Thursday, September 16, 2010

counting down...

hmm tomolo would be the day. 7 years before 18092003 I decided to submit my marriage registration form to commit myself to a marriage n laogong :) 7 years later, I have made a big decision too, choose to do something for my health :D 'itchiness of 7 years' having new experience 七年之痒有了新体验 :p

after the surgery, need to control my food intake, so the wound can be healed faster. then, cannot do excessive exercise n action, guess that no sex at this recovery time too. ohhh really like confinement time ooo. this time, my part time 'confinement lady' would be my dearest sis :D she gonna spent her 3 days leave for me. this year her leave mostly taken to take care patients, good gal neh :) God bless u @~

now I am in bkt31. hari Malaysia holiday. last nite when I reached banting home, bbb slept already. 10pm only I decided to come down bkt31 alone. miss laogong n sis, n I need to pack my bag to the hospital. at here, last midnight already felt to go back banting, miss my bbb so much :(

8.29am take shower then breakfast with laogong. dim sum? hehe after breakfast, I shall go pedicure with sis as planned last night. sis said, why har? rest at home also need to make sure your foot is smooth n nice ar? :p saja ma..

ok! faster complete everything here, then I want to fly back to banging for my bbb lo~~~~

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