Thursday, November 11, 2010

iPhone Thursday

ya, 11.11.2010 today we gonna collect our iphone4. today am in the mood to go out shopping, am having rm250 parkson voucher, think to buy toys for children, my cloths n panties. enough? :p but don't think I will go out today, need to clear some work before tomolo leave. just got sis SMS 'I want to take leave for tomolo fasting' :p

early morning, when alarm rang, angel saw me moving, then 'l called u n called u why u don't want to answer me? I called n called waawawa :~~~' called mummy for what? 'I want u to switch on the aircond ma, called n called don't want to
answer!' u come near to mummy n touch mummy ma, mummy was so tired, didnt hear u ma 'I shout loud loud already ma!!!' I hugged her n comfort her. finally she smiled. hmmm not easy to handle girlie miss - like a queen!

mum bought these blocks for bbb. last nite royee happily plating alone.

cute jugak

with his new haircut

this morning, I gave this to angels. wahhhh Eva crying, I don't want this!! I want the saloon set, already promised to buy saloon set ma, why bought this? hmm them angel ran to my mama room, 'waipo, why u bought 1 only, now eva crying ooo' then, pula 3 of them don't want to take bath n play n fight with the blocks :(

I told them, waipo bought u all this toy, did u go to waipo n thank her? did u share the toys n play together? complain this n that, didn't appreciate waipo's gift, is this right? jesus can distribute 5 biscuits to 7000 ppl, how about u? fighting among 3 siblings? in your class, any other children name thea roxxx? no right? coz only 3 siblings ma.

lecture n lecture, today am late again to work :S

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