Thursday, April 30, 2009

guardian charity walkathon 2009

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we left home early at 7:10am. bbb were still feeling sleepy can see they non stop yawning :p taking kesas highway from klang to sunway. half way, I FORGOT THE TICKETS!!! stupid me! laogong diam diam made an u-turn to go back home. called up my sis, my sis 'haiyo..' :( went back home, ambik the tickets n my bra n panty :~ coz on the way back home, only i realized that i forgot to bring them for changing. betul betul so blur!

royee was sitting in front. maybe he was sleepy, so quiet. angel n eva were sitting with me. 2 gals having fun by playing with themselves. so adorable. non stop smiling. sisters love :D happy to see this. really hope their relationship can get closer n closer. i love to hear eva calls angel 'angelina~ where r u~~~' then angel always address eva as 'jie jie', in fact, angel is twin one :p

reached sunway lagoon the registration counter before 8:30am. so we were eligible for free theme park tickets n breakfast. while laogong went to park the car, i get royee to hold 2 sis. royee is always a good brother at outside :D changed the t-shirt provided by the organiser, then we went to the hall/stage for briefing. followed the steps to do some warm up. sooooo cute to see eva n royee followed to do some exercise ^_^ angel just standing there n observing :p we sweat, even it was only warm up exercise :p

actually it was just a 3km distance walk. but then, mummy felt tired to carry eva. she was tired to walk throughout the distance. they looked so tired after the walk. non stop drinking water n can really see, they were blur! @_@ hehehe.. poor bbb. no milk for them, only pieces of bread.

there were some freebies from sponsored companies. bbb got their balloon, mummy has the heat balm paste, papa has the massage rub. suddenly i found royee walking away. the adidas gal came n asked royee to try on the foot spray. n the boy, wow, just followed ppl like that, sitting down n remove his shoes, let the gal spray it :( ish ish ish.. dangerous hor.. hmmm can i say, like father like son? :p

under the hot sun. for quite a long time we didnt sweat much. this is the time. after the walkathon, we jalan jalan in sunway lagoon. 1st time, i went to the animal pat zoo, n crossing the suspension bridge. royee scared to crossed the bridge. uncle bruce non stop talking to him n showing all the nice scenary to distract his attention. royee 'zou liao la' (walk la) keke.. nice view, i like it :) we went to the amusement park too! bbb playing then mummy companied them. they were so happy :D

the merry-go-around made papa n mama pening. 3-4 times they were on the horses, round n round... royee asking why this horse has tail n that horse doesnt have it? this is papa horse, this is mama horse, this is brother horse.. so many questions. angel n eva non stop smiling n enjoying the ride :) after the playground, sis n bruce went back home. we brought bbb to water park.

it was tiring to take care 3 of them. only laogong n me n lost of children in the same wet park. so most of the time, we were looking for bbb. tiba tiba 1 hilang :( at last, i told them, come, we go for chicken rice! ya, they love chicken rice n they followed me to bathroom :p
left sunway lagoon, we took our lunch at sunway pyramid hartz chicken buffet. bbb were so hungry, non stop eating the rice + vege soup + fried chicken. after makan, we went to guardian booth. we tried the japanese vitamin candies, angels like it, royee dislike it, end up mummy got double vitamin supply :p but then, rugi sikit lo, coz we didnt redeem the walkathon goodie bags from the redemption counter. sis sms me, but i didnt check my phone until i reached home :~
reached home at 3pm+ bbb slept ZzZZzzZzz
i like this activity. i like sunny day~ very nice outing with family n sis. hope we can make it for next year walkathon if guardian organizes this meaningful charity outdoor activity. it's ok for not having luck on the lucky draw, we already got so much fun :D anyhow, i hope bbb can enjoy more in this kind of outdoor activity in another year. then papa n mama n ah yi n uncle dont need to be so tired n stressed lo (takut hilang ma)
hope u enjoy my blog post n the pic. something special this time :p


Stacey Lim said...

Wow! Looks really fun! I love the scrap book you did, how you do ar? really beautifully done.

Sweetie Michelle said...

the pic? try at ^_^

Sherry said...

Here..Google find u. Wow nice. My dad scare me n son cannot 3km how long the walk take u finish? Now they got in Sep

Sherry said...

I can't carry my son he heavy

Sherry said...

Hi it's me again pls tell me where the 3km walk include place..