Thursday, June 02, 2011

blue blue Thursday

oh... super painful ooo my lower back. period coming? thot I gonna be 1+ week only coming hmmm can't stand n walk straight :~

ya.. i love this. there is no day an night difference for being a parent. and there is no expiry date on this role, once becoming a parent, forever you are a parent to you bb. anyway, I love this forever name - mummy :D

taken in the car this morning at putrajaya station. me with my long hair, will get it cut by this weekend. and this special nasi lemak! the makcik told me, this nasi lemak got no cholesterol, coz it is not cooking with coconut but palm oil (bukan kelapa biasa, ini kelapa sawit). whatever it is, I know nasi lemak is unhealthy :p

reaching kl station. thinking of walking 7min to my office with this back pain, I got no mood to smile :( luckily today we have farewell party in the office, so I don't need to go out for lunch.

today train delayed..

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