Friday, June 03, 2011

quiet noon

Friday noon. go out to bank in money for my papa n myself. you would wonder why, the money just withdraw from the ATM machine, can't be accepted by a cash deposit machine :( I spent 1:15 hours to do the banking stuff :S pack my lunch nasi padpric from the cafe then eat in the office.

the breakout area. so quiet! see left n right also no one except me. normal day this place full with ppl having discussion and lunch break.

salary just out I guess, all go shopping :p see the tv? last time they used to play movie on Friday lunch time. now no more. normal hours this tv is used for presentation and meeting. pantry is there too.

another corner near to tv. sometime I sit here to chatting with my sister :p this angle can see who is passing clearly (opps! secret revealed :p) no la, this angle can see nicer outside view.

this is the corner near to office side entrance. I sit near to this side. normally I sit here when talk to my bbb. coz normally the talk is short, but I need to talk loud n slow @_@ my team is 7 ppl, so sometime our group discussion is here too. can write important point on the glass board.

hah! this is where I having my lunch if I pack my food or bring my own food. from here you would know, I am anti social girl with no gang to join :~ i see traffic when I eat :p

well this is my workstation. can see me having children pic and drawing here. many ppl don't believe me married n having babies until they see the pic. see, I am baby-faced n baby-fat look till now :p ok, the corner lot is my supervisor's seat :p she can see my face, she cannot see what am doing unless there is CCTV reports/broadcast my activities @_@

well 14:12 now. jut brushed my teeth after lunch. waiting time to go back home at 6:30pm. will go back bkt31 straight, since my mama will bring bbb o klang. tomorrow to do list is quite rushing, I need to recolour my hair (last week the saloon failed to do mine nicely), then cut my hair, then want to bring bbb to watch movie (school holidays but at home only), then dinner at my cousin wedding dinner at banting. Sunday, is the day my sis need to set up her new room for the wedding, am gonna help out. more pictures to show for this and next weekend.


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