Friday, January 30, 2009

cny day-5

friday. start working. wearing red shirt, red shoes n carried red bag ^_^ supposed to wear white if followed my ONG ONG color for cny. maybe i eaten much during holidays, gained weight already, the white shirt n white skirt made me look very HOCK :p sis sent me to batu tiga komuter station in the morning. then picked me up from kelana jaya lrt station.
we went to sunway pyramid for dinner. hartz chicken buffet. fatty us >.<

reached home, took shower, then we watched dvd together at the living hall. panic room. quite interesting. should buy more dvd n keep at home, when free, we can watch movie together, quite nice~
when i entered the room, prepare to sleep, laogong asked, why now only u came back? 2am? i said i watched the movie with my sis. 2 gals went out so late? hmmm watched the movie at home. good nite. was sooo tired..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

cny day-4

laogong was on mc. sis was down with flu. angel n eva were feeling better. kakak was still having sore throat. only royee was the healthy boy, non stop runnung here n there :p we ordered 2 gas tong. then i fried the left over bihun for myself. added sauce, it taste nice!

went to auntie's house cny party in the evening. day 4, now only got cny feeling. coz angel n eva are ok~! at last..

nice bakul food at auntie's house

uncles - mummy's brothers

this is nice. kakak n angel. love the color

angel finally.. smile :)

kakak, mama, gogo, kai-ma

royee n dennis - my cousin's son

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cny day-3

what a day, morning when i wanted to prepare breakfast, bihun goreng, the gas went finished when i was boiling the bihun. it was only day 3 of cny, wondering if the shop opened. n bruce was sleeping, i got no idea where the shop is. thinking of microwave n oven, or rice cooker, to fried the bihun or at least, serve bihun soup. think think think, then i think of fried the bihun on the electrical grill. then i took out everything, kakak looking at me like i was a magic showman >.<
it was a mess, when i goreng everything on the grill, n it was not deep enough to cater all the bihun, then i transfered everything to the wok, to gaul, n added in everything to taste. then, heat the fried bihun using microwave. hmmm tasteless, n the so called fried siam bihun became so waterly :( kakak also didnt like it much. even asked me want to throw the left over :(

angel n eva n dad in law

so obedient. watching tv together ^_^

my mum in law n angels n dad in law
28.01.2009 is a special day to me! coz it is my sis's bday! 25 th bday!! hehehe.. so many ideas were in my mind, to make this bday celebration a special one. but then, angels sick made me so tired :( so we only got mum's bday ang pow for a bday cake, n sing bday song for sis.

mango rose

angels were staring at candles :p

sis looks cute. me look >.<

ah bruce n his lovely pooh

potong the cake

the cake tastes so-so only
while eating the cake, laogong came back from work. he told me he fainted in the train. then he was so weak n giddy n down with diarrhea. took him to the clinic, i asked the same medic for myself, coz i had been having diarrhea n vomitting after 2nd day taking care of angels. hmm..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cny day-2 bbb nite

these photos, comfort my heart. n clear my confuse in handling different roles ^_^

laogong n eva n royee

the 2 little faces :p

eva ^0^

angel was non stop being sooo cranky

the only family photo taken in 2009 cny

he bang the door :~

dare not to disturb angel, afraid she cried again :(

happy eva

mummy n angels~

eva loves to kiss mummy...

... this way.. deeply..

remember last time laogong did mention to royee. 'only u can kiss mummy lip har, n only mummy can kiss your lips har. no one else. papa cannot, kakak also cannot. u cannot simply let ppl kiss your lips, understand?' royee 'hmmm' :p sometime, parents make children confused, kiss is not only means love? why i cant kiss ppl when i love the person? ^_^

my room is messy.
got idea how to set up built in wardrobe n cabintes for my room. waiting for money only :$

cny day-2

woke up in the early morning to prepare ourselves to go to klang. bbb were excited. angel was still feeling sick. we went to kai-ma's house 1st, then only grandma's house.


my sunny boy~

i love this. kakak n eva
sweet n cute :)

fatty mummy n skinny angel :p

in grand ma house. royee n red apple

royee n eva. they were so busy with the BIG apple n orange

which to choose har?

hehe tai-ma offer cookies n sweets

angel n mummy n mummy's new red bag

love this. angel's pose. mummy looks :S

tai-ma, grandma, grand children

mummy n yu-jet

grandma n 2 grandsons

gogo n dasao. bruce n sis.

bruce n pooh n yu-jet

kai-ma n yu-jet

jack - jet

bila mau kahwin har? ^_^
evening, kai-ma followed mama came back to bkt31. we were talking about full body massage n foot massage. then i told kai-ma, i wanna spent her massage at aeon bukit tinggi. then we went together with sis. 3 of us, went for 60min full body massage, then kai ma continued with 60min foot massage, sis n i doing other treatment. we spent 2 hours there.
nite time, sis n kai-ma met mama n bro at steamboat restaurant, i didnt follow. didnt feel to eat steamboat, not feeling well. n i also concerned about laogong taking care bbb alone at home for the full half day. then mama was unhappy as i was not joining them. so many feeling in me. angel was non stop crying once she saw me back.
suddenly, i felt so tired to handling all these relationship, as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother. i just wanted to be myself, to love myself more. the massage shifu said that my body was weak. weaker than my mum. sad to hear this, am going to be 30, n my body age is older than age 55 :(