Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 weeks mc

ya, today is Thursday. tomorrow would be the final day for my mc. miss my office n officemate :) thanks for all the messages from friends, asking my current condition. sorry for not replying all your messages, coz most of the time, I don't check my phone, except time to go to sleep :p at home, phone is always in silent mode coz recovering period ma :p

so how's everything going on in these 2 weeks? after the surgery, the pain is bearable, I still can walk by my own, can stand can eat can really sleep, everything seems normal except feeling a pad at my bum bum.

came to the 2nd day, when I started to pass motion, then I need to do sit bath n dressing.. wahhhh :~~~ still feeling phobia to the pain!!! nurses kelam kabut, but I am allergic to pain killer, so left only 1 or 2 medic pills that I might not be allergic to. with the pain, I dare not to try new medic at the moment, coz once found out I was allergic to the medic, then my body would have rashes, my eyes got swollen, a bit uneasy in breathing. thinking about that, I don't want to make myself more miserable. so.. I bear with the pain :(

discharged on 3rd day, doctor asked me to get clinic or hospital to do daily dressing for me. so i did the final dressing before i went back. ya, the final one, made me full face of tears :(((

walked slowly, picked up by my sis n bruce, we reached home sweet home :D after coming back home, I was so happy to see my new bb! it gives me hope! thanks for Bruce to get this done ;)

sis took 3 days leave to take care me. n Bruce companied her for 3 days at bkt31 :p sis cooked for me, do dressing for me. we went to clinic - the doctor asked me dont come tomorrow, he dare not to clean the internal wound for me. I went to klang hospital besar, the personnel asked me to go pandamaran or telok dato clinic :((( few hours on the road looking for ppl to do dressing for me, frustrated. everyday go to medical center quite far n troublesome too. so I decided to do it at home.

we do our own dressing, we clean only outer part. the internal track we can't do it. so I try to avoid any food that can cause infection, so hopefully it us clean internally. sister was tenderly cleaning my wound. so after she cleaned it, dressing done, I can stand up n continue what I want to do. however, when come to 4th n 5th day, when my caregiver is laogong, wahhhh can u imagine I cried on the bed till my eyes swollen n voice changed? :((( if u want to imagine how the pain is, hmm try to take a pair small sharp scissors, and poke your body sensitive part. should be poking.. the pain in 'sharp'! so normally after laogong did the dressing for me, I asked him to switch off the light n I sleep sadly :(( 'when this gonna be ended?'

I have sensitive stomach, so a little bit dirty or not fresh food, can cause me stomachache n diarrhoea. with the wound right beside my asshole, nope, the wound is touching my asshole, so I feel really pain, the poking sharp pain when I pass motion. normally I take the forlax drink to soften my poo poo n prepare the salt water for sit bath. (the drink in the bottle is Chinese herb tea to boost up my blood circulation after operation, like ppl after baby delivery :p)

once poo poo touches the wound, most of the time, my tears drop, I look so sad :(((( I can't stand firm, but still need to finish off n clean my bum bum very quickly, the I do the sit bath immediately.

sit bath is I let the salt + hot water to detox my wound n it can really reduce the pain! sit bath 20 minutes. 1st few times I just sitting there n thinking about when this gonna get over, why I can't have pain killer.. tick toc tick toc waiting for 20 min. after that, when get used to the pain, I read recipe book, checking SMS, facebooking, watching YouTube video and the 20 minutes seem so fast! :) 1 thing not good for doing sit bath is, I got vaginal infection. coz the water is dirty, imagine the water clean my wound, my asshole, and at the same time, the water pass thru my vaginal :( so for the 1 week, I have painful bum bum n itchy vaginal hmmm.. challenging ya.

visited doctor after a week, my wound looks ok. got another 1 week mc, after doctor listening to my pain n sensitive stomach. in fact, before discharging myself from the medical centre, the nurse did ask me to train my bowel habit, so I don't need to do dressing few times a day. I can avoid going toilet by not eating, coz normally I go toilet at least 3 times a day after meal. now at home, I go twice. morning n after dinner. morning I clean it myself, simple one, then just pad it with gauze. night time laogong do a complete one.

2nd week, I feel better. the wound not that painful. if I can manage my poo poo time, I can go outdoor. go restaurant, go bakery shop, go saloon (I trim my hair shorter lo), go back banting n surprise my bbb. n ya! I have created my online store blog!

now I am more ready to go to work, at least I bring only gauze n plaster to the office then ok. although sometime, the toilet bowl is full of red blood :(( but as long as the wound not that painful, then I am ok.

so for friends out there we are care to know my current situation, I am overall doing well :) weight still maintained even I skip lunch n eat lesser :p full recovery gonna be 4-6 weeks. shall be back to work on next Monday ^_^ thanks again for all the wishes n messages :)

ps: tomorrow is 5th anniversary for me in motherhood!!! :D

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Tinky Winky said...

Aiyoh, reading this has made me feel so sorry for you. Hopefully, after this, you recover fully and no more surgeries....*Hugs*