Monday, May 11, 2009

who is taller?

wondering since when, angel has grown taller than eva :D in fact, they are heavier now. children grow very fast!! n laogong started complaning my wrinkle la, my face skin texture la.. ai.. how to get more sleep har? today in the office, got to know 1 of the colleague here sleeps very early everyday, his time table set. every night he sleeps at 10pm, then wakes up at 5am+ n leave the house at 6am+? then they said, u can see he looks young right? he is in fact 46 years old already. ya, fair n nice skin.. maybe, few years later la, i can have good night sleep. before my children grow bigger to teenager time, by then, i think i cant sleep well, may worry why they dont come back at this time, then boy friend gal friend issue.. wow.. banyak hal la.. :p

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