Thursday, May 21, 2009

flying to bali~

hehehe.. they are still outstanding job in the office, but am ready to cuti tomorrow. start dreaming of the sky, the beach, the sea, the food... shopping? hmmm i hope there r not many things to catch my interest, as i am not ready for much money to be spent :p kekeke.. i can bring additional memory sticks for picture snapping! hohoho ^^

hmm sis called up just now 'then i would be bored this weekend lo? then these few days no blog post from u lo?' mie ar, i will go n look for some baking or cooking stuff, or home deco things n bring them back, if n only they are worth to buy la :D junie said, would wait for your bali post at next week :D sweet~ yes i know, spoil habis hor to have period at this time :p it's ok la, dont need to bother condom ada tak.. hohoho (me so wu liao :p) anis said 'u jangan dekat i, i tengah sakit nie, nanti tak jadi lepas gate pula' doreen said 'wahhh now raining raining, how to wear bikini at bali har?' kekeke ok, doreen, not to worry, if it is raining or not, am not going to wear bikini to show my superb body shape ok :p as said 'enjoy your travel trip, get the BEST out of it' i love this :) definitely!! my dearest kawan nana, thanks for your wishes, u yang reminded me not to spend money in labour day cuti, so can shop banyak in bali :D not forgetting to thanks faizah to share with me her bali travel tips n notes, panjangnya, will read them in the flight :D ya of course 'dont forget to go for their spa n massage~' :p

prepared for 'what if~' :p

laogong, hope u r ready for the trip too! thanks for arranging this ^^ as i told sis last time, bali, it is best to go with love one.. paktor paktor. so, i would be gf for laogong in this love outing lo~ :* i think, we have enough time to send bbb to the kinder 1st before we heading to the airport, guess, they must be happy to have papa n mama to send them to the kinder :D love shonejay angels :* :* :*

tata! see ya!

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