Sunday, November 28, 2010

good lonely nite

this children talk is funny :D

ya, bbb are with laogong now. they will go to sgbuloh for 2 days 1 nite. I have given my blanket to royee, hope he feels secured with it.

having different patenting thought with laogong. don't feel to argue, but if he continues to use those old time ineffective parenting tips to teach bbb, I may step in. I don't want my children characters build unstable at this golden age. hmmm.. feel conflict when both papa n mama don't have a common goal n target mindset :~

'why there is term n condition in parents love?'

remember this - children are different individuals who come from us, but they are not us. we need to respect each individual n not to program them to what we want them to be.

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