june, seem to be so far, but she needs to start preparing for her wedding NOW! lose weight (me too have too :S), looking for bridal house, wedding pic, furniture, then this n that.. coz we have only weekend to prepare, and she always bring work back home on weekend, somemore her laogong is not with her right now.. so, gambattee neh! i will be busy too for her wed - 1st todo list, 'come, we go jogging every weekend, u also need to lose weight, or else u cannot get nice dress to wear on my wedding' wahhhh...
bbb growing well, taller, heavier, nottier! they dont mummy is phobia to SNAKE! so now they everyday talking about snake! showing snake pictures, holding black belt with sort of skin snake texture.. eeeeeeeeeee... when i asked them to stop talking about snake, then they talk about other animals - white snake COW, white snake PIG, white snake MONKEY :( mummy will get heart attack soon!!!
sharing some pics on angel learning about housework in the kinder.. :D

eva - preparing breakfast

eva - minum milo


angel n friend

eva cuci n sidai sapu tangan

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

bbb kinder 2009

found these pic from the kinder >>> website. surpised n happy to see bbb pictures :D ya school holidays just started, end for year 2009 kinder. bbb have been improved a lot in this year, especially for angel ^_^ am so proud of them for this year performance n growing, cheer for their success, touched for their victories~ hope year 2010 would be another great years for bbb n myself. learned a lot from these 3 precious bbb. looking for december holiday classes for bbb, coz my parents n kakak are super tired with these 3 naughty one :p
besides, i always feel that, dont let children miss their golden learning time. comparing to fighting n being noisy at home, i would rather let them n learning some social skills with other same age children. they are always something, where they cant learn at home, n mummy cant give them. they need the environment to be independent and explore n explore.. then grow n grow :D (especially to the children whose papa n mama are working in the office, n dont have enough skill on providing the suitable skill set to the little one)

apples of papa mama eyes :D

money cant buy children laughter~ LOVE can :*

the quiet n serious eva :p

eating choc on the field. so the comot :p