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Monday, December 13, 2010

singapore 2010 - art creation

this trip, i found out that singaporean are now more focus on new building architecture and arts elements in their buildings, deco, and designs. so you would find little surprises in corners :)
below pictures taken in shopping malls..

paint to touch lives ^_^

love the idea.. may try it with my bbb :)

the inspiration behind this simple but meaningful creation..

lovee this..

may do something like this with children.. ^^

Monday, June 15, 2009

jackfruit cookies for sunday teatime

when sis n i were doing some hand craft in one of the easy n lazy sunday afternoon, then my 2nd bro n eldest bro called n came n wanted to have dinner at bkt31. wow! we didnt buy any food for the last weekend. it was 3:30pm when i received the call. super fast i went n sleepkan bbb. they supposed to take afternoon nap at 1pm+ as per their daily time table, hmmm so better to let them take a short nap, before they started being cranky n noisy, fighting here n there, n i need TIMESSSS to prepare the dinner!

after bbb slept, i went n baked cookies with the ingredients that i had prepared since the morning! the same recipe i used for ABC cookies, n i replace chocalate rice with jackfruit! my mama gave us a box of sweet n yummy jackfruit, so i made use of it.

so the rushing.. the shape of the cookies also macam macam :S

with jackfruit.. nice nangka!

no deco no nothing, freshly baked n served immediately with hot peppermint tea :D

after the cookies baking, we chit chatting... nice to have 4 sibllings gather together unexpectedly :D easy n warm teatime talk ^_^ then i went n prepared the dinner. normally we didnt cook n eat processed food like sausage, frozen fried chicken at home.. but since the fridge is half emptied.. have to lo~ thanks mama who always buy backup food for us :p i made sure i cooked enough rice, to feed brothers with enough rice n hope not much complaint about the food :p

i cooked sweet n sour hotdogs + potato cube + mixed vege, the seewed egg soup, then sis cooked the sambal ikan bilis and the tomyam sauce fried chicken.. to make the tomyam sauce friend chicken to be more presentable, we slice the only half of the big onion to put on top of it :p very fast everything we put on the table, without thinking the which table set to be used, just served! :p it was 6pm+!

surprisingly, gogo n digo said 'wahh.. got mama's style ooo.. looks nice!!' kekeke.. what a great compliment :D my digo told my eldest gogo 'not bad, they can cook quite well now' coz my digo came quite often to bkt31 for bringing bbb to playground or play with them n for sunday dinner as well. eh, not easy to get compliment from my digo one, coz he was singapore 5-stars hotel chef for past years.. now 'retired' already :p then my gogo said 'ohh.. then i should come more often for free dinner' akakaka.. it's ok, come la come la, i would make sure my lovely mama will buy more backup food for us :D n as what my sis said 'meh, next time pls make sure u are prepared with some muffin n cake recipes n ingredients, if case guest come, then we can do something nice for the guest' hehe..
memang home style la, dont care about table setting n matching one.. own brothers n sis in law ma :p

we managed to get everyone to sign on this special handmade gift for father's day. sis did this in saturday midnite :D to our great lovely papa! my papa's nickname is apple :D n 4 of us are small apples, ppl used to call us 'peng ko gia' :p where is my mama then? can u see the small but OUTSTANDING green leaf? yes! our mama's role is always the outstanding one :D naughty sis, she said, at 1st she wanted to design the BIG apple with a cute little worm.. then she said, forget about it la, later mummy not happy :p OF COURSE LA!

with peng ko gia ocean deep LOVE ~_~