Tuesday, May 05, 2009

swimming pool for bbb

since the weather is not very ok recently. then swine flu la, this virus that virus, so i decided not to bring children travel to mana mana except to the parks nearby n at home. 3 days holidays (labour day n weekend) we stayed at bkt31 n enjoyed easy long weekend :D saturday noon, i saw them so good gals n boy, laogong n i brought them to aeon bukit tinggi to buy them a pool. hmmm 1 pool n 3 water guns cost me rm110 :~

afternoon napping time. muka mengantuk :p

evening. royee n angel r in the pool. eva zZZzzZz

digu n bb. royee acted cool~

hehehe :p

sunday morning. before swimming, some warm up exercise. they running in the house too :p

muka baru tidur. before 8am actually...


mama asked bbb to 'pour the water'

'pour the water.. pour the water..'

royee non stop singing 'ke ren lai..zai jing yi bei cha'

eva showed this to me 'mummy, see' she put the cup in the bowl :D
i was preparing breakfast. can non stop listening to royee sing 'ke ren lai' n 'row row row a bout, gently down the stream.. merry merry merry merry.. life is about a dream' i like this when he sing 'life is BOW the dream' hehee.. pronounce cutely :p
bbb love the pool. morning once, evening once. can hear them kakakaka at the back. so mama also feels happy while preparing meal in the kitchen. once a while, mama went out n take some photos n tell them some new idea to play in the pool. ok lo, worth for the money :p i asked brother to bring his bb yu-jet to join bbb in his next visit to bkt31 :D

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