Monday, June 06, 2011

happy duan wu ya!

this season if festivals n wedding dinners, have chance to eat nice food, see more relatives, happy mood, eat more, fat gained, sweetie became lagi cute! :D

the sweet rice dumpling from my supervisor. the salty one with yummy n oily ingredient from my mama - she ordered from her friend, not cheap oo, rm4.50 each. so small one for my breakfast, big one for my lunch :D

last Saturday after the movie outing with bbb, evening we went for my cousin's wedding. time flies ya, last time she was small, now so tall n get married lo.

all just woke up from afternoon nap @_@

ok, sorry, the boy really has no mood to entertain mummy >.<

what are angels looking at?

ok, the wu liao auntie is up there ^^ with her home uniform :p

in the restaurant. cousin Natalie.

papa n 2 angels. ppl say daughters are lovers of father in previous life. hmm.. my husband got 2, so greedy ish ish ish!

if say son is mummy's lover, ya! my boy treating me nice n lovely. everyday sees me only go to sleep, morning come to see me when open eyes :)

I love this pic. Eva n papa. they are playing finger number games.

what number is this? 'three!' :p

oh my boy, 25kg! now carry him har, really feel the whole body is imbalance :~

angelina. my gals getting taller but slimmer :( they still wearing 2-3 years old dress and cloths. like this dress, for 3 years old, still loosing, only get shorter. see her arm hmmm. Eva is slimmer than angel @_@ why mummy is so fat?!

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