Monday, May 04, 2009

drawing n coloring

we got ready ourselves for outdoor messy fun. wanted to let them try to do some water color printing with the lego blocks. when everything was ready, wahhh!!! raining! bbb looked at me, i said, never mind la, we do coloring. they were not very excited about it, color pencils compared to water color :~ then i gave them few cups n blocks, n asked them to trace around the objects with color pencils, then only they found it was interesting.. mama preparing the breakfast, n papa monitoring them.. :)

since when this royee boy uses right hand to draw n write? :S

what a surprise to see this!! i was so happy! 1st time! :D

royee drew 'family members' :D

i asked him who is who, then i written it down :p
looked at mummy response, royee boy also being proud of himself :D

he started to draw others. this is robot showing the electricity power. impressed with his imagination :D

how does the robot shoot ppl? royee 'like this.. gek gek gek gek gek'

royee, angel, papa

angel in action


coloring the picture that drawn by papa

coloring on the person body :D

eva in action

coloring on papa's drawing

can see the improvement. eva was actually coloring different parts of the car with different colors. just the matter of, she need finger strength to control on the picture space

another drawing..

a car by papa. wondering why there are extra tyres..

royee: bcoz this car can do magic! many many tyres can create magic! :D

happy family rides in car :D

stick the family photo on the fridge :p

mama proud of royee boy whenever open n close the fridge door :p

hehe.. good try ^_^ can see bbb staying longer in this activity compare to previous time. maybe they have done a lot of practices in the kinder classes. maybe they have grown up n they can control their fingers much better than last time. been feeling happy about royee'd drawing, well, laogong said 'it is like caterpillar more than human being' :( helo, we need to see children growing n drawing n improvement based on their ages. we cannot expect a 3 year old bb can act like 6 year old. whatever, am proud of my bbb. in fact, they know a lot, only mama doesnt know about it. or realised it late. feel guilty.. how i wish i can be with my children n dont miss all those special moment n '1st time' in their younger age. hmmm. work hard for more quality times to spend with them ^_^

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