Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nov 27

Good morning!

How do you do? Very seldom see me at this time at this place :p plan to work early these days to clear my work as December gonna be a busy month for me :)

So what I have been up to for the pass 2+ weeks?

Started school holiday, children sometime stay in my mummy house..

Sometime at my in law's house.. They don't want to go to day care center anymore, can understand their concerns.. Year in year out - school, homework, day care..

Tiew family went to port Dickson for short break.

This trip is special as we need to do housekeeping before we left the place in order to redeem rm100 deposit. So you can see from the pic one family happily and 'willingly' to make sure the cleanliness and tidiness of the room.

Well... Except for a family who was so called 'supervisor' who not doing anything but instructing us to make sure the housekeeping is tip-top!

Nah, sempat to hugging kissing husband-wife-baby ooo

My mama teasing my sis in her Facebook :p

After the PD trip, my bbb went for their one day trip which organised by the day care. They went to kuala selangor and sekinchan to see padi field, light house, monkeys and eat seafood. I gave my camera to royee boy to snap bbb pic during the trip. Happy to see he brought the camera back safely ^^ and see what he saw in the trip. Basically, I see almost all the children in the bus, many heads.. But no angels pic, no padi field, no lighthouse @_@

These are the souvenirs they brought back home. Sekinchan rice. Seen from the pic taken - 'how long you haven't gone back home for meal together with your family?' Hope this message touched bbb and don't neglect parents when they grow up..

When children were enjoying their holidays in grandparents houses, I was busy with my stuff too. Busy schedule in the office for process improvement and after work, I focus in my church cell groups drama competition :)

I made this for the drama. The earring worn by a man :D still remember he was kelam kabut to clip the earring to his ear 'haha sorry, this is the 1st time I wear earring' ^0^

Nah, show you my ear with the earring :p

We experienced 1st flood at my area too. Luckily the water didn't come in to the house. According to my neighbour, this happened because of the person in charge didn't switch on or off the power jap or something la.. This somehow is a triggering point for awareness.

We have our mini teambuilding with office mates too.

When everyone invested money for a logo printed team t-shirts, we got creative idea for our team! We wear the paper printed logo for the bowling match! ^0^

Got free cotton candy when we were walking to the bowling center. Like children happily queuing up for candy :p

Last Saturday i brought angel for eyes checkup, and we have confirmed the operation date to cure her double vision. Yup, she will be my main focus in the final 3 weeks in year 2013, apart from Christmas celebration and school opening preparation.

At the same time, sis has been started the journey planning mood for our upcoming DIY trip. Same as our previous Taiwan trip, my role is to say yes or no, or how I feel when sis shared with me her travel arrangement.

And as usual, I post many screen shots to her 'can we go to this place?''this looks interesting' 'hey this is a must-go place!' Hehehe but of course, not all demand being fulfilled. Any not cost/time-effective idea gonna rejected by my 'calculative' sis :D finance people not adventurous :p

One family now prepare for our 1st 'overland' trip :p so all busy making sure passport is valid.

Baby shyuan is busy too!

Open legs wide for passport pic snap ^0^ cute girl

Hehehe my 4 babies :D

08:17 an hour blogging to summarize what I have been gone through in these exciting weeks! To share more when I got official pic from bowling and drama activities ^^

Happy Wednesday!

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