Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mother's day celebration - dc31

for the past few years, we bought cakes from bakery for my mum in law as mother's day gift. this year, i want to do some cost saving here, coz 1 cake cost about rm60-70, if we bake our own cake, it cost rm10 the most. for simple cake la, my skillset level punya cake, rm10 can gaotim :p
so i baked a brownies walnut cake. it took me nearly an hour to be done. n i dont have the skewer, so my sis n i poke the cake with chopstick to see it done or not. i poke 1 hold only, sis tolong checked the cake for few times, then got so many holes :( so ugly!!

my ber-hole hole walnut brownies :S

'then sis, come, let me tell u, u poke more holes like this..' poking here n there! sakit hati oooo..

'deco it with M&M chocalate!.. u see, nice right?'

hmmm bcoz i was rushing, n i had no other better gift idea to my in law..

so i packed it up n brought it to sgbuloh..

once reached dc31, laogong said 'mummy, michelle baked a cake for u' then mum in law, 'har? u bake your own cake? :D my daughter in law can bake her own cake, i am so happy!' i shy shy entered the house. grandparents were so happy to meet up with grandchildren :D bbb were happy too, gong gong n po po here n there. especially there were so much food from grandparents, mummy said NO! also they didnt bother to listen :~
we makan dinner there. after dinner, parents in law n bbb n laogong went out to the playground. i stayed in the house n reading all the letters. a big pile! non stop buka those envelopes, i shall change my mailling addresses.. :( then they came back, sweating! 'mama mama mama' happy to see them :D i buat susu ready for them. then changed diapers for them.
then cake cutting ceremony started with my bro in law as well. father in law asked me, 'where did u buy this cake?' i baked it 'u baked it? i am very seldom to eat cake, but this one i like it, it is so tasty, not too sweet, ngam ngam' he repeated this twice. can feel that they really want to make me happy :) good encouragement from papa n mama :D
we left dc31 at nearly 9pm. hmmm miss the house actually. when i was in the house, all those old memories popping up, last time laogong used to do the house works there then i cooked in the kitchen, weekend we cleaned the curtian, bedsheet... those days :) well, grandpa n grandma non stop spoilt bbb with all the request, non stop food providing. ended up, angel threw out in the car on the way back home. hmm :( to in law, i might be a cruel mama, always stop my children from eating, but, they didnt understand, my children are premature babies, they are habitual vomitter, they have night asthma, they cant take food in big amount, they are not big eater.. hmm.. never mind la, luckily my mum controlled them well.. once a while like this, takpe lo.. as long as old ppl happy..
anyway, am happy to do something for in law to make them happy. hope 1 day, they can be proud with me this fatty daughter in law who is always tak dengar kata one :p


Kristie said...

wow yummy looking cake! care to share recipe? :)

i also made our own cake, tastes so much better :)

i made a tiramisu! u can drop by my blog to have a look!

Sweetie Michelle said...

Kristie: yes, want to try tiramisu too.. i love it actually :D slow slow lo.. me n sis memang new beginner :p