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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my 31st bday!

13042010 celebration~ :D

lunch time with officemates at zen

dinner at kl hilton chinese restaurant with sis ^_^

sisters LOVE in kl hilton hotel :*

9pm cake cutting at zen with sis :D

Monday, January 04, 2010

1st day of my 2010

What a nice new year holiday, I enjoy the 3-days break, now waiting for 1/2 kl offday :p some pic to share, kick off my year 2010 :D

After 2009 last supper - very yummy craypot dried lou shu fun
n the so called 'u sure mau order 1 saja? Saya punya popiah sangat sedap ooo' - popiah for me..

...and very worthy n tasty ikan bakar n super long queue ginger soup (not in pic) for sis..
We snapped our 1st pic of the year!!

Hehe manja sis :")

a bit wu Liao :p

Went to Herbaline klang bukit tinggi for full body massage

After the rm118 for 2pax massage, sitting here n drinking the Ginger tea. N we started to talk or dream? about 'meh, faster la, next time we share money to buy a bigger house, bungalow type, with garden n compound one, then we do something like this, tropical concept... Must have sunlight in one, or else won't feel natural...'

ya, hope a better financial tiger year for me n sis, then we can have more spa massage, facial, hair treatment, nice food, diy travel plans... This year sis's wanna CHANGE herself, in n out. As she said, quite costly also to change outer look n buy those ting ting tong tong accessories eg ear rings, hair clips.. Nice dress also not cheap lo if u buy more. Hair treatment need time n money too if u want the silky smooth long hair..

For me, just hoping I have better health. Within 2 weeks, I have 4 ppl telling me my stomach n digestion system is weak, the hospital surgeon, my gynae, Thai massage shifu n the facial beautician. Hmm I will google more on this topic, hope the condition can be improved by changing my diet n habits.

Need some home income skill for what if I stop working when I fully staying in klang. This year, I will explore more to upgrade myself. 1st thing came across my mind is cooking n baking. Need to cook nice food to tarik laogong's hati, who knows I gonna be looking like kampung ah soh if I stay home as housewife :p then if I can bake well, then I might be like my mummy who earns from home baking. Can take care children, n have income from interest too. Btw, read the papers summary on expenses for students 1st day to school, from kinder till secondary schools, private n government schools, all the fees, books, reference, transportation, foods... Wahhh not cheap! So if I can handle my own bbb eg transportation n food, then I might save more than I work. Childcare center not cheap too.

A new beginning, new calendar, new diary.. Let's start everything with uhhmmm! and thankful n greatful heart ^_^

again, HAPPY 2010!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

xmas with LOVE ^^

this is what laogong given to me.. a sweet xmas dinner on xmas eve :D ya, no special gift, but as long as laogong is with us, then enough lo~ ^_^ yang penting, itu hati perlu ikhlas :p

@TGI friday

new recipe.. very SWEEEET~!!

ya, i hope every week is like dec friday, all offday one :p

cheesy chicken.. n i LOVE the mashed potato

Friday, December 04, 2009

lunch at Kelatan Delights

friday lunch at sooka sentral, kelantan delights. 1st time been there, colleague told me the nasi goreng is nice. am in happy mood today, so, i have eaten a lot! :p

doreen told me she came here with few gal friends, nice chatting session

quite big the restaurant

the ceiling deco

hani's order - nasi goreng ikan masin

anis's order - nasi goreng padpric

my order - nasi goreng belacan rm14
hani gave me her ayam goreng, anis gave me the padpric ayam+prawn
not in the picture, but in my stomach :p
hani n anis
can u imagine, they are pregnant mummies?

me n kak her
am more look like preggy ooo

sirih daun kadok

i like this! i like the taste combination! rm16

they taught me how to wrap up the sirih n the rest

kak her's order - nasi tumpang rm15 per set + kiwi juice

kak her said, the rice is too lembik. good for old ppl n toothache ppl :p

Friday, September 11, 2009

we love boooooks..

august end, i went to 2 book fairs to buy many books! for myself, laogong, bbb, friends and nephew. we may need to buy more for incoming years, coz bbb grow up, n they need more workbooks and story books :) all money ooo.. but very happy lo, can see so many books in a huge hall..

sis n i went to bookfest @ kl convention center. smart us, drive to klcc
or else dont know how to bring those books back with by taking trains..

books for children.. 20-30% off

luckily i didnt bring bbb there, if not, dont know how to stop them from choosing those colorful books :p

after our 1st round shopping in bookfest, we brought the books to the car
n have our late dinner at delifrance

sis checking the menu n price :p

we chose the buka puasa set dinner~

fizzy drink + cincau.. great nice

the appertizer.. the sambal ikan bilis is nice

mine, mushroom n beef. sis, tomyam something - a bit oily

the milky dessert. good try.
everything was nice, maybe we were hungry n tired :p

that nite, we reached home almost 12am.. with many bags of books.. ^_^ the next sunday, after coming back from sunday school, we left bbb in the house. then laogong brought me to cheras for the christian bookfair. so happy to see the children books n cds. nice key chain n wall deco too! non stop asking cash from laogong nia, coz many stalls didnt accept credit card. kekeke.. laogong became the portable ATM for me :p

asia christian book fair
after few hours in the book fair, we went to take our early dinner. we went to the restaurant 'ka fei guan' in pandan indah, where we loved the place when we were paktoring in year 2004? ordered the same craypot laoshu fun and yam bubble tea. miss the taste!! after makan, wanted to go to the pasar malam, but laogong said it was early. on the way back, we were looking for pasar puasa... the puasa bazaar. we didnt get one, until we reached bukit tinggi klang. dabao foods for kakak then went back home..
nice outing. thanks laogong for accompanying me. n thanks for the cash :p

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

singapore merdeka trip

sis n i went for 2d1n singapore trip. no special place to visit, we jalan jalan n makan makan :p gained weight oooo... no more megasale, this time, singapore having the mderdeka rally n global health issue - h1n1 inluenza A.
click >>>> here for more pic n stories

it was 5am+ in the boarding hall

still can see smiloing rite? :p

reached singapore changi airport. i like the cute mini pens

nice to see, no point to buy, bbb wont appreciate them

the mini helmets are cute

fatty mummy travels to singapore :D

my best travelmate :) a bit moody n garang :p

one city 3 festivals. we r in the tourism center

again, we come to ikea @ tampines

hehe sisters

being wu liao~

the purpose of this trip - release tension :p

i think we somehow got our stress released :p

at the tepi jalan..

the camera was on the dustbin keke

yayaya.. i need much more collagen to lift up or whatver la to do with my double chins :~

i like ikea. no time to visit it in MY but SG :~

like the new fabric design. sunny look. may buy few meters in MY

breakfast at ikea

like this design. got inspiration for my room ID. simple..

lunch at tampines food court

bought this dvd set for bbb. it comes with a good quality book n 8 dvd n cute stickers

tooth brush holder $1 each

in the room. rest for a while.. then continue jalan

china town. sis favorite octopus balls

quite yummy!!

durian pancake. long queue! we joined the fun too :p

in the queue. hehe.

our durian pancake being made
at last!!

some nice makan makan

i ordered fresh durian ice blended :p

n durian tutu gao

the tea time :D

me n my durian pancake.. YUMMY!


sis was so happy with the durian paste ^^

dinner @ orchard before we go shopping

creative free gift. screen wiper

like the fish~

parenting book for me. thomas & friends bottle bag for royee

skirts n blouse for me :p

the 2nd day. at the bus stop
after this shot, we ran up to the bus :p

at vivo city

i like the pic n the keyboard

sunflower. but this is not the feel i wanted :~

the lunch at food court

the park at vivo city. oppps! the grass is wet!!


me n my 1 size bigger new baju :~ ya, i gained weight..

tea time at swensen

'what to order? how much we left?' :p

hehe.. budak yang sudah kahwin

hehe auntie yang sudah beranak.. n her BIG pimples OOO

1st time for sis. yummy~
sizzling banana cramble.. NICE!!!!! but a bit sweet

in the train

out from the train

dinner at bugis food court. sis said this curry mee was on singapore tv... not bad!

this fried carrot cake is a bit sweet. yes, sweet

eating ice cream..

mr bean shop at outram park mrt station

sis ordering.. we were quite rushing for our luggage n flight..

but.. life's simple pleasures.. eat 1st! :p

red bean waffer n pearl beancurd.... SEDAPPPP~~~

we supposed to go to the boarding room. but we still choose to makan supper :p

oily, fatty, YUMMY supper! hehe from Popeye
fried chicken, squids, fish, fries..

leaving singapore lo~~~

bring these back home for bbb~~~ :)

and these~~ from the japan n korea fair at bugis junction

another parenting book for myself. letters from children.
the next day
mummy miss bbb so much~

angels love the hello kitty tray :D

gogo was still sleeping. no picture taken. mummy kissed royee in his dream when reached home :* enjoy this trip much. really no worries and time limit (except rushing for flight, coz we wrongly routed to other train station).. on the other hand, feeling :( coz royee missed his music class n bbb didnt go for sunday school. next time i shall well plan my travel trip.