Monday, November 29, 2010

encouragement works

encouragement builds self confidence. Saturday evening when royee came back from his music class, he happily told me this 'mummy, I can play well with both hands already!' wahhh well done! let nummy kiss kiss :*

last Saturday I had 1-1 with royee n eva's music class teacher. we shared a lot n we have more ideas that improve children music ability n character build. guess that, teacher has done well in her part to encouragement the boy to improve further :)

1st time, after a long holding, royee sat down n practice playing piano. what a great improvement :)

he enjoyed each the black n white key. he was checking each sound of the high n low keys ^^

YouTube Video

recalling what he learnt from the class

YouTube Video

papa guided

YouTube Video

2 keys to make a sound - he always do-so, ti-so, la-so :)

YouTube Video

concentrate what he was doing, so I didnt treat this as -he is playing fun

need more time n resources to learn how to build strong foundation in children characters n behaviours.

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