Friday, June 24, 2011

love in the office

sometime I would think this way, 'Friday again!' time pass for fast, Monday to Friday is just a sec. then I can enjoy my weekend with my bbb and stay in home sweet home. then salary day again! have some pocket money to but things for bbb n pamper myself.

besides, sometime I do get surprise from the company eg nice notebook, goodies, vouchers, inspiring talks and learning, makan treat or recent one 'your share is here!' :p in addition, love from colleagues eg lunch time gossiping, parents talk, girls talk..

nice tea bags sharing..

10 multi grains from doreen..

'good tea good time. drink within 2 hours for best taste. we pick the sweetness of dawn. in order to offer you the best tea everyday' - chatime from my supervisor..

homemade soybean soup for breakfast :)

see, think of all the sweetness n love from the work place, I would ask myself, is there the need to stop working? besides taking care children need, shall I concern about my need as well?

-happy Friday!-

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