Friday, November 29, 2013

End nov

Dah! November ending.. Waiting for the brand new month to come and close the year ^0^

After seeing this pic from Facebook, last night when I was on the bed all by myself - no laogong no bbb, I thought of this. Not bad huh, having this fake man's arm pillow, having the sense of security and at the same time - no laogong's snoring! Kekeke.. Ok la, I admit laogong's warmth can make me sleep tightly and deeply - if and only if he is back home la..

Today I tumpang my sis's car - don't need to drive by my own, save car park fee, save phone call charges as we always calling each other on the way to work..

The best benefit is - can have breakfast with sis together! She always have lonely breakfast same as I..

Why don't we having it together and again, share the nice food! Hehe our common passion :p

Well, last night spending ~2 hours to check the free seat from air Asia. Even eyes gone half closed still not willing to stop hunting. Hmm.. Didn't get good deal, before I felt asleep 'tomorrow I want to check Malaysia airline promotion' :p tak habis want to fly.

Just now I I told my sis 'how har, addicted to travelling around..' 'Luckily' we are not wealthy enough, if not you will see me flying and non stop flying only :D even thought of 'can a mother apply permit to stay at foreign country by sending children to study abroad?' So I can take care children and travel at the same time hehe.

Enough non sense, today is Friday, tomorrow we will have our company family day. I have submitted contest entry to have my son to play badminton with dato lee chong wei :D see if are the 10 lucky one ;)


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